HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE- Motivational/Getting started.

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HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE-Motivational/getting started



How many times have you thought of how to start a home business or searching for ways to make extra income or even full time income from home but never really take any serious action? When things like this happen, we always try to find reasons to justify our actions of procrastination but when you look deep inside and if being true to oneself, you find there are basically 5 reasons for doing this. There may be other reasons too but I am going to focus on the basic ones, which when dealt with, you can be on your way to success.


HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE-Motivational/getting started


Tell me who hasn’t been there? You have so many ideas on what you want to do or a particular idea on how you can actually do something to support you financially but because you are so afraid of not knowing what the outcome will be, you fear what kind of changes this might bring about in your life. You even wonder at the very possibilities of failing, all these thoughts creating negative vibes all around you and then rather than take the bold step, you keep coming up with one excuse or the other and the procrastination continues.



I can actually relate with this point and it’s very well understandable because of the rate of online scams and how easily people are falling for it, you grow a cold feet and decide not to take a step. Well I hope you read this post to the end because I .have something for you, that can help you take that bold step forward.



Another thing that mightily pulls one into procrastination is low self-esteem. Are you afraid that once you start up with something, you will come crashing down? You fear you do not know or have what it takes to build a successful business. This feels really bad if you have actually tried something before but failed. Low self-esteem drags you farther away from realizing your dreams, you let it eat so much at you, you hardly live your life. You see others, especially your peers doing great and attaining success but you look down o your self so much that even though your instinct wants you to engage some or one of them and ask how they have come this far or even run your ideas with someone, you never get to do that all because you don’t think you can actually be successful like them. Then you begin to feel sorry for yourself and feeling sorry turns into bitterness and this intern turns into depression. Watch it! It doesn’t have to be this way.



I included this because it’s also a basic problem, when you have literally no idea on how to start earning full time or.part-time income from home then there is no way for you going forward, so you need ideas, and from each of these ideas, you learn to choose what best soothes your situation. The internet is always there for you to get ideas but what you choose to do with them is definitely up to you. If you decide what you want is just to make little extra change then you can go for surveys, taking offers and trial and a lot of others. Check out my post on legitimate ways to make money from home.



So you have the ideas needed, you know how to start a business but Alas! You have little or No money! You ain’t got a dime! Well you have to find a way out because these days I don’t think there are many people willing to do the lending money things and those who are, including the banks will definitely charge you interest for that, and you might not even qualify to get one. So what then? Continue reading to get the answer to that.


HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE-Motivational/getting started


First of, as humans, we all have that tendency to feel fear of something at different degree in our lives, but what makes the difference is how we choose to deal with it. For example a claustrophobic (someone with the fear of closed-circuit area) will only break out of this fear by taking a bold step into facing it, by getting on a lift every once in a while, in the beginning it will be very difficult but making the decision to take that step is a very big move to progress and once started, with time it becomes a thing of the past. Same applies here. To overcome your fears you have to make a decision right now to take a bold step and then actually take it! Before I started my online home business, I used to feel this fear that it took me longer period to get started, but once I Learned how to deal with it, it’s been a forward journey ever since. Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t tried to overcome this fear what would have been my faith. Hence, my reason for starting out this post this way, because if you don’t deal with this fear, it can still stand as a hindrance to your business moving forward. If you relate with what I am saying, or you have one or two things you want to say or add to this so far, kindly drop it in the comment box so we can talk about it.


How to overcome your fear like I did, is simply “taking the bull by the horn” take the bold step and do what you have to do, stop thinking about negative outcomes instead choose to see the brighter side of things, believe in your self, believe you can do this. Always fill your mind with positive and motivational thoughts, learn to pray for success and believe you will attain it. If you can program yourself to always remember that failure doesn’t necessarily mark the end of your journey but just a step backward that you can learn from and move forward, you will see how far you get in overcoming all these fears you have.


When it comes to online scam, one Truly have to be weary, because the rate at which people get scammed these days is alarming, but then you do not let it stop you from achieving your goal, my advice when it comes to this is to first of, try out products/services that comes with free trials, at least with that you can have a good knowledge of what the product/service is all about and what it can offer you. Any product or service demanding you make some payments first before signing up with them to learn more on how to run your home business online, I will strongly advice you to stay away from such, except you are able to gain an In depth knowledge of how good the program is. So you will do well to be careful on what you choose to sign up for.


To boost your low self-esteem you need to start believing in yourself, start seeing your self as success in the making. Very importantly never compare yourself to anyone. Try to discover the inner you, everyone is good at something, discover what yours is and focus on it to motivate you and always have a positive mindset.


What to do to earn money: like I said earlier, there are lots of ways we can choose to make money from home, some basically can generate full time income while others will simply be for extra or supportive purposes. Depending on your situation and what you are looking for. You can read up on my post in Legitimate ways to make money online if you are looking to make extra cash. And if you want to start up your own business for full time income from home, then read on.


Finally, after dealing with this basic obstacles, then we come down on how to start up with little or no capital, which leads us to the getting started on your own business from home.


HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE- Motivational/getting started


In this topic I am going to walk you through on how you can be your own boss and build your business, as an affiliate marketer. And this process involves four stages: Interest/niche, website, traffic and finally revenue. Phew! The last part is what I love the most, nothing gladdens the heart like revenue. So first of,

What is Affiliate marketing: simply put, affiliate marketing is an online marketing process by which you sell other retailers products or services by directing people to them through your link and when any of this people buy their product or services, you get a commission for that. So Let’s break this down


HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE-Motivational/getting startedlNiche: to start up your business as an affiliate marketer, you must first have an interest or passion also known as your niche.for example if you are passionate about pets, you can choose one specific type of pet as your niche say a dog or a cat. And what you will be doing is writing about this pet to educate people who needs tonnes of info about it, because they are also passionate about it. In order to achieve this you will need a website.

Website: Oh don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you anything, with this powerful platform called siterubix, you get to build your very own website within minutes, no worries about codes or programming as siterubix takes care of everything for you. Having a website is the sole foundation of your business as this is what you will use to run a successful business online. Once you have decided on your interest, you will pick a name to register your website with, then you go ahead and create it. Want to try it out now? Click here and create your free website! On this website, your mission or goal is to provide lots and lots of information for people who need help within the same interest you are writing about. Let’s say I love and have a dog pet, and I want to find out the best toys I can buy for it, this will lead me to search for info on the net about this and possibly coming in contact with your site and after reading what you have to offer will decide to make a purchase.

Traffic: this is the amount of people that get to visit your site on a daily basis and you wiķll need loads and loads of this to generate enough income. How this works, the more relevant and quality information you can provide to people within your niche, the more chances your contents have to rank in google 1st page. By ranking, I mean appearing in the first page of search consoles’ as this makes it possible for people to get to your content on their search. And with this comes tonnes and tonnes of traffic.


Revenue: this is where your effort pays off. By the time you publish some contents, you can then become an affiliate with different retailers dealing in your niche and recommending their products to your readers. For example, the dog lover who clicks through your website for information on the best kind of toy to buy for his dog will at the same time see products of best toys you recommend, then he goes ahead and clicks on your link, this takes him to the retailer for that toy, once he makes his purchase, the retailer pays you a commission for that. The good thing about this is that the person might actually get to buy other things that where not recommended on your site, but because he came through your link, you will get commission for that as well. So the tonnes of people that visits your site, the better and higher sales you are likely to make. And thus your journey to success begins.


To get started in this, you will need a computer, laptop or smartphone that is internet ready.

To be Truly successful, like in all business, you have to put in your best, as this isn’t a “get-rich-quick scheme” in fact you will have to work your butt off, and the good news is that it’s all worth it when you start seeing the progress. It takes time but with patience and persistence and putting every other negative thoughts out the window, you will surely succeed.

To get started, You will also need a trust worthy community that will help you each step of the way and provide you with every possible support you need to scale through. One that will tutor you from the beginning as a novice to being the master in your niche. And for this I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. As they will provide you everything you need to get started for free.


HOW TO START A HOME BUSSINESS ONLINE- Motivational/getting started

For more comprehensive and in depth knowledge on this community, read my WealthyAffiliate Review. And start your journey to success.



If you find this post useful, or have some other ideas to give, kindly leave them in the comment box below, your questions are also very much welcomed.





Stefan Vogt · May 1, 2018 at 5:50 am

Hi and thanks for sharing this information.

I am trying to start my online business from home and am really sometimes asking my self if it can work.

I found out, doing is the best cure for fear. When I do something I’m not totally sure of and see positive results I get more confident and courageous.

Of course, it is nice to have some people telling me that they believe in what I do and encourage my step into the unknown.

Too many others saying I’m a fool and how many have tried and failed I don’t want to listen too.

    admin · May 1, 2018 at 9:06 pm

    True talk Stefan, sometimes we let our fears stop us from achieving our goals, and the best way to deal with this is to comfront them, then begins our journey to success.

Mike · May 3, 2018 at 12:53 am

Great post ! Very engaging !
I too used Wealthy affiliate to start my online business and it is better than advertised !
Trust me , your readers who know a golden opportunity when they see it will be thanking you for such awesome and helpful information !

    admin · May 4, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Thank you Mike,any one serious about success online and is fortunate to find Wealthy Affiliate is in for success no doubt. And I hope this article helps then get started.

Igor · May 3, 2018 at 10:23 pm

Hi Nnakife,
you have posted many factors which are influencing someone’s decision or attitude, I would say, mindset regarding starting an online business.
The fact is, that many people are able to start such venture, but because of the wrong info, lack of skills, technology, related knowledge, time matter, money concerns, etc, are not willing to go for it.

With your articles, you are going to help them to take a proper decision.

Well done!

    admin · May 4, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Thank you Igor, for your kind words. Truly speaking all the above mentioned contribute greatly for one’s success in bussiness and I hope this article really helps anyone who reads it and is ready to set out.

Eve · May 23, 2018 at 3:10 pm

Great job admin. You have helped in allaying my fears and im confidently starting mine in no time. Kudos

    admin · May 24, 2018 at 3:21 pm

    Good to hear Eve, am glad to be of help. Let me know how it works out.

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