Is Clout Bucks Scam Or Make Fast Cash On Social Media?

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Is Clout Bucks Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Clout Bucks Review

This is yet another program that claims to be the number one social media influencer network that can help you make fast cash by using your  social media influence.

Unfortunately, we’ve been able to review a lot of them over the year and none ever lived up to expectation as they turned out to be nothing but scams.

So is Clout Bucks scam only out to take you off like the others or is it truly a program that will see you making good money?

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this program, it is the best way to avoid scams online and discover legitimate ways to make money.

And be rest assured that you will have all your questions answered in this review as we reveal everything you need to know about Clout Bucks to help you make an informed decision.

We will cover the following in full details…

>>>What Is Clout Bucks

>>>How Does Clout Bucks Work

>>>Clout Bucks Scam Signs

>>>How Clout Bucks Really Work

>>>Clout Bucks Complaint


>>>Pros & Cons

>>>Our Recommendation


Product At A Glance

Name: Clout Bucks

Owner: unknown


Price: free

Rated: 0.3/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Clout Bucks

Clout Bucks is yet another program that claims to be the number one social media influencer network that will help you make fast cash using your social media account, starting with making $500 today.

Is Clout Bucks Scam

They claim to be a subsidiary brand of, LLC, a leading internet and media company that operates multiple customer engagement brands.

When a company claims to be a leading internet and media company, you will believe that its name will be well known on the internet or at least that you can get good and valid information about them online

But this isn’t the case with Clout Bucks, as all our research about their so-called leading internet company leads us to nowhere.

This is definitely a very huge red flag, for a company that claims to be leading in Internet and media but have no proof of existence, that’s huge!

But let’s keep digging to learn more…

How Does Clout bucks Work

Clout Bucks claims to provide you with different activities that you can complete on their website in exchange for cash.

But they are mainly focused on you recruiting more members for them in exchange for $10 to $15 for each member you recruit.

Or probably $20,who knows! As the homepage says one thing ($10 to $15) while their offer page page says another ($20)

So it is clear that they are not even sure how much they intend to pay you, yet another red flag.

To get started with Clout Bucks you will need to signup with your name, chose a username and then create a password, agree to their terms and condition then submit the form.

Once done, you will have am immediate access to the site and your member area where you can see different earning opportunities that you can select from.

Once you complete any of the activities, the money will be deposited into your Clout Bucks Account.

You will have access to activities like…

Referring people to join Clout Bucks in exchange for $10 to $20

You will also earn $2 if people just click on your link but didn’t sign up.

You can also create and upload Youtube videos to earn $15 ( lower than what other influencer sites offer which is $50)

The same applies to the amount they claim they will pay you for posting on social media platforms like Facebook, Twiter and Instagram.

Other influencer networks that we’ve reviewed so far paid at least $10 for posting in social media but Clout Bucks does not pay you for posting on social media but will instead pay you a dollar for every click that comes through your social media posting and $20 when someone signs up through any of those posts.

You can also Complete tasks from their task wall to earn $20. Every task you complete will earn you the same price of $20.

Most of these tasks have to do with signing up with other websites with your full details for the chance to win a certain amount of money.

For example, the image below shows the type of offers you get to complete and you can see that they require you to enter your details for the chance to win a prize.

Which means for every offer you complete on these lists, you are giving out your personal details to unknown people just for the chance to win a gift card or voucher.

You are simply giving up your information in exchange for a gamble because chances are you may never win any of these prizes since there would be hundreds of others competing for the same thing.

Is Clout Bucks Scam

On the other hand, you don’t even have any assurance that these competition are for real and not just a way for these websites to collect your data.

Some will even require you to give them your credit card details and possibly phone number and home address.

For example, the one marked below wants you to create an account, confirm with your credit card and then download the content.

Is Clout Bucks Scam

  1. You don’t know what they want you to download
  2. They want you to create an account with them
  3. Finally, they boldly ask you to give them your credit card details to finalise this as if they are doing you a huge favour!

What if at the end of the day you do all they ask you to do just so you can earn $20 only to realise that, what you have given away your card details to download is just a virus that will enable them to hack your system?

So I will be very careful with any website asking for my details in exchange for a mystery.

And if Clout Bucks is willing to connect you with such risky websites, I believe that is another huge red flag that shows it can’t be trusted either.


Clout Bucks claim to make payment through Paypal, Cash App, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Mailed Cheque, etc. Only if it were true!

But unfortunately, it isn’t and I will explain why in our next section below…

Is Clout Bucks Scam

Reasons Why Clout Bucks Is A Scam

False Years Of Existence

It is always very portent to understand the reasons behind  system, like what it is about, how it works and it’s intentions for you, which is why we decided to check out Clout Bucks “why it works” section.

And we just realise that everything about this system stinks right from its foundation. From the image below you can see that part of their claim to why they work so well is that their team has worked hard for over 13 years developing an AI algorithm to deliver 90% of value directly to your hands.

Over 13 years! Really?

Because Whois domain directory has another story to tell as you can see from the image below.

Is Clout Bucks Scam

Clout was just created on the 23rd of May 2019 and will expire on the 23rd of May 2020 except if renewed.

Which means that Clout Bucks has been feeding us lies as you can see they are barely a year old let alone being 13.

Rehashed system

Clout Bucks is a total remake of the website Kids Earn Money. The content on the homepage is exactly the same with what you have on the Kids Earn Money homepage down to how it works, their social media stats and even the testimonials!

They didn’t even bother to alter anything except for the names and first images.

