How To Make Money With My Car {From Over £500/Month}

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How To Make Money With My Car

Hi! Welcome To Our Topic Of “How To Make Money With My Car”

Do you own a car and feel it is underused?

Would you like this car to start generating you income on a monthly basis?

How does anything over 500 or more per month sound to you?

Because today, I am going to walk you through how you can start earning extra income using a simple peer to peer driving app known as Drivy.

I will walk you through what this app is, how it works and how you can get started with their service using your car to earn extra income.


What Is Drivy

Drivy is a car-sharing app that allows you to either hire a car or rent out your own car.

With drivy, people in need of a car to cruise around for a day or days, can get to hire one at an affordable price using this app.

On the other hand, someone that has a car and wants to put it into driving service can also register with drivy and have people hire their car and in return get paid.

The second part of this Drivy service is what we are focusing on today, as that is where you come in.

How Does Drivy Work

Drivy works by enabling you to enlist your car service, so that when someone is in need of a car, and your car fits the description of what they need, they get to hire your car for the length of the time needed, after making payment to drivy.

At the end of each transaction, Drivy will be the one to make your money available to you after 5 working days.

The amount of money you will expect to make will depend on the type of car you have, and how long you are willing to rent it out

For example, their typical rental pay is about £20 pounds for 4 hours and could be anything between £27 to over £50 pounds per day.

Now if your car happens to be an older model and is rented out for just a couple of hours, then you can be sure to make less money than someone whose car is much newer and enlists for the whole day.

Simply put, your car type and times available will determine how much money you can make.

Hope you get my drift here…

How To Make Money With My Car

Getting started

There are two options available for you to choose from when you enlist your car, one is known as Drivy Open, while the other one is simply Drivy.

Drivy Open

Drivy Open makes it much easier for you to deal with your car rental.

With Drivy Open you won’t have any need to meet up with the client who hires your car both before and after using your car.

Using the Drivy open service takes care of all that for you, as:

>>>The drivers can book, locate and unlock your car using the Drivy app

>>>The Drivy team will carefully verify each driver’s identity to ensure your car stays in good hands

>>>And they claim you can earn up to 3x more without having to meet with the drivers.

Using this Drivy Open seems to be the easier way to enlist your car

The only catch is that they will need to install the Drivy Open-box device in your car, for free though.

Here is what you will also get with Drivy Open

More money

Drivy open gives your car the better opportunity at being booked, increasing your chances of making 2x more money

Self Service Trips

No key exchanges, no meetups with the drivers, as the Drivy app handles everything and saves you time.

Anti-theft System

The Drivy Open comes with an immobiliser system to protect your car 24/7

Auto Adjustment

Extra costs and mileage can always be paid via the app

Verified Drivers

The Drivy team always does a thorough check on every driver’s identity and license

Accurate Inspections

Detailed photos are taken at the start and end of every trip. So you have nothing to worry about.

Now that we know what Drivy Open is all about, let’s dive into how it works for you:

List Your car

The first step you take will be to enlist your car by filling in the necessary information about your car.

You will have the opportunity to decide how much you want to rent your car, by selecting one option from the options that will be provided under your car model.

It is adviced that you start with a lower price as a new owner in order to attract drivers, as most tend to lean towards owners with high positive reviews already.

Starting low will be your incentive to gain more attention and possibly get hired, and with time, you can increase your rate.

Once done with your listing, you will receive a call from the team about installing the Open Box Device in your car.

They say it takes about 2 hours, so you need to choose the best available time for you.

Receive Booking

Once the device is successfully installed, you can make your car available at your convenience and drivers can book your car once they’ve been fully checked and identified

Rent Effortlessly

The drivers can locate your car, unlock and lock it with their phone after doing an exterior walk around.

They will also return the car from its pickup point at the end of the rental agreement.


You will get paid 5 working days after each rental. The money will be paid directly into your bank account.

You will get 79% of your rental fee, while 21% goes to Drivy.

So it’s that easy…

>>>You enlist your car

>>>You receive booking

>>>Your car is used and returned

>>>You get paid

>>>You will even get compensated for extra fuel or mileage.

Below is the requirement in order to get your car equipped with Drivy Open.

Your car must be:

>>.>less than 8 years old with mileage less than 80,000. Once your car reaches 100,000 miles, the Open Box will be installed

>>>Accessible on foot ( not in the car park or restricted area

>>>In an area with mobile internet coverage, as the app via the internet

>>>Equipped with a central locking system that opens all doors

>>>Available at least 7 days a month

>>>Parked in London (for those in the UK)

>>>Petrol, diesel or electric

And as an owner, you are also required to:

>>>Activate instant booking on hour listing

>>>You must agree to display a drivy sticker on your car ( makes it easier for the drivers to locate your car)

>>>You must have two sets of keys to your car

Instant booking makes it easier for drivers to have immediate access to your car once they have booked and paid for it, without waiting for your approval first.

How To Make Money With My Car


If you are not comfortable having the drivy Open-box device installed in your car, or you feel more comfortable meeting with the drivers before they can use your car, then this will be your best option.

With just Drivy:

You will have to meet drivers at check-in and check out to sign the rental agreement.

But you can still manage your rentals from anywhere using the Drivy app.

So getting started with Drivy, you will:

List Your car

Fill in the information about your car and set your price

Receive Booking

You can also activate instant booking here or you can choose to accept the request, then confirm the check-in time and place with the driver

Rent Your Car

You will have to meet up with the driver, and do the walk around inspection, then you do the mobile rental agreement with the driver.

Get Paid

Once done, you will get paid 5 working days after each rental.

The money will be transferred into your bank account. You will also get compensated for extra fuel or mileage.

Have in kind that you will first have to create an account with Drivy to start using their services.

And you don’t need to pay any fee to enlist your car.

Your car also gets automatically insured by Allianz which replaces your own car insurance as soon as every Drivy trip starts.

You will also get a 24/7 roadside assistance, in the case, your car breaks down and needs to be towed.

So you are covered in every aspect, all you need is to get on with it…

In Conclusion

Making money with your car is possible

Especially if you hardly put your car into much use

Rather than just leave it unused for ages, you can utilise the opportunity above and bag your self some extra couple of pounds monthly.

How To Make Money With My Car

That is it for today. Hope you found this post helpful?

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