How To Start A Home Business Online { Ultimate Guide}

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How To Start A Home Business Online

Hi! Welcome To Today’s Topic Of How To Start A Home Business Online

How many times have you thought of how to start a home business online or searched for ways to make extra income or even full-time income from home but never really took any serious action?

When things like this happen, we always try to find reasons to justify our actions of procrastination but when you look deep inside and if being true to oneself, you find there are basically 5 major reasons for doing this.

There may be a lot more reasons but today, we will be focusing on the 5 major ones and how to deal with them so they don’t stop you from achieving your dream of starting and succeeding in your home business.

In a hurry to get started? scroll down to How To Start A Home Business With Little Or No Money

Or continue reading to get the motivation you will need…

5 Major Reasons For Procrastinating In Starting A Home Business

Fear Of The Unknown/Failure

Tell me who hasn’t been there?

You have so many ideas on what you want to do or a particular idea on how you can actually do something to support you financially but because you are so afraid of not knowing what the outcome will be, you fear what kind of changes this might bring about in your life.

You even wonder at the very possibilities of failing, all these thoughts creating negative vibes all around you and then rather than take the bold step, you keep coming up with one excuse or the other and the procrastination continues.

Which means you never get the chance to even find out if you would have succeeded or not.

Fear Of Online Scam

I can actually relate with this point and it’s very well understood because of the rate of online scams and how easily people are falling for it, you are promised riches on a get-rich-quick bases by most of these gurus and online entrepreneurs, but after spending thousands of dollars, you end up with nothing.

Rather than being made rich like promised, you find yourself poorer than you were before embarking on that journey.

Or you’ve simply heard a lot about how people who venture online in search of steady income never succeed.

And because of all these, you grow a cold feet and decide not to take a step.

Well, I hope you read this post to the end because we have something for you, the motivation and guide you need to take that bold step to establish your own online empire.

Low Self Esteem

Another thing that mightily pulls one into procrastination is low self-esteem.

Are you afraid that once you start up with something, you will come crashing down?

You fear you do not know or have what it takes to build a successful business?

This feels really bad if you have actually tried something before but failed.

Low self-esteem drags you farther away from realizing your dreams, you let it eat so much at you, you hardly live your life.

You see others, especially your peers doing great and attaining success but you look down on yourself so much that even though your instinct wants you to engage some or one of your successful friend(s) and ask how they have come this far or even run your ideas with someone, you never get to do that all because you don’t think you can actually be successful like them.

Then you begin to feel sorry for yourself and feeling sorry turns into bitterness and this on the long run turns into depression.

Watch it! It doesn’t have to be this way.

What To Do To Earn Money

I included this because it’s also a basic problem, when you have literally no idea on how to start earning full time or part-time income from home then you think there is no way for you going forward.

So you need ideas, and from each of these ideas, you can learn to choose what best soothes your situation. The internet is always there for you to get ideas but what you choose to do with them is definitely up to you.

If you decide what you want is just to make little extra change then you can go for surveys, taking offers and trial and a lot of others.

Check out our post on legitimate ways to make money from home/check out our extra income tab.

How To Start A Business With Little Or No Capital

So you have the ideas needed, you know how to start a business but Alas!

You have little or no money!

You ain’t got a dime!

And that becomes an excuse to give up or keep procrastinating on finding a way out.

Well you have to find a way out because these days I don’t think there are many people willing to do the lending money things and those who are, including the banks will definitely charge you interest for that, and you might not even qualify to get one.

So what then?

Do you simply pack up and throw in the towels?

Of course Not!

not especially now the internet has created avenues for one to make money online from different ways and methods.

You just need to find what fits into your situation, and that, we will cover in the next section below.


How To Start A Home Business Online

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How To Move Past These Major Obstacles And Achieve Your Success As A Home Business Owner

Overcoming Your fear Of The Unknown/Failure

First of, as humans, we all have that tendency to feel fear for something at different degree in our lives.

But what makes the difference is how we choose to deal with it.

For example, a claustrophobic (someone with the fear of closed-circuit area) will only break out of this fear by taking a bold step into facing it, by getting on something like a lift every once in a while.

In the beginning, it will be very difficult but making the decision to take that step is a very big move to progress and once started, with time your fear will become a thing of the past.

Same applies here. To overcome your fears you have to make a decision right now to take a bold step concerning that situation and then actually take that step.

Before we started our online home business, I used to have this fear that we may not succeed, and that lead to us procrastinating on getting started that it took us a longer period to get started.

But once I learned how to deal with it, it’s been a forward journey ever since.

Sometimes I wonder if I hadn’t tried to overcome this fear what would have been our faith.

Hence, my reason for starting out this post this way, because if you don’t deal with this fear, it can still stand as a hindrance to your business moving forward.

If you relate with what I am saying, or you have one or two things you want to say or add to this so far, kindly drop it in the comment box so we can talk about it.

So in order to overcome this fear of the unknown or failing woefully, you will need to “take the bull by the horn”

simply put, take that bold step and do what you have to do!

Don’t dwell on having negative outcomes, instead choose to see the brighter side of things, believe in your self, believe you can do this.

Always fill your mind with positive and motivational thoughts, learn to pray for success and believe you will attain it.

If you can program yourself to always remember that failure doesn’t necessarily mark the end of your journey but just a step backwards that you can learn from and move forward, you will see how far you can get in overcoming all these fears you have.

Overcoming Your Fears Of Scams Online

When it comes to online scam, one truly has to be wary, because the rate at which people get scammed these days is alarming, but then you do not let it stop you from achieving your goal.

My advice when it comes to this is to first of, try out products/services that come with free trials, at least with that you can have a good knowledge of what the product/service is all about and what it can offer you

For example, if you are looking to start a home business online, And you want to find training programs that can help you achieve that.

The first thing I would advise is for you to find out if such product offer free trial, this will allow you to test drive it and be sure it can offer you the value it claims.

For product or service demanding you make some payments first before signing up with them to learn more on how to run your home business online, I will strongly advise you to stay away from such, except you are able to gain an in-depth knowledge of how good the program is.

Secondly, products that promise get-rich-quick saga are a total no-no as such will simply get your money and leave you high and dry.

So you will do well to be careful on what you choose to sign up for, that way you will be able to avoid scams online.

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

To boost your low self-esteem you need to start believing in yourself, start seeing your self as success in the making.

Very importantly never compare yourself to anyone. Try to discover the inner you, everyone is good at something, discover what yours is and focus on it to motivate you and always have a positive mindset.

Surround yourself with people that truly care about you and add positive meaning to your life, that way you won’t have any reason to feel insecure.

What To Do To Earn Money

Like I said earlier, the internet has created an avenue for people to make money from home, and there are lots of ideas to be exploited under this, depending on what you are capable of.

Some can generate full-time income while others will simply be for extra or supportive purposes.

This site alone provides you with tonnes of ideas to get started with, You can read up on our posts on Legitimate ways to make money online/from home and get the inspiration you need to get started and to also brainstorm with some ideas on what’s best for you.

Or simply follow this guide to start your own home business.

How To Start A Home Business With Little Or No Money

In this simple guide, we will walk you through how you can get to establish your own business, getting started with little or no money, which makes the concept of this business beautiful.

The business model we will talk about today is known as AFFILIATE MARKETING.

So What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling other people’s product/services to earn a commission.

A simple process where you get to recommend other people’s products /services to people through a unique link given to you by the vendor so that when people click through this link to purchase something from the vendor, you get paid a certain percentage by that vendor.

This business model revolves around you writing articles about something you are passionate about, or something you do have a great interest in and has adequate knowledge about.

The essence of writing these articles is to help people who need solutions to their problem in your area of expertise.

In A Nutshell

>>>You have a passion/interest, you write articles about this your passion/interest and post them online ( your blog/website)

>>> Some companies offer products/services on your chosen passion online. You partner with them and get a unique link that gives you access to their websites

>>>You place these links in between your articles as a recommendation to your readers.

>>>People who have needs in this same passion of yours comes online to find the solution to their problem, then ends up finding your articles. Through reading your article, they find the link, click through it to get what they need based on your recommendation.

>>>Once they make a payment for a product or service through this link(s) of yours, you get paid a commission by the company.

Which means every time someone clicks through your links in your articles and makes a purchase, you most definitely get paid! And that’s it!