The image below is taken from Kids Earn Money homepage but you can also see where it says ” Clout Bucks Sign up Now”

The unfortunate thing is that we have also reviewed this Kids Earn Money and it turned out to be a total scam, you can read about it by clicking on the name above.

And I strongly believe that whoever is behind that Kids Earn Money is also behind Clout Bucks.

We believe what they do is rehash these systems and launch them with a new domain ones people start realising that they are scams.

So this way they keep deceiving, exploiting and ripping off innocent people without being caught. But God will keep exposing them.

False Users

Like I mentioned earlier, everything they have on here is the same as on Kids Earn Money including these so-called users that have made huge amounts using their website.

It’s even funny that they didn’t even bother to at least change the names and the amount made by each person as they are exactly the same.

It gets worse, as these so-called users are nothing but stock images gotten from the web.

Is Clout Bucks Scam


Is Clout Bucks Scam


Is Clout Bucks Scam

So for a system that claims to be the number one influencer and help people make so much money, why on earth do they need to fake users?

False Testimonials

It is obvious that the so claimed users that made between $25,000 to $100,000 are nothing but stock images which means these testimonials are non existent.

These are not the real names of these people and none of them ever made any money using Clout Bucks.

Is Clout Bucks Scam

exactly the same as Kids Earn Money as you can see

You Never Get Paid

This is the most disheartening thing about these systems, you never get paid.

For all the hard work you put into completing their tasks and recruiting members for them from a different channels, they will keep adding the money into your Clout Bucks account to make you feel happy that you are making money.

But when you decide to request for payment that is when they will come up with different excuses

They may ask you to complete more specific tasks to get paid or give you one reason or another why you can’t get paid.

But if you ever get frustrated and try to confront them, one of two things will happen;

They will ignore you completely

Or simply ban your account so you no longer have access to their website.

So if you are wondering if Clout Bucks really payout, the answer is absolutely not!


You will never get a dime! So save yourself the stress.

Clout Bucks Complaint

Like I just mentioned above, you never get paid for all your hard work and time, which you can confirm from the review of real users below.

All the complaints we came across are from users who got frustrated from waiting to receive their money from Clout Bucks but never did.

Is Clout Bucks Scam

Is Clout Bucks Scam

How Clout Bucks Really Works

The truth is that this system doesn’t work to favour you or anyone who signs up with them as you can already see.

What they do is lure people in with a huge bonus of $25 when you sign up.

Then they make you complete activities from their third-party partners with claims of paying you a huge amount of money compared to other legit sites like Swagbucks, Prizerebel, Ohmydosh to mention a few,  who will only pay you about a dollar, more or less but within that range to complete similar activities.

They also make you invite more people to sign up and do the same things they have you do.

For all these activities you complete on their site from their third-party partners, they get paid but they don’t pay you.

Which means all the money goes into their pockets.

Now all your information that you supply them while taking all those offers, they will also sell to marketing companies to make more money.

While you will start receiving unsolicited marketing emails and calls from these companies you know nothing about.

I believe that at some point you may have experienced something like this, where you receive calls or emails from companies who have your details but you don’t remember ever having any interactions with, right?

Well, this is an example of  how those companies get your details.

Where this becomes really dangerous is if your data ends up at the wrong hands, like hackers who will then attempt to hack your system or identity thieves who ends up stealing your identity.

You can see that everything about Clout Bucks works against you but is a win-win for them.

So it will be in your best interest once again to stay as far away as can from this system.


It is free to signup with Clout Bucks as long as you are 13 years or older.


  • There is nothing positive about this system, even the free sign up is to your detriment.


  • Absolute scam!
  • Data harvesting scheme
  • False year’s of existence
  • Fame users
  • False testimonies.
  • Hyped income claims

In Conclusion

Is Clout Bucks scam? Absolutely! In our opinion.

They only lure you in to steal and sell your data, and have you bring in more people for them to exploit.

You know it is bad enough that you will realise at the end of the day that they conned you, but the worse guilt you will have is knowing that you also encouraged others to sign up too.

And trust me, anyone, who signs up to this program through your link and then discovers that they have been taken for a ride may not forgive you for this and will probably hold a grudge especially if they are friends or family.

So yes, Clout Bucks still gets to put a dent on your relationship with others even after exploiting you.

It is in your best interest and safety to not even engage in this website let alone giving them your details.

Buy then that is our opinion, it is up to you to decide what you want and and I believe we have provided you with enough information and proof here to help you make that decision.




A Better And Legit Way To Make Money Online

I really feel bad when I come across systems like Clout Bucks who take of advantage of the fact that people are desperate to make money to con them instead. Which  is why we won’t stop exposing them for what they really are, scams.

But the good news is that you can make money online and earn consistently to meet your financial needs, but there is catch!

That you must be ready and willing to work hard to achieve that goal.

Don’t let anyone deceive you by telling you there are quick or one push-button system that can help you make money while you sleep because that isn’t the case at all.

If you are serious to make money, then you must stay away from systems such as Clout Bucks as they hold no truth and be willing to work hard.

Given the times that we are in, we encourage you to start an online business that you can grow with time to help meet your needs and build a solid financial source of income through affiliate marketing.

And to achieve this, we recommend Wealthy Affiliate, an online training platform that will take you by the hand and walk you through the steps you will need to start and establish your online business.

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Well, there you have it. Hope you found this review post helpful?

Please kindly share to help other avoid this scam.

If you have any questions or experience with Clout Bucks you want to share with us, drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.



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