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Is ClixSense Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Clixsense Review

Today, we are taking a look at clixsense, a website that claims to pay you for taking offers, but is clixsense scam or is it a legit site that will surely pay you for your time spent?

Well walk with us through this our well detailed review of clixsense to find out all you need to know.

Product At A Glance

Name: clixsense

Owner: James Grago(manager)


Price: free

Rated: 3.0/5.0

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What is Clixsense About

This is a platform that pays you for taking offers and completing activities online, such as taking surveys, downloading and playing games, watching videos, and completing task offers.

How Does ClixSense Work

Signup: this is the first thing you need to do to gain access into clixsense, you input your basic details like your email and a user name, then you will be sent a link which you are to activate to gain full access


Take offers: you can now take different offers, activities and surveys, as you continue to complete each one successfully, your account will be credited
Payment: once you reach the payment threshold, you can now request for payment. Payment threshold is a minimum of $10. Payments are made via
  1. payoneer–  $2 one time charge. 2-5 working days for processing. First withdrawal must be $50, as from july 2018 and minimum of $20 for subsequent ones.
  2. skrill- 1% fee charge for every payment made. 2-5 working days for processing.
  3. dwola- no service charge. 2-5 working days for processing
  4. Cheque (USA and Canada only)- $1.00 service charge for every deposit. But your first deposit is free.
  5. Tango card- no service charge. 2-5 working days for processing
Ways To Make Money On ClixSense
Taking surveys: ranges for tier one country is between $0.8 – $5, while for other countries (tier 2) you can get between $0.3-$2.5.

Fill survey profile for the chances to get more surveys

Payment for some surveys are instantaneous while others may take up to 30 days.

Every survey has its option listed beside it, those with red markings will definitely take a while to credit.

Is clixsense scam

Completing figure 8 tasks: this is offered by a third party partner, as a result you will be taken to their wall,

where you will have to fill in your details, and once registered will be directed back to the offer page. It is a very good way to make money, as You do not require any special skills to do these tasks.

Just make sure to follow exact instructions’ given and do as much as you can.

  1. Test mode: for every task you want to complete, there is a test mode you need to complete first to show if you qualify for that task
  2. Workmode: starting the actual work, you will still get a test inbetween and if you fail it, your rate of accuracy will drop and if it goes below the 70% required, you will enter expelled mode
  3. Expelled mode: Just as the name goes, you are expelled from taking that task

Different levels obtained are:

Level#1 -70% accuracy

Level#2 -80% accuracy

Level#3 -85% accuracy.

Money made with tasks differs as time taken to complete each task is different. Depending on how much time you have to put in, you can make as much money as you want, as there are no restrictions on amount of task to be completed or amount of money made. One good thing about figure 8 tasks is their $5 incentive for every $50 you make on a weekly basis.

Taking offers: you go to the offer wall, and choose offers you like? And then complete them. You can probably make between few cents to up to $7

Daily bonus: by completing a set amount of task set out for you daily, you get to earn up to 16% bonus. Here is the daily bonus checklist;
  1. Complete at least ten tasks from figure 8 offers or
  2. Complete at least 2 surveys & 2 offers or
  3. Complete 1 survey and offer and 5 tasks.

These activities have to be done consistently for at least 3 days to start crediting.

Also earn up to extra 2% bonus by installing the clixaddon and have it running for at least an hour.

Clixsense task weekly contest: as long as you are Completing tasks, you are eligible for this, as this is contest run for the first 10 task workers of the week. Make sure to take as many tasks as possible to be able to qualify as one of the 1st ten task workers.

Referral: by refering people to join clixsense through your unique affiliate link, you will be entitled to earn in two ways
  1. Sign up commission:  you will earn $0.10 or $0.30, for every active refferal and about, depending on the country you are based. And if they  earn their first $5, you will earn $2 bonus.
  2. Activity commission: for every survey, task, and offer your refferal successfully completes, you earn 20% of their earnings, you can also increase your earnings to upto 30%. The more active your refferals are, the more money you will make.
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Tips to maximize your earning potential
  1. Always make sure to complete your survey profile (demographics) as this will enable you get more surveys
  2. Try to bring in as many referrals as possible by sharing your link
  3. Share your link on blogs, social media or forums.
  4. Make sure to add the clixaddon, as this will always notify you when new surveys, task and offers are available.


It is free to join clixsense, all you need to do is sign up with your details, then go click on the activation link sent to you and you are ready to start.


  • Free to join
  • Make extra income
  • Lots of activities to choose from
  • Available in most countries


  • No more Paypal payment, this is very discouraging as a lot of people, resort to receiving payments from Paypal
  • You can easily get screened out from survey
  • You can be expelled half-way through completing offer eight tasks if you fail a given test
  • Commission rates differs per country

In Conclusion

Is clixsense a scam? No! Clixsense is not a scam, but a legit platform you can make money from, depending on your commitment you can get to make a decent extra income.




Name: clixsense

Owner: James Grago(manager)


Price: free

Rated: 3.0/5.0

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Is clixsense scam


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Reyhana · September 30, 2018 at 10:41 pm

This sounds legit, but how much money can somebody expect to reasonably make,say, for 3 hours of work with Clixsense?

I have tried survey websites and they pay a few cents per hour, which is not very appealing to me and I get kicked out of their surveys halfway, without being given due compensation for time spent on it.

I just want to make sure that this is going to be worth my time.

    admin · October 1, 2018 at 11:28 am

    depending on what you choose to participate in, in those 3hours will determine how much you can possibly make. Let’s say you focus on taking surveys, and are successful for every one you tried, if the survey lasts for 30min with a $3 payment, then you should make about $18 in that 3hours. But i must say that on rare occassions can you be this successful. Tue best way to make it here is buying refferals who inturn will make money for you. Say you have about 10 to 20 of them, and ewch one succeeds in completing same amount of surveys, a good portion of their earnings also comes to you. In all, it depends on what you are looking for.i.e.  If  making $18 in 3 hours sounds okay for you then you go for it but if not, then its time to check out other ways like we mentioned in the review. Wish you all the best

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