Is Farmasi A Scam? {All About Farmasi Cosmetics) Review

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Is Farmasi A Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Farmasi Review

The desire to look young and beautiful is something that dwells in everyone’s heart.

And the thought of being able to achieve this and also make good money alongside it definitely sounds amazing.

I believe you came across or have been pitched Farmasi as a company that is offering such an opportunity.

But is Farmasi a scam or a legit cosmetic company that can truly help you beautify yourself and also provide you with that great avenue to make money?

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this company, it is the best way to avoid scams online and find a legitimate way to make money.

And I want to assure you that you are in the very right place, as we will have all your questions about Farmasi answered, in this detailed review to help you make an informed decision.

This review will cover the following in details…

>>>What Is Farmasi

>>>How Does Farmasi Work

>>>Farmasi Compensation Plan

>>>Does Farmasi Work

>>>Is Farmasi Worth It

>>>Is Farmasi Right For Me

>>>Products Of Farmasi

>>>Farmasi Compliant


>>>Pros & Cons.


Product At A Glance

Name: Farmasi

Owner: Dr C Tuna


Price: $19.99 starter Kit, other kits ($49 – $200)

Rated: 3.0/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Farmasi

Farmasi is an international Beauty, Personal Care, Household and Wellness MLM based Company that offers people the opportunity to use and also make money with their product through direct sales and recruitment.

Farmasi was founded by Dr Tuna in the 1950s and started as a Pharmaceutical Company which later evolved over the years into Cosmetic manufacturing.

They claim to have one of the largest manufacturing plants in the world which are located in an ecological environment at Istanbul, Turkey.

Till date, they are said to have formulated thousands of products, launched more than 2,000 products and shipped their products to over 125 countries around the world, They also recently entered the US market in early 2019.

One great feature of Farmasi is their strong support for animal rights and ethical treatment. Which means they never test any of their products on animals but rather through clinical trials and modelling.

Another great thing to note is that so far we haven’t discovered any lawsuit filed against this company which I must say is a pretty good thing.

Is Farmasi A Scam

How Does Farmasi Work

Since Farmasi is an MLM based company it offers people the opportunity to use and also sell their products through direct sales and recruitment.

Note that signing up as a beauty Influencer (distributor) for Farmasi even if you just want the products for personal use will give you access to their 50% distributor discount.

You need to follow the following steps to get started.

Farmasi Signup Process

On their website, you will create your account by filling in your basic details like your name, address, phone number, email, create a password, etc.

You will need to verify your sponsor by also inputting their code ( the person who invited you)

Choose your starter kit of $19.99 a onetime fee ( the kit includes start-up catalogues and beauty samples)

Other kits are available for you to choose from to be added to your transaction during your signup process ranging from $49 to $200 or you can simply choose to pay for just the start-up kit at this time,

Once done you proceed to the shipping and payment page, then make your payment and you are done!

Now that you have become an Influencer, there are two ways you can make money with this company:

Direct Sale

You can now purchase products at a discounted price for your personal use or to sell directly to others. Usually, direct sales have a very low-income potential with MLM companies as their rate is very low but with Farmasi it is quite different they offer their Influencers 50% commission for every sale they make.


This is where the most money is made with MLM companies as you don’t just get a commission on your direct sales. You get to make money from every person who you invite to join the company and the people who they invite and so it goes on…

These people are said to be your downline and the more people you and your downline recruits, the more your downline expands.

And for every one of these people who makes sales, you will get a certain percentage as those sales as commission up to the generation stated by the company.

With this, you can imagine the income potential and why it is a more lucrative way to succeed with MLM as it creates a source of passive income for you.

But unfortunately, it is not as easy as it appears since the success rate of MLM business is very low simply because people tend to give up along the way especially when they find it difficult to recruit other people and this makes it difficult to sustain a downline.

And without this downline, you may see yourself struggling to succeed.

Farmasi Compensation Plan

Like always MLM Compensations Plan is very complicated and very difficult to understand but we will do our best to simplify it as much as possible. You can also watch the video below for full details.

Direct Sales

This is the commission you will make by directly selling to your customer ( end users), you will earn 50% commission for every product you sell at this level.

I believe this is the highest I have seen am MLM company offer for direct sales of their product, and if you are someone who has a very large audience to sell to, you can see yourself having success with this business.

Residual Income (Recruitment)

As for this level, the amount of commission you will make here will depend on the sales your downline makes and also your rank.

There are different ranks that you can achieve as your downline grows and the higher you move up the rank, the more commission you will earn as shown in the image below.

Is Farmasi A Scam


You can also qualify for bonuses at different stages as you rank higher and expand your downline.

You have access to:

>>>Personal Bonus

>>>Group Bonus

>>>Leadership Bonus

>>>Tittle Change Bonus

>>>Car Allowance

>>>Cash Bonus, etc.

Does Farmasi Beauty Products Work

Well, I have to say I haven’t tried any of their products personally so I can’t give you a direct answer based on experience.

But from our research so far, and the positive reviews we have come across we are confident to say that these products do work.

We haven’t even come across any complaint whatsoever concerning this company, and its growth rate even in the US is astounding.

Is Farmasi Worth it

Farmasi is one of the cheapest MLM companies that we have come across and their products looks pretty good and falls within range.

As a user, I can say their beauty products are worth it because their prices are very low and affordable, but as a business, I believe there are factors you need to consider before deciding if it is right for you or not.

Is Farmasi Right For Me

This is a very serious question you need to ask yourself before getting involved in this business model.

MLM is often frowned at because most times it always turns out to be a pyramid scheme and when legit, majority of the people who get involved end up losing their money rather than making more.

Pyramid schemes are MLMs that depend mostly on recruiting people to join the company rather than promoting the products it owns if any.

But it is good to note that Farmasi is quite different as they are not focused on recruitment on recruitment to make money.

They allow their Influencers to make direct sales and at very good price and commission and they also have a variety of products that they sell, so it is definitely not a pyramid scheme.

Bu the fact remains that the majority of the people who make money with MLMs are the owners and the upper-level recruits. And the most money is made in the very first few years.

This is because as time goes on fewer people can recruit others to join, and the fewer members you have, the less money your downline can generate which means less commission for you.

This is the reason why the success rate of legit MLM business is pretty very low. For more info o this, check this out.

To further buttress this point take a look at Farmasi Income Disclaimer

Is Farmasi A Scam

From the above statement, they made it clear that on the average annual gross revenue for their entrepreneur can be anything between $500 And $2,000, excluding other expenses that may be incurred in running the business.

Which means there is a possibility of running a loss if all factors/expenses incurred are subtracted from this.

It is very poor to say one can only make about $500 to $2,000 or less as revenue in a year after investing so much time and effort.

And if you are like me who has a family to feed, then this is not encouraging at all.

With all these in mind, before venturing into this business model, you also need to ask yourself a few questions like…

>>>Do I have the capacity to recruit people since this is how you can make the most money?

>>>How many people do I have that will be willing to join me?

>>>Am I willing to lose friends and family over trying to make money?

>>>Am I a good salesperson, can I pitch this product to people?

>>>Do I have what it takes to build and maintain a downline?

>>>Do I have what it takes to get social and promote Farmasi products?

>>>So if you ask yourself the above questions and more and you are not 100% Positive about your answers, then I believe This business model is not for you.

You know when people try to recruit or pitch you this business, they never go into details what it takes, they make light of the situation and might flash a couple of dollars they already made just to entice you.

But until you get in and commit, then you realise what it takes to be successful with this business model.

So instead of sweating it through this, I believe affiliate marketing is a better and easier business model for you to invest in.

Because with affiliate marketing, you can get to create your website and promote as many beauty products as you want without limiting your self to Farmasi.

Secondly, you will be able to reach a wider audience all around the world. People will come to you to buy, and not you running after family and friends (more on this below)

Farmasi Products

The great thing about Farmasi is that they deal in lots of different kinds of beauty and personal care products as stated below:

Different series



paprika Balsam

Intimate series

Pferde Balsam

Pure Rose

Tea Tree

Activated Charcoal

Age Reversist




Is Farmasi A Scam

Hair Care

Hair Mask

Hair Oil


Foot Care

Cream Spray




Oral Care


Skin Care






Massage Gel





Is Farmasi A Scam

Farmasi Complaints

Like we mentioned earlier, we haven’t come across any complaint concerning the products directly, the only ones so far have to do with issues with delivering/returns of orders placed.

So I did say this is a very big plus for the company.


  • Legit business model
  • Low startup cost
  • High commission
  • Affordable Products
  • Products not tested on Animals


  • Low success rate
  • Must pay startup fee
  • MLM business model

In Conclusion

Is Farmasi a scam?

No, it is not, in fact, it is one of the best MLM companies we have encountered so far.

Their products and requirements are way better than what most other MLM companies offer. It is also great that they have a high commission rate of 50% even with direct sales.

The only downline is that MLM success rate is very low and you may end up struggling to succeed with the business except of course you have a large audience to sell to, which you can achieve through affiliate marketing as I mentioned earlier so you won’t have to depend on building a downline.



Affiliate Market A Better Business Offer

Like I mentioned earlier, you have more potential to succeed with selling this product through affiliate marketing than running after people to buy which can be quite exhausting.

With Affiliate marketing, you will be able to recommend other beauty products alongside Farmasi and be able to make much more money through commissions that you make from these products.

Affiliate Marketing is a very simple and straight forward way to make money once you understand how it works.

So instead of striving to build a downline with Farmasi to even make an average of $2,000 a year, I recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that can help you achieve success with Affiliate marketing even if you are a total newbie.

They will take you by the hand and walk you through how to get started and succeed with your business and provide you with all the support and tools you will need to operate your business successfully.

The good news is that you can get started for free ( No Credit Card Details Required)

This will allow you to test drive everything about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works.

Proceed Here For More Details.

Is Farmasi A Scam

Well, there you have it. Hope you found this review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

Do you have any questions or experience you would like to share with us?

Leave them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.



Gomer · March 23, 2020 at 11:41 am

I’d like to dig deeper if there’s a required amount of money monthly to stay active in the compensation plan. Is there anything like that in Farmasi? I mean, that thing they call “monthly maintenance” where the marketer is required to produce a personal sales volume of a certain amount monthly in order to be qualified for a group or team commission. 

When I was active in Organo which is a similar company that’s almost the same as Farmasi, we were required to spend a certain amount of money in order to be eligible to receive commissions from the sales done by our recruited affiliates. If we fail to buy that amount, the team commission is waived for that month.

The problem with such requirement is, if you compute the money you’re making and the money you’re spending just to stay active, you will be surprised you’re not making big money at all. So, is there such thing in Farmasi?

I love affiliate marketing like doing sales with Amazon because there’s no such thing as monthly maintenance being charge by direct sales or MLM companies.

    admin · April 3, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Hi Gomer, thanks for sharing your experience with Organo but with Farmasi there is no such thing as monthly maintenance. All you have to pay is the signup fee and then do your purchase as you want. The only requirement you will need is if you are building a team, then you will have to meet up with some target to earn commission within that group.

Geri · March 23, 2020 at 11:43 am

This is the first time that I am hearing of Farmasi. It sounds like a similar business model to Avon and Mary Kay Cosmetics. Commission percentage is one of the highest that I have heard off as well. So, I am wondering how much do the products sell for? I would be interested in trying out the products to see how they are on the skin and body.

    admin · April 3, 2020 at 12:46 pm

    Hi Geri, the product prices vary but they are on the affordable side, you can browse their website from the link on this review and have a look at things then decide which ones you want. But signing up with them as a distributor will help you get more discounts on products, you don’t necessarily have to sell to others or recruit if you don’t want to

Jeff · March 23, 2020 at 11:43 am

Hi, great write up you with so much energy and many words to put in a form writing. Thanks for bringing this to my notice for this is my first to know such a big company exist in Turkey, Instabul. I am fan of beauty productS and will really like to try a product from that part of the world. I love looking good with beauty make ups and and to try new ones.  Making money from Farmasi by bringing in more people is a great idea and I would love to join if the company operates and accept other members from different parts of the world. Thanks so much for this.

    admin · April 3, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    You are welcomed Jeff, surely you can sign up by going to their website and looking up the countries to see where your region falls in, then select that country to get started.

Baraka · March 23, 2020 at 12:00 pm

This is an excellent review. You know many MLMs I have come across are scams. It’s nice and interesting to hear that Farmasi, one of the MLM company is legit. I am also very impressed with the high commission offered by the company. I can simply say Farmasi is the best company which offers opportunities to make money at very low cost compared to other MLM companies.  Thank you very much and best regards.


    admin · April 3, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    You are welcomed Baraka. Glad to be of help

LineCowley · March 23, 2020 at 12:01 pm

Thank you for the detailed review of Farmasi beauty products, a company that is new to me. I am pleased that you made it clear that it is very difficult to make real moeny with a multilevel marketing business. I worked for a MLM company for nearly ten years, until I heard about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is certainly the way to go if you want to earn a passive income.

    admin · March 23, 2020 at 12:21 pm

    Wow! close to 10 years that is definitely a long time but I am glad you finally discovered affiliate marketing.

    It is definitely a better option to MLM.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

Cathy · March 23, 2020 at 3:41 pm

I think MLM in the beauty niche is oversaturated AND overpriced, most of the time. It’s really hard to stay loyal to one brand when there are constantly new cosmetic brands flooding the market – not just at supermarkets but also in online stores. If you look closely at consumer behaviors nowadays, women are more inclined to buy good quality, organic/natural based makeup without all the hidden agendas like recruitment or building a team. I certainly don’t want to buy a lipstick and get roped into some big MLM scheme. 

    admin · March 30, 2020 at 10:54 am

    Cathy that is the good thing about Farmasi, you don’t have to recruit, you can just sign up as a user to take advantage of the discounts. Selling and recruiting is solely your decision to make.

Smoochi · March 25, 2020 at 12:18 am

farmasi cosmestics has been around for a while and their awesome services has kept them on top. The fact that i have learnt something really tangible from this post is very satisfying. The build of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it so beautiful. Thank you very much.

    admin · March 30, 2020 at 10:52 am

    Thanks for the compliment Smoochi I am glad we could be of help.

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