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Hi there! Welcome to our appcoiner review, a platform that promise you will make money reviewing apps, but is appcoiner legit and can you really make upto $2,200 weekly using this platform? Well that is what we are here to find out and every ugly truth you need to know about appcoiner, so stick with us to the end!


Name: appcoiner

Owner: unknown


Price: $27

Rated: 1.0/5.0

Is appcoiner legit- the ugly truth you need to know


Appcoiner is a platform that claims to provide you with the opportunity to make money by downloading and reviewing apps


Here is how they claim it works to make it look so easy and inviting..

Choose an app to test: once you have paid them $27, then you have access to your member area and their app database, where you choose the app you want, then download on your smartphone or iPad
Write your review: next thing is to use the app, then write your honest review and post on their website through your member area.
Get paid: the appcoiner program then monetizes all of your reviews. Payments will then be made to you either by check, direct deposit or payoneer.

Is appcoiner legit- the ugly truth you need to know!

Now here is the ugly truth!
They say all you have to do is download the app you like unto your smartphone or iPad, then test it out and post a review on their website- lies

The truth they fail to tell you is that you will need to own your own website to post these reviews on.

They say you can review as many apps as you want and get paid-lies

Using their online calculator, which by the way does not really work, you are only allowed access to just about 4 apps. So how does that go for as many apps as you want huh! Which means you are still limited in the amount of money you can make in a day, and nothing close to $2,200

They say their appcoiner program monetises  all of your app reviews automatically, so all you need to do is keep writing reviews to make more money- what bogus lies!
How about “we put affiliate links on the reviews so that when someone clicks on it, buys and downloads the app, then we pay you” that’s the honest truth guys! You only get paid when and if someone clicks on the affiliate link through your website to buy and download the app. Which will never happen if you are a newbie to all these or do not have a website that generates tonnes of traffic or if you do not have a website at all!


To join the appcoiner program, you will have to pay a fee of $27, which then gives you access to their database.

Is appcoiner legit-the ugly truth you need to know

Appcoiner platform


  • The only merit we see here is that at the end of the day you can still make some money using their platform, but that is if you already have a website generating tonnes of traffic
  • And of course the 60days money back guarantee, if you already bought into this program, you have the right to request for your money back within the first 60days if you don’t like what you see
  • And trying out new apps.


  • First of all, we do not like the deception in the beginning, as they never made it clear you will have to make payment to start using their platform.
  • You are not sure who will be paying you for reviewing the app, if its appcoiner or a third party involved
  • You do not know specifically on average how much you will be paid for each app reviewed
  • You can only succeed if you already have a ranking website/one with tonnes of traffic, and definitely in that niche.

Is appcoiner legit- the ugly truth you need to know!


Is appcoiner legit? Appcoiner is legit because with the right criteria, you can certainly benefit from the platform, but we are close to calling it a scam because of its very dodgy ways. We highly do not recommend appcoiner program to you if you do not own a website that generates tonnes of traffic to make this work.

But if you are looking to make money online through this same method known as affiliate marketing, read our alternative method below.

VERDICTIs appcoiner legit-the ugly truth you need to know!


Name: appcoiner
Owner: unknown
Price: $27
Rated: 1.0/5.0



What appcoiner is trying to do is affiliate marketing done the wrong way, they chose to be so dodgy because they know what it takes to succeed in it, and letting you into that will probably mean you won’t stick with them.

But here is the thing, affiliate marketing is what we recommend to anyone who wants to make money online because it has a lot of advantages, most important being..

  1. Its free to get started
  2. You dont have to answer to anyone
  3. Do your own thing at your own time
  4. Source to create passive income
  5. No inventory, packaging or shipping involved
  6. And most of all your route to financial freedom.

You just need to have access to the right training and support to help you get started and grow your business.

If you think this is what you are looking for, then we suggest you join  for free this Wealthy Affiliate platform, where they will teach you step by step guide on everything you need to know to start and grow your business online and start generating income in your business.

You can also have a sneaky peaky view of our review on this platform here.

Is appcoiner legit- the ugly truth you need to know!


Thank you for your time, and hope you found this post helpful, if so do share with others. Drop us your comments or questions below and we will gladly get back to you in no time.


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