Is Buxify Scam – 5 Alarming Reasons To Stay Clear! (Review)

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Is Buxify Scam

Hi! Welcome To Our Buxify Review

I know the idea of making up to $150 daily sounds great right?

Especially when you have to put little or no effort into achieving such daily.

And Buxify is a platform that claims it can help us achieve this goal but is Buxify scam or truly a legit platform we can trust to deliver?

I must first commend you for taking the time to research this platform, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this detailed review, we will walk you through…

What Is Buxify About, how does it work, ways you can make money with it, pros and cons and if it is a scam or not to help you make an informed decision?


Product At A Glance

Name: Buxify

Owner: ?


Price: free

Rated: 0.3/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Buxify About

Buxify claim to be the number #1 influencer network that can help you make up to $150 per day using your social media account.

They claim to have paid out over $68,000,000 million to over 225,000 members.

On so many occasions we have come across platforms like Buxify that has claimed to be the no one influencers, the likes of Influearn, Influencers Earn, Cash4clickz, Nice Cash, Kash Tree and tonnes of others I can’t even mention all here.

One thing these sites all have in common is they’ve all turned out to be nothing but data harvesting scams.

So far Buxify is exhibiting the same characteristics, but for the benefit of the doubt, let’s plunge in further to see how this system works and if it is any different from the above mentioned.

How Does Buxify Work

Buxify claim to work by helping social media users turn their time used on social media into money and it follows these 3 steps:


To become a member and gain access you will need to first register with your email and create password

Share And Earn

Once registered you will have access to your member area where you will get your unique referral link, this link is what you are expected to share with people on social media to start making money.

Cash Out

Once you start earning money by referring people to Buxify, you can request for cash out once you reach their minimum threshold, which we are unable to ascertain at the moment.

They claim to make payment via


>>>Cash app

>>>And more other ways they fail to mention.


Is Buxify Scam


Ways To Make Money With Buxify

Signup Bonus

They claim to give you a whopping sum of $25 just by signing up with that.

Referral scheme

For everyone who clicks through your link to register with them, Buxify claims it will pay you $15.

And for those that just click on your link but don’t register, they will pay you $2.

Downloading Apps

Buxify claim to also pay you when you download apps and play games on your device, for this you will earn $10

Complete Surveys

They will pay you as much as $30 for just completing surveys, which is unheard of.

Upload YouTube Videos

If you follow their guideline to create and upload YouTube video promoting them, they claim to pay you $50

Simple Breakdown

>>>Signup Bonus — $25

>>>Download App — $10

>>>Each Signup From Your Referral Link — $15

>>>Each Click On Your Referral Link— $2

>>>Completing Surveys — $30

>>>YouTube Submission — $50

Anyone that sees these amount stated to be made here with such little work will surely be excited and ready to jump in but unfortunately, none of these things listed here are for real, as this website is nothing but a scam as revealed below.

5 Reasons To Stay Clear (Buxify Scam Alert)

No known Owner(s)

I believe that the first thing a legit website does is to talk about the owners and their intentions with their website.

They let you know who they are and what they are about.

But with Buxify, the case is different, once you click on their About Us button on their website it takes you right back to their homepage.

And there isn’t any other place on their website that they said anything about who they are or where they can be located.

I know this isn’t enough to conclude it’s a scam, but it’s a huge red flag, as you will find out that it is a common thing among scam websites and low-quality products.

False Stats

Buxify claim to have paid out over $68,000,000 to its 225,000 members over the years, which would make you believe naturally that it has been in existence for quite a long while right?

On the contrary, this website was created about 3 months ago, on the 28 of October 2019 to be precise, according to the Whois database.


Is Buxify Scam


Which means there is no way they could have generated such amount of money in revenue let alone paying such amount to their members in less than 3 months.

Not especially when they claim to be paid by advertisers who are assumed to make payment when someone performs an action.

I know that advertisers never pays too much money when it comes to PTC (paid to click) tasks, judging from other legit gpt/ptc platforms like Swagbucks.

As a user, you get paid in cents for watching and clicking on these ads. So I wonder what exactly or which advertising companies pays Buxify so much money that they can afford to give away over $20 to $30 just for watching ads and videos.

The best you can ever get them paying is $0.001 to $0.10.

Which means Buxifys’ claims are way off the chart.

Cloned Website

Earlier on I mentioned how this website was falling under the same steps with a few others that we have reviewed earlier right?

Well, it happens that Buxify is just a cloned website like most of them.

Take a look at the screenshot below and you will see how they have things muffled up,

This particular page is what they pose as their About Us page and also homepage and yet they didn’t have the dignity to at least change the name of the website they cloned ( Referral Pay) as you can see below.

Is Buxify Scam


Is Buxify Scam

Exactly like Viral Market they both used this same page but never changed the actual name of the site.

I want to believe this Referral Pay must have been the first or one of the first website that started this number #1 influencer rubbish as it seems to have existed the longest.

But whatever the case I believe these people are making good money off innocent people like you and I and that is why they keep creating more of these fraudulent sites.

False Payment Proof

This is the most degrading aspect of this website, they didn’t even have the decency to come up with their own fake payment proof, they had to import one from another scam website known as

Just take a look at the image below and see the name on the said payment proofs, and the copyright column at the end of the page. What do you think about that?


Is Buxify Scam


Is Buxify Scam


You Never Get Paid

After you must have signed up and start completing offers, tasks and referring people you will notice your account is being credited with so much money which motivates you to keep pushing forward.

Then come the time you want to make a withdrawal…

Nothing happens!

This is where their excuses begins, you will be told that for one reason or the other you can’t make withdrawals.

Or you may be asked to complete more tasks and bring in more people to get paid which never happens

And if at any point you decide to follow them up on why you are not being paid, that is when they will outrightly ban you or block your account so you have no further access to them.

All your hard work and time spent just goes down the drain…

How Buxify Really Works

Buxify works to favour only it’s owner(s).

They simply lure you in with an enticing sum of $25 and have you complete activities for them and help them lure more people into their system.

For every task and offers you and every other person that signup with them completes they keep the money.

The worse is that some of these offers will have you give them more of your details other than your name and email, like your phone number, home address, and even account details etc.

What they do is sell this information to their third-party partners and possibly scammers.

And these people will bombard you with unsolicited emails, text messages and phone calls.

Sometimes you may have received emails like these from advertisers you don’t recollect ever giving your details and you wonder how they came about it?

This is exactly how they get your information and use it for marketing purposes.

But this becomes a big problem when they end up selling your data to scammers, these are the ones who will try to either hack into your account or steal your identity to fulfill their own agenda.

So if you are reading this and have used some of your details on this website, it would be best for you to try to change them just to be on the safer side.


It is free to sign up with Buxify


  • None


  • Scam
  • Data harvesting scheme
  • Your data is at risk
  • People you refer will hate you for this and probably never trust you again
  • False payment proof
  • False claims

In Conclusion

Is Buxify a scam? Yes, it is in our opinion.

You do not stand any chance of making money from this website rather they will use you to make as much money as they possibly can so Our advise will be to stay as far away as you can from this website.




So What Next?

I do believe you are checking this site out because you want to earn some income online and the good news is that it is possible to achieve that.

But depending on what you are looking for, do you want to just make some few bucks or do you want to earn $100s to $1,000s per month consistently?

If you just want to get a few bucks here and there, then these legit sites can help you achieve that purpose



OhMyDosh(UK Only)





gener8 Ads (UK Only)

You can signup with a couple of them at the same time to maximise your income potential.

But if you are here for the latter looking for a way to earn reasonably and consistently to meet your financial needs, then I believe your best bet will be starting an online business.

I know this may sound so huge, but it is not. It just takes knowing the right method and getting the best training to achieve it.

So if you are ready to give this a try, here is a legit platform that can help you get started.

The good news is that you can signup for free and also have access to 20 courses for free.

This allows you to test drive and see what the system is all about to help you make the right decision.

>>>Check It Out Here<<<


Is Buxify Scam


Well, there you have it. Hope you found this post helpful?

Share to help others stay clear of this scam.

What’s your take on this review of Is Buxify Scam?

Or do you have any questions/experience you want to share with us?

Leave them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest


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