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Hi there! Welcome to our Income League review.

I must admit the thought of making over a thousand dollars a day, especially without much effort sounds so great and anyone will surely want to take up such opportunity right?

After all who wants to keep working their ass off just to earn bits here and there! But will income league help you make such amount of money in a day like they claim, by simply posting ads or is income league a scam you need to stay away from?

Well lets roll in this review together as we bring you the details of everything you need to know concerning this product, how it works and if at all it can deliver all that it promises, to benefit you in any way.


Name: Income League
Owners: Matthew Neer& Jamie Lewis
Price:$47/$24.95 downsell/ upsells
Rated: 1.0/5.0

Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?


Income league is an online program that claims to teach you how to make more than a thousand dollars a day simply by posting tiny little ads online.

It is a product created by Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis, and from the video, Matthew claims he uses this same method to generate more than a thousand dollars online on a daily basis.

Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?


In the video, you are made to believe you will be posting ads online, using a system and then with little or no effort on your side, you will start generating income. They tell you it does not involve:



Or Blogging

But a brand new revolutionary method..

Wow with the way they put it, it seems such an excellent way this would be to easily make money, but is it?

Remember whenever something sounds too good to be true..

It probably is!

Because the method these guys are suggesting is nothing as easy as they make it look, and I will explain that in a bit.

In the sales video, Matthew and his partner Jamie also talks about how Matthew is able to make over a thousand dollars posting tiny little adds and suddenly his commissions begin to rake in, in thousands, at one point they even talked about him making up to $8,000 dollars in a week just from posting these little ads.

Matthew goes ahead to explain how all you need to do is use this system to post tiny little ads online, you will probably spend around one to two hours doing this after which you can now relax and let the money start rolling in.

Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?

Also, he said that whenever you need money all you need to do is login to the system and post more ads and the money will then start to roll in over and over again, and if any ad doesn’t do well, you replace it with a new one and the money still keeps rolling in.

But here’s the problem with this system
Misleading income claims: Even though it’s possible to make such amount of money on the internet and even more, it’s not something that gets done in a day, no matter what method you are using. You don’t just start making such amount of money on the internet just by posting ads online, or even as a newbie with zero to no knowledge or experience on how things works, which means more exploitation on you.
Making money just posting tiny little ads: they make it seem so easy, as all you have to do is just login into this system whenever you need money, post more ads and the money will keep rolling in, but they fail to say exactly how you will do this or where exactly you will be posting these ads online, Since they say you won’t be using Seo, Facebook or even blogging, then we reckon the only possible way is email marketing or affiliate marketing.

But to even succeed in using email marketing method, one will first have to build an email list, because without one you will have no subscribers to forward your ads to. That aside, even if they are able to provide you with a whole email list, which I am sure will not be for free, this method is still on trial and error bases, as no one will be willing to just click on numerous ads they are being bombarded with.

Think of it, if someone keeps sending you ads with different offers all the time, at a point you might even start getting upset about the whole thing and you might even go ahead to hit the unsubscribe button right? Well that applies here too, when you send these ads across to people, without first building trust with them, getting to know them and what their needs are, chances are you won’t be making much or making anything at all in the long run because they don’t really know who you are or appreciate you bombarding them with so much email ads

Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?

The second one is affiliate marketing, where they may include your links on these ads then you post them online, so that when people click on them and buy the product or make use of the services, you then get paid a commission.

But the problem with this one is that you may never get your ads across the right audience who needs them and if that happens then you can be sure no one will be clicking on those ads and you won’t be making any money any time soon talk less of over a thousand dollars per day.

Another thing is you might get banned from the online platform you will be posting these ads, as most platforms do not like spamming, and once you post too many of these ads, you can easily get banned.

Already made system: When they provide you with the system to post these ads on, it’s not always such a good idea, because you do not own this system, therefore if anything goes wrong in the future, your money and every investment made goes downhill. You will always be at their mercy, as you will never have full access or claim ownership of this system, so you are as good as working for them.

Another thing wrong with this method is that you will always look for ways to promote these ads to get traffic(people) to visit the system and this might end up costing you more money than you bargain for, which at the end might still not work out for you.

These are things you do not necessarily need to go into if you learn to do email or affiliate marketing the right way, which I will be going into at the end of this review.

Upsell: this is definitely one of the criteria in these kinds of products, it never ends in your initial purchase. That is just the beginning of the money you will have to put in to this system to even get anywhere close to making money with it. Just take a look at this screen shot below to understand better what you are getting yourself into. The many upsells you need to prepare fore before even accessing the member area.
Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?

Upsells and downsells


Income league membership is a paid one, you will have to first cough out $47 as at the time of this review, but if you try to leave the site, you will be offered a downsell of $24.95 and there are various upsells along the way to deal with.


  • The only one we see here is the 60days money back guarantee by Clickbank. So if you’ve got this product now, and it’s not what it promises as you can see, don’t hesitate to ask for your refund! Get on it right away!
  • You will learn a tit bit of how the system works, but not enough to get you rolling. For that to happen, you will need to buy into all the upsells


  • Unrealistic claims
  • Upsells

Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?


Is income league a scam or way to make $1000+ on a daily basis? We do not want to outrightly tag this product a scam because you can still get to make some money. But we definitely do not recommend it to anyone because of the following reasons;

  1. Their video is full of hype
  2. They claim you will only make one payment, but that is just the beginning of more payments to come(upsells)
  3. No specific mention of how you will generate money with these ads or where exactly these ads will be posted online.

So even though income league is not a scam, their business module is very shady and not trustworthy.

VERDICTIs income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?


Name: Income League
Owners: Matthew Neer & Jamie Lewis
Price: $47, $27 downsell/ upsells
Rated: 1.0/5.0
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Affiliate and email marketing is surely a good way to make money online, you can actually get to make as much as a thousand dollars and more using this method, but not like the way Income League portrays it.

Firstly you will need the proper training and support to succeed in this, with loads of hard work, patience and persistence. As, this is not a get quick scheme like they portray it. Its something that takes time and effort, and with this time and effort your income grows..

If you really want to make money online, Here is our review on our #1 recommendation, the community that will teach you all you need to know, to get started by building your own free website, and teaching you the step by step process to start and run your own business without having to invest a dime to get started. You can join Wealthy Affiliate today for free and start now to build your own online empire, it’s the same method we used to get this far and be sure that if you decide to join, I will be there personally to welcome you and also support you all through the process. It is free to join and get started with 20 free lessons at your disposal.

Is income league a scam-or make $1000+ a day?

That is it for today, hope you found this post helpful, if so please kindly share with others.

Have you had any experience with income league? Do share with us. Your opinion and questions are also very much welcomed

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