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is fast profits a scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Fast Profits Review

I know the thoughts of making a whopping sum of over $1,700 every single day sounds amazing right?

I believe every sane person would also want to lay their hands on a System that promises such fast results with minimal effort, but is Fast Profits a scam or can it truly deliver all that it claims?

First off, I want to commend you for taking your time to check this product out, it’s really the best way to avoid scam online

In this honest review, we will expose every hidden truth about this System to help you make an informed decision.



Name: Fast Profits

Owner: Michael Carson


Price: $47 + Upsells

Rated: 1.0/5.0

is fast profits a scam


in the sales video, the Owner of this System claims you can make up to a thousand and seven hundred dollars every single day using his System’s “weird tricks”

He claims It is designed to help you achieve success with e commerce, using Business Model known as dropshipping

He also claims you do not need to have any prior knowledge nor do you need any special skills to succeed in this business

infact that is why his System was created, to help you take care of all that worries, and simply deliver the end results to you

So all you need to do is activate this System then watch as it helps you grow your profits daily

He even claims he has used this very System to make over 2 million dollars, and assures you, you can have the same results

I know this all sounds amazing and feels like the real deal

but is it? can Fast Profit really deliver all that it promises?

Read on to find out..


This System works in no other special way, it’s all about running an E commerce business, dropshipping with Shopify.

Dropshipping is basically a business method which allows you to set up an online shop (Shopify) without stocking the goods yourself. You just enlist products and when someone places an order in your store, you in turn make the order from the Wholesaler you are partnered with, and have them make the delivery on your behalf.

Here are the steps you are expected to follow once inside the member area;
1. Activate Your Free E commerce Store Trial: this is simply access for you to try out Shopify for 14days and see what it feels like.
2. Get Your Fast Profit Hosting Account; just as the name goes, this is for you to register for your online shop hosting.

Then you move on to the main courses as shown in the image below.

is fast profits a scam

Course Outline

These training are in form of downloadable pdfs’ and very few short videos. The training aren’t anything special created by Fast Profits, some are even training that have been used in other ClickBank Products.

Fast Profits Scam Alert (Hidden Truth Exposed)
Fake Owner: who exactly is Michael Carson? This guy who claims to be the owner of fast profits, and makes himself out to be a business Analyst and a Consultant

Well Our dear Michael Carson is nothing but a fake owner, as his image is nothing but a stock photo taken from Shutterstock!

is fast profits a scamis fast profits a scam

I don’t know about you, but when a Product needs to represent itself with false identity, that is huge red flag for me to believe it can’t be trusted. And unfortunately this is one of the signs to look out for in scammy or low quality products, as this helps keep their identity hidden and enable them produce more products like this without being caught.

A genuine business will be proud to establish it’s ownership and build it’s brand, so that when people see that name, they will definitely want to associate with it. Or what do you think?

Fake Testimonies: these people that have given testimonies of how they have made thousands with Fast Profits, are nothing but paid actors from a freelance site known as

is fast profits a scamis fast profits a scam

These actors are given scripts to act out and get paid for it. I can assure you non of them really knows what this System is all about, let alone using it to achieve any success online.

This very one below, in particular has featured is so many scam products that I can’t keep counts anymore. the likes of:

Million Dollar Replicator

Ez Bay Payday, and the likes of them.

is fast profits a scam

fast profits

is fast profits a scam

is fast profits a scamis fast profits a scam

I believe any System that truly works and generates as much income as Fast Profits claims, will have lots of people using it that will be willing to testify of it’s awesomeness. There shouldn’t be any need for paid actors.

False Income Claims: given that the Owner of this Product doesn’t really exist, then there is no way he is able to make up to $2 million dollars with this System as he claims. Don’t let such claim get to you. Not especially by spending just an hour every single day

is fast profits a scam

Upsells: this is typical of low quality of scam products, they entice you with low entry fees and complete access to their money making System, but once you make this purchase, what awaits you is more purchases to be made if you want to progress with the System.

Fast Profit is no different from these others, here is what awaits you on the inside that you know nothing about.

1. Fast Profits Platinium Version $197 (enables you to make $5,000/day)

This one has a downsell @ $97

2. Leverage Profits Trick $196 (enables you to make up to $26,000/week)

Which means without investing in these upsells, you will have little or no success at all

Hyped Income Claims: this System claims you will make $1,700/day using their weird trick System, with little or no effort added

is fast profits a scam

This is in no way realistic, you don’t just set up an online shop and start making such amount immediately, especially when you are a total novice just starting out. And so you know, there isn’t any weird trick you will find in the cause of using this System.

It takes time and effort to be successful with dropshipping. you would at least need to first drive traffic to your store before thinking of making sales, getting this traffic really takes time. And not just that, you will need to have an upfront capital to start with which was not mentioned anywhere in the sales Video


To have access to Fast Profits System, you will need to invest $47, after which comes the upsells.

is fast profits a scam


  • 60 days back money guaranty
  • Basic training


  • Unrealistic Income Claims
  • Fake Owner
  • False Testimonies
  • Upsells
  • Not much to learn from the training provided


Is Fast Profits a Scam? In Our opinion, given all the above stated we conclude that this product is not a scam but a very low quality product which provides you with generic overview on how to make money with dropshipping, but does not live up to it’s claims.

As a result of this, we do not recommend this product. But as always we bring you this honest review just to help you make an informed decision.




Name: Fast Profits
Owner: Michael Carson
Price: $47 + Upsells
Rated: 1.0/5.0


Making money with dropshipping is definitely possible, but it’s not as easy as Fast Profits cuts it out to be. Like every other business it takes time and effort, but the main reason we will not recommend it for a beginner is;

1. Start up Capital: given that you won’t have immediate access to the first few payments you will receive from your customer upon starting up, (PayPal’s Policy) you will need to have some capital to make payments for this first few purchases so that the wholesaler can then ship them to your customers
2. Customer Support: this is the  most daunting and discouraging of all, if your customer encounters any kind of problems, it is solely up to you to find the solution to it.

In the case it requires a refund, it is still up to you to know to figure things out in order  not to be at loss.

Traffic: getting traffic to your e commerce store isn’t something that will happen over night, you may have to resort to paid traffic as your best option, which will cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars, and still does not guarantee you will make any sales.

using paid traffic also requires a level of experience, which if you don’t have, that is goodbye to your hard earned cash.

For these reasons, we prefer to go with a much simpler method, even though it also requires much effort, time and also hard work, you won’t need to worry about all the above mentioned, as the wholesaler takes care of it all, and you can also get lots of free traffic using the right technique

With this business model, you can also get started for free with no investment.

This is the model we and a lot of successful businesses online use. It only takes the right training, hard work and time to start seeing Success.

If you find this exciting enough to want to try it out, this Free Step By Step Guide on how to make money online will teach you everything you need to know and how to get started for free with this Amazing online training platform.

is fast profits a scam

That is it for today, hope you found this Review Post helpful? Kindly share to help others.

What’s your take on Fast Profits?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them below and we will gladly get back to you.



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