This process of you being a middle man between these companies and these people who buy their products through your link is known as affiliate marketing, while you are known as the affiliate, and the link is considered the affiliate link.


How To Start A Home Business Online


For example:

If you have an interest in or are passionate about dogs, and with your vast knowledge /passion you create articles that can be helpful to people who are trying to learn things about dealing with dogs.

Note that in the beginning, it is better to focus on a specific aspect in your passion, say you are passionate about dogs, since this would be a very broad topic on its own, it might be a little overwhelming to deal with everything dog, so it’s better starting up with a specific branch and with time branch out to other aspects. e.g

>>>Dog hubbies

>>>Dog hygiene

>>>Play toys for dogs

>>>Potty training for dogs. e.t.c.

All these are aspects you can branch into with time.

So Let’s say you get started with dog hygiene.

You write an article on how to take care of your dog’s teeth.

Then you become an affiliate with a company selling products on how to take care of dog’s teeth.

You then add this affiliate link to your article.

Now people are searching for how to take care of their dog’s teeth, they come across your article, read it, like it and decide to follow your recommendation, so they click on your link and make a purchase, once this is done, you get paid a commission by the company.

So the more people click through your link to make a purchase, the more money you will make, even without putting any further effort.

How good is that!

This method works in four simple steps, but before we go into elaborating on them, let’s take a look at its advantages and why it is our best we recommendation.

Advantages of Affiliate marketing

>>>Little or no investment to start up

>>>Be your own Boss

>>>No inventories

>>>No packaging and deliveries involved

>>>No direct dealing with customers

>>>No early morning irritating/frustrating alarm, reminding you of what busy day lies ahead

>>>You won’t have to deal with an emotionally draining job anymore on the long run

>>>Work at your own pace and convenience

>>>Work from anywhere (Time and Location Freedom)

Most importantly

>>>Creates you an avenue for passive income


>>>Your route to financial freedom.

Why We Recommend It as The Best Method

Statistics have shown that there are about 40,000 search queries on the internet every second on average, which translates to about 3.5 billion searches per day.

These are people searching for solutions to their problems or answers to their needs, and this keeps growing every day!

Now, imagine this…

You have this one article, and with this rate of people online daily, and you have tens to hundreds of them searching for “how to take care of your dog’s teeth” and ending up on your site and trusting your recommendation, they go ahead and buy from you…

Can you imagine how much this can make you (Just let it sink in my dear)

Now think of you having about 100s of these articles with people visiting and making a purchase every day.

Can you see your income potential!

It gets better…

This one article can continue to generate you income as more and more people click through your link to make purchases over and over again, thereby generating you passive income.

Passive income simply put, is a reoccurring income you make through a given source, with little or no further effort added to the income source.

But here is the thing…

The secret to being successful in this business is to focus on the “helping people”


Because when you provide quality information that truly helps people, they will learn to trust you and anything you recommend to them, and will keep coming back for your articles and can recommend you to others, and this way your brand grows.

So the more helpful you are, the more people will trust you and will keep coming back to you, the more audience you will acquire and the endpoint is…

The more money you will make!

Hope that makes sense to you.

Now let’s look at the breakdown of how this really works

It follows these four simple steps that I will explain below


How To Start A Home Business Online


Choose An Interest

This is also known as a Niche, which is something you are passionate about or something of interest to you.

This is of massive importance, as it is the sole foundation of starting your own business.

You will really need to brainstorm on this and come up with something you will be very comfortable and happy writing about.

The reason is that this will be a long term investment and if you do not have n interest in the niche you decide to go with, you may see yourself losing interest along the way and may eventually give up.

You might be someone that has passion for more than one thing, but for a start, you need to think of just one that you can feel comfortable and excited talking and writing about for a very long time.

Like the example, I gave earlier about writing articles on a specific aspect of dogs. If you are a great dog lover and even possibly own one,

You can focus on everything about dog hygiene, and educate people on this and even get to share your experiences if you are a dog owner.

So once you’ve figured out your area of expertise, the next step is to set up an online presence.

And to achieve this, you will need a website.


Building your website is the second step in creating your online business, and it is so crucial, as this is where you will post all your quality articles for people to read.

Without a website, it will be more difficult to run your business as you will always have to look for platforms to advertise your links and look for people, but with your own website, the opposite is the case, as people will come to you instead.

Having a website exposes you to people all over the world, and ensures your business will always be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a week.

So even when you are not physically present, your business still goes on.

I know this may seem like a huge step, as you may literally have no idea as to how websites are built, but not to worry, that is no longer an issue with the advancement of technology.

You can now literally build your own website for free in less than a minute! Using this “state of the art” Site Builder SiteRubix, hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Watch this video to see how it is done in less than a minute.


How To Start A Home Business Online


Easy right?

Attract visitors

now there are many ways to get people(visitors) to your site, you can go through ads, social media marketing, email marketing, organic search. Etc.

And what we will be dealing with is mainly organic search, as with this method you do not need to pay a dime to get people to your site, all it takes is for your articles to appear in first pages of the search engines which is known as ranking.

Once you can rank your articles in search engines using a method known as SEO, and keyword research, then visitors will always find their way to your site.

This will happen on a daily basis, different people popping in and out to read different articles on your site.


Once you have people visiting your site daily, then you can have them making purchases as we talked about earlier, and once they make a purchase, you get paid a commission.

The good thing about this is that the person might actually get to buy other things that were not recommended on your site, but because he came through your link, you will get commission for that as well.

So the tonnes of people that visits your site, the better and higher sales you are likely to make on a daily basis. And thus your journey to success begins.

That is just the simple process.

Now The Question Is How Do You Get Started


The first thing you will need as a beginner just starting out is a well-equipped training.

To be successful in any online business, you will need the right training and support to get you started.

Like they say, to be successful like someone, you need to follow the exact same footsteps to achieve the same results.

So you need guidance from people who have been in this line of business and have been successful for years, to help you achieve the same results.

You will need a platform/program that can give you a step by step guide on how to start and run your business online by turning your passion into a thriving business.

Teach you about important aspects that you will need to follow to achieve success.

For example, you will need to learn about Seo, Keyword research and how to get your articles to rank on search engines, so you don’t have to pay for traffics from the onset of your business.


As much as you have to get trained on how and what to do, you will definitely need a hosting platform for your website.

And when it comes to this, you will need a hosting platform that can be reliable and provide you with all the necessary features to keep your website, fast and secure.

And not just that, but also provide you with the basic tools you will need to run your business in one place.


As someone just getting started, you will surely need all the support you can get to thrive.

Both in growing your business and in times when you have problems with your site, you will need to have support available to you 24/7.

Also, having a program that can provide you with one-on-one coaching will be in your best interest, which is something you hardly get for free these days with most programs.

With all these rightly available to you, you can see yourself attaining success with ease.

The problem now is how exactly do you know which programs or platforms will be right for you, given the rate of scams and low-quality training products online?

Don’t worry, we also have you covered in that aspect. Here, we help you make the right choices to avoid you having to do trial and error, or totally falling for a scam.

And that is why we always recommended the very same program that helped us get started and got us to the place we are today.

A tried and true platform that has turned us from a total novice to experienced affiliate marketers.

One that provides us with all the training, tools and services we need to turn our passion into a thriving business

One used by millions of marketers online, both newbies, intermediate and Veteran marketers.

One that is created and run by successful internet marketers.

And has been in existence for over 14 years and still standing strong.

And this platform is no other than Wealthy Affiliate ( Click to read our full Wealthy Affiliate Review)

The great thing about this platform is that you can sign up and have access to your first 20 lessons for free.

This allows you to test drive the platform and see exactly what it has to offer before making a final decision.


>>>Start Your Home Business For Free Here!<<<


Your Take Away…

To be Truly successful, like in all business, you have to put in your best, as this isn’t a “get-rich-quick-scheme”

In fact, you will have to work your butt off at the beginning, but the good news is that it’s all worth it when you start seeing the progress.

It takes time but with patience and persistence and putting every other negative thought out the window, you will surely succeed.


How To Start A Home Business Online


Well, there you have it, How To Start A Home Business Online. Hope you found this post helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

Do you have any questions/experiences you will love to share with us?

Drop them in the comment section below, and we will gladly get back to you soonest.

Best Of Luck!


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