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ThankGod for the online marketing places that has made the internet such an open source for generating income these days, but just like everything has a negative side of it, so does the internet, with the rate of scam on the rise, one needs to be very careful in trying to select or decide what and what not, to participate in, to avoid being conned out of the very little you might have. So today my article on how to earn money online in Australia is a well researched and proven legitimate ways you can actually get to earn income online.

There are certainly various ways to earn money online but this are the very top best and number #14, is my most recommended, as it gives you access to earn reoccurring income also known as passive income, and the opportunity to be your own boss and work at anytime and place you want, so even of you want to go on vacation, you can still travel and be able to manage your business or decide to take a break for a couple of weeks while still generating income! More on that later, lets start with the most basic ones.




You will be amazed at how much you can utilize your skill and turn it into raw cash, simply by joining freelancing site like Upwork, that allows you to display your skill set and attract the right client.

How this works is that you will first sign up with Upworks for free, then fill in your profile with details of your skill set, and then you will be matched with a client in need of your skill, there are always several clients in need of skill sets, and you have the ability to choose who you want to work with, just like the clients can also choose for themselves.

So when you get a match, you can then liaise and decide on your payment schedule. Before putting a price tag, you will be wise to check other profiles within your field to see how much they charge. Secondly when just starting out, it’s a little difficult to get clients as they will always want to pick someone who already has feed backs and good rating, to one who is just starting out, but you don’t need to be discouraged.

As long as you have something good to offer, just start out low then with time, as you gain more trust and feedback, you can then increase your price. The good thing about this is that you might get a client that wants repeating works and if you offered them something great earlier, they will always stick with you and that means more money in your pocket



Taking online surveys is another good way of making extra income, though you do not get to make so much from surveys and they can be very tedious and time-consuming, if you are someone that likes answering questions and doing reviews, then this could be good for you. You can always register with different survey sites and supplement the income. Just be aware that your profile and demographics plays a huge role to determine which ones you can qualify for. These are some good ones you can sign up with;

  • Octopus Group: this from my research I learnt is the best paying survey site in Australia, so you can start out with it or also give the following a try.
  • Toluna Australia
  • Opinion bureau
  • MySurvey Australia
  • My opinion Australia
  • Pure Profile. Etc.


This can be a great avenue for you to earn money too, when you sign up with reward sites, they pay you for completing tasks, taking offers and you can get to enter competitions and if lucky, you get to win whatever is being offered at that time, they are also very good at cashback which I most definitely recommend.

When you do your shopping using their links on their websites, you can get some money back for purchases made and this is a great way to save. So a win win situation. Even their friend refferal schemes allows you to make extra bulks when you refer a friend or family members. Below are a list of the most rewarding sites you can check them out;o

Swagbucks; this site gives you the opportunity to earn cash/rewards in form of points, when you complete surveys, competitions, offers, trials, watch videos and even get cashback on your shopