How To Make Money By Watching Videos Online {14 Easy Ways}

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How To Make Money By Watching Videos Online

How To Make Money By Watching Videos Online

It is just so great that these days, the internet provides us with so many opportunities of ways to earn extra income.

One of such opportunities is getting paid to watch Videos Online.

And today we want to walk you through how to make money by watching videos online.

And we will also provide you with 14 easy ways to get started.

So, for those of us who love to spend their spare time on YouTube or Social Media watching entertainment video, this will definitely be a very good opportunity for you.

As you will not just get entertained watching these videos, but will actually get to make money from watching them for free.

Now, before we proceed I would like you to always have this at the back of your mind..

>>>Watching videos will never make you a millionaire

>>>This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, you will need to have patience to watch loads of videos to start making reasonable amount of money

>>.Reason is that most of these sites will need you to reach a certain minimum threshold before you can make withdrawals

For example, you may be required to get up to $5/5 or 5,000 points before you can make withdrawal

And since most videos pays in cents/pennies, you will really need to watch loads of them over time to reach this threshold

On the other hand, most of these sites provides you with other opportunities you can take advantage of to boost your income and reach your minimum threshold faster and easier.

Some of these websites may need you to rate/ give your opinion on the video you watch, while some will just require you to just watch to make money and others will require to watch through the ads played in between the videos and give them an opinion on that ad.

So make sure you understand what is required of you, to fully earn your reward.

Why Companies Will Pay You To Watch Videos

We know you may be wondering why on earth any company would want to pay you for watching videos?

Especially when you are offering nothing in return.

But here is the deal…..

Advertises are seeking the best opportunity to reach a wider range of audience with their products and services without having to break the bank for it.

So they reach out to these Websites and pay them to get their products/services across to you.

These Sites in turn offer you some part of that money as incentive to get you to engage in those videos.

So it’s a win-win for every one.

How To Earn From Watching Videos Online

Sign Up

Before you can engage in video watching in any website that offers such opportunity, you will first have to signup and create an account with them.

This will involve filling a form with your basic details, like your name, age address, email & password, etc.

Once submitted, you will get an email with a link to fully activate your account.

You make sure to click on that link to gain full access to your member area.

Access The Channels/ Videos

Some of these websites present you videos in form of channels, so you can always browse through to select which videos you did like to watch.

While other websites will give you options for categories available, so you can choose which ones you would like to watch from first, before checking out others.

In all, the videos you will be able to access will also depend on your location in some cases.

Watch Videos

Just like the tittle indicates, at this stage you just watch the videos.

Just like you will watch your normal Telly or YouTube videos

Earn Points

For every of this video you watch successfully, the amount will be credited to your account.

Depending on the website, for those that are point based, you will accumulate your reward in points

And for those that are cash based, you will accumulate your reward in cash.

The more videos you have time to watch, the higher your earnings until such time you reach the required minimum threshold to request payment.

Cashing Out

This is definitely the fun part in this whole saga.

Once you have accumulated the required amount to cash out, you will just put in a request to be paid

For point based systems, your points will either be converted to cash or Gift cards.

Depending on how you choose to be paid.

Cash can be paid via PayPal, Bank transfer, Virtual Master Card or Cheque (this all depends on the site’s chosen ways to pay you).

The processing differs from each website, some can make payment within 48 hours while others can take up to 2 to 8 weeks or more working days to come through.

That’s about it. Really very easy process to follow.

In the next section, we will make available to you, some sites you can check out and you can choose to join anyone that interests you and give them a try.

This list will keep being updated as soon as we have more sites to add, so make sure to keep popping back to discover more sites you can earn from.

How To Make Money By Watching Videos Online

14 Easy Ways To Get Paid To Watch Videos


Swagbucks have what they call the Swag watch that you can download to watch videos even on the go.

You can choose from different categories available and watch as much as you want.

You can also scroll down to the Swagbucks Mobile section to get even more videos to check out.

It is a point based system and rewards you in what they call SB.

These SB will be deposited in your Swagbucks account until such time you reach the payment threshold.

Payment threshold differs, depending on what you are redeeming

Some gift cards could be about 500SB ($3) while cash via PayPal can amount to 800SB ($5/£5)

Payments are made via PayPal/Different Gift Cards.

Duration is 7 to 21 working days.

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Creation Rewards

This will pay you for watching videos and engaging in other activities too.

Creation Rewards is a point based system and will pay you for every video you watch in points.

Payment threshold is 1,000 points ($5)

You can get paid via PayPal or Gift cards.

Duration- non PayPal rewards takes up to 8 to 12 weeks.

PayPal rewards takes much longer.

Inboxpounds / Inboxdollars

Here, Inboxdollar is for US and Inboxpounds is for UK but they work in similar way, so everything we say here covers both.

You will get paid for watching videos and TV, and you can also participate in other activities to earn more..

Inboxdollars/pounds is a cash based system, and you get paid once you reach the minimum payment threshold

Payment threshold is $30/£20.

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You get paid to watch videos and you can also engage in other activities to earn more.

Perk.TV is a point based system, and your points will be turned into cash when you want to redeem your reward.

Payments made via PayPal, Gift cards, or you can donate to charity.

You can also earn what they call Perk tokens that can be used for competitions and draws to win gift items.


Viggie is same as Perk above. They exist under the same forum.

You can watch Viggie.TV to earn points that can also be converted to cash or gift rewards.

Payments applies as Perk.TV above.


Here you will need to watch YouTube videos posted by others to earn money, and you can choose to like/ comment/ rate/subscribe, etc

For every one of these actions you perform, you will get paid additional fee.

Paid2YouTube is a cash based system and only pay you via PayPal once you reach the payment threshold

Payment threshold is $10

Duration : within 30 days upon request.


Grabpoints provides you with a huge channel list of videos to be watched.

With Grabpoints you get paid in points which can be converted to cash.

Payment threshold is 3,000 points ($3)

Duration: within 48 hours upon request.

Check Out Full Review Here

Get paid to watch videos and partake in other activities.

SendEarnings is a cash based system, and will pay you in cash once you reach the minimum threshold.

Payment threshold is $30.


MyPoints will reward you for up to 500 points per day for watching videos.

You can also engage in other activities to increase your chances of earning.

MyPoints just like the name, is points based system and will pay you once you reach the minimum payout threshold.

Points can be redeemed via PayPal, Gift cards and online certificates ( restaurants, stores, airlines, hotel, etc.)

Payment threshold is $25

Duration: Giftcards will be transferred 7 days after request, and can be redeemed within 2 weeks

PayPal will be within 5 working days after request

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How To Make Money By Watching Videos Online


With Slidejoy you will have ads placed on your mobile lock screen.

All you need to do is either swipe right to ignore the ad or swipe left to engage in it

If you swipe left, you will be taken to destination specified by the advertisers.

It could be to a YouTube channel, advertiser’s website, Google play or coupon page.

Once you complete the video, you will earn carats in return.

You will still earn your rewards even if you chose to swipe right to ignore the ads.

Slidejoy is points based system and uses what they call carat.

Payment threshold is over 2,000 carat to be able to redeem rewards ( redemption options vary by location).

Payment can be made via PayPal, Gift cards, topping up your phone balance or even donation to Charity.

Daily Rewards

Will pay you for watching videos, and also engaging in other activities.

Daily Rewards is a cash based system and will pay you once you reach the payment threshold.

I am not sure about their minimum pay out or duration, as we weren’t able to confirm that.

But since it’s owned and operated by inboxdollars, it may probably be the same threshold (see inboxdollars/pounds for details).

On the other hand, you may have to sign up to find that out.

Fushion Cash

Fushion Cash will pay you for watching videos, alongside other activities to earn money.

Fushion Cash is also a cash based system, and will pay you once you reach the payment threshold

Payment threshold is $25.

Payments are made on or before the 20th of the next month after you request payment.

Payments can be made via PayPal ( US &CA;). Direct Deposit/Check (US Only)

Duration: Checks are delivered within 2 to 10 working days after processing

Captioning For Rev

You can become a captioneer for

You will need to watch videos and type out the words you hear, simply known as transcribing.

This one is a little different from the others, and requires some skill to qualify for.

You will need to first take their drama quiz and submit a captioning sample, to show your English language and grammar skills.

If you get approved, then you can select from the varieties of videos they have to caption.

Have in mind that this is a work at home opportunity, and not just fancy video watching, if you want to engage in this, you will need to meet up with the requirements.

And make sure to complete jobs you are approved for.

There is no minimum payment threshold with Rev, you will get paid on a weekly basis.

Payments are made in US Dollars via PayPal.

Check Out Full Review Here

Irazoo TV allows you to earn iRazoo points when you watch videos.

It is a point based system and pay you in iRazoo points once you reach the payment threshold.

Payment threshold is 3,000 points ($5)

You can get paid via PayPal, Amazon Canada, Cineplex Odeon, iTunes Canada, Starbucks Canada ( Members in Canada only)

For every other location, payments rewards are made via PayPal.

Duration: Rewards are released every Tuesdays, and you will expect to receive them within 7 to 10 working days

While some account may require a 60-day wait before receiving their reward.

In Conclusion

You will be able to earn as much as you want by watching videos in any or all of these websites

The good thing is that most of them also offers various other ways you can get to earn more money, and even sign up bonuses making it easier and faster to reach the payment threshold.

Some also provide avenue to invite friends and earn much more money.

This is a good way to earn passive income, as some sites will continue to pay you for every friend you have that continues to use their services and make money.

They are all free to sign up and use, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

So give the ones you like a try, and let us know how it turns out, or if you have others you’ve tried, you can let us know in the comment box below.

But if you are here and not sure this is what you are looking for, or need a better way to earn consistent income online to meet your financial needs/freedom.

Our next section below will be of more benefit to you, so do check it out.

How To Make Consistent Income Online

Making money online is possible

Making up to a thousand or more on a monthly, to daily basis is also very much possible.

It takes finding the right method and training to gear you in the right direction.

That is why we choose to recommend a tried and true method hundreds of thousands of people are using to.make money online today.

A method that keeps growing by the minute every single day, helping people like you and I earn enough money through passive income to the point of either quitting their day jobs or achieving their financial freedom.

You also can achieve your financial dreams using this method if you are willing to put in the much-needed hard work, effort and time needed to succeed.

If you are ready to take that bold step, here is Our Free Step By Step Guide on the best way to make money online.

This Guide will walk you through the process of how this method works, and give you free access to the best online training platform that can help you get started. {No Credit Card Details Required}

If you are really serious to make money online, now is the time to take that bold step.

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How To Make Money By Watching Videos Online

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