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is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!

I am becoming weary of make money online products that are named after “Millionaire this or Millionaire that”, as they always turn out to be either a low quality product or an outright scam.

Coming across another similar one recently, I can’t help but wonder, is Millionaire Bizpro legit or scam, is it going to prove me wrong about products named after Millionaire, or will it turn out to be another low quality or scam product?

I believe you have come across Millionaire Bizpro, and are having same or similar thoughts and would like to find out the secret behind this Product?

I really commend you for trying to find out the truth before investing your hard-earned cash.

In this Millionaire Bizpro Review, we have exposed every hidden truth you need to know about this product, and what it is truly all about, and hope it helps you make an informed decision. Enjoy..


Name: Millionaire Bizpro

Owner: Derek Maxwell


Price: $47 (upsells & downsells)


is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!


According to Derek, Millionaire Bizpro method is being adopted by the smallest to the biggest players in the online industry.

Derek claims that with a few clicks of the mouse, his System method will create for you, unlimited number of Bizpro sites, that market and sell specific digital products.

He claims his System method is what most of the online gurus and big sites like Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Bing use to generate income online.


Once you’ve purchased your membership, you will be sent a link to your email, this is what you will use to activate and gain access to the member area.

Note: this is very important, as this link is what gives you access to this System’s member area, so make sure to check out your junk/spam folder if you do not receive the email directly to your inbox.

Once inside, the first thing you will be asked to do, is watch some video presentations, and guess what they are… Upsells!

You will be watching a Video that introduces you to different investments you need to buy into to make up to $1,000 a day.

How boring is that?

Being introduced in to more money to be spent, even before gaining access to what you paid for. For me, that doesn’t speak well of this System.

The funny thing about it, is how you will be compelled to watch these videos as if your Life and Success depended only on it. Total BS.

is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!

You then proceed to the four main ways his System really works;
1. Choose website design: you choose from the available templates, which one you would like for your site
2. Choose your domain: Here he tries to get you excited by saying they will pay for your domain, but have in mind that this is a sub domain, meaning you literally do not own this site, it will be registered under Millionaire Bizpro
3. Set your Sales Price: I guess this is where you get to add your affiliate links ready for the list that will be sent or hopefully that people will find your site and then click on them to.purchase the products you are marketing.
4. Setup how you want to get Paid: this step is where you set your payment method. And that’s it!

This is what Derek expects you to do to start earning millions and become Millionaire Bizpro in no time. But is it as easy as he claims? Definitely not!

But before we go into why this System will not work, lets take a look at some hidden truth

Millionaire Bizpro Scam Signs
Fake Owner: in the sales Video, this guy shows us an image and introduces himself as Derek Maxwell, but we did an image search and found out this is just a stock image. One from shutterstock that can be downloaded and used by any one, one from google search for birthday cards.
is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!

supposed Derek Maxwell

is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!

stock image

is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!



I don’t know about you, but if I am running a multi million dollar business, I did want to gain trust from my business partners/ customers by being as transparent and visible as possible.

So when an acclaimed business owner turns out to be nothing but a stock image, what exactly does that say about his business. I believe this should put the first doubt in your mind about this System.

Hidden Cost (Upsells): This is one typical aspect of low quality products and scams, you are made to believe that for a one time payment, you will have access to this dream product that will do everything for you and you will start generating profit instantly. They never let you know that you are in for a big haul.

After purchasing this product, you will be hit with upsells, even before you have access to the member area to get started.

This goes to show you that you won’t be gaining much from your first investment, at least not something that will be of much use to you.

Its very obvious that you will need to buy into the upsells to gain anything useful from this System, and if you don’t, you will definitely be left hanging.

Below I will list the Upsells you will need to buy into, without any assurance of succeeding with this System.

is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!


Platinum Club – $97 (downsell of $67.)

Delta Club – # 24.95

Then you will have to choose your paid traffic Software package;

1. $85/month or $997/year

2. $197/month only

I don’t really know what the difference is in this packages, but this is so you know exactly how much extra you will have to invest if you buy into this System

Besides, this is a System that promised you will start raking in Millions once you complete the 4 steps. (How’s that for taking you for a ride)

Why this System will Not Work For You
Done for you website: being in this line of business for a while, I do know that this is method that no longer works, these “done for you sites” are created with duplicate contents, which will never rank in search engines to be able to provide you with free traffics that can actually help your business grow.

In his Sales video, he talked about free traffic from Social Medias, and not Organic ones because he knows you can’t get any organic traffic with his websites. And trying to use Social Media without adequate knowledge of how to use it to promote your business will surely flop.

So your only choice here, will be going with paid traffic and probably Solo Ads. The problem with paid traffic is you will need to spend more and more money in order to drive traffic to this site, and if you do not plan your campaign well, all that money will go down the drain.

Domain Hosting: From his Sales video, Derek assures you they will pay for your domain and host it for you for free, I can assure you, this is just to get you excited and think you are getting value for your money

What he fails to tell you is that these are sub domain sites, you can only have access to but do not own, like I mentioned earlier. If at any point Millionaire Bizpro decides to shutdown, that is goodbye to all your investment and hard-earned money.

I believe with this, you would want to think twice before giving out your money.

Paid traffic: from the Upsells above, I have shown you how much you will need to pay on a monthly or yearly basis to get traffic to your site, and these are not targeted traffic which means at the end of the day, they may not convert and you end up loosing more money than you make. If he had included the best way for you to gain free traffic, which is known as SEO Method, that would have been your best option, but since his sites are just duplicate contents, he won’t do that as they will surely not work.


To gain access to Derek’s System, you will have to pay an upfront fee of $47.


  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • Fake owner
  • Hyped income claim
  • Shady System


If you ask us, is Millionaire Bizpro Legit? Our opinion is definitely a NO! NO! This is a System you need to stay away from, and I hope we’ve been able to make you see the reasons why. We do not recommend this System for whatsoever reason.

But as always, it’s our duty to provide you with the details, and yours to make the right decision.




Name: Millionaire Bizpro

Owner: Derek Maxwell


Price: $47 (upsells & downsells)



Making Money Online with Websites is a sure good way to grow your business and create for yourself a source of Passive income. But always have in mind that there is no quick way to it, no amount of automated or done for you websites will ever generate you thousands of dollars in a jiffy.

Making money online takes hard work, Patience and time.

If you keep looking into fast cash Systems, I am sorry to say you will end up disappointed, as non of these people or products have your interest at heart. All they are after is how much more they can get from you before you realise what is going on.

If you are serious about making Money online to improve your financial situation, and even gain financial freedom, I suggest you buckle up really tight, get on with this free step by step guide to making money online, and follow the necessary steps to building your own online business.

is millionaire bizpro legit- don't get sucked in!

That’s it for today. Hope you found this review helpful, if so kindly share with others who may benefit from it.

If you have any questions or comments to add to this, please kindly leave them in the comment box below and we will gladly get back to you.

Have you had any experience with Millionaire Bizpro? Share your experience with us, to help others make informed decisions.


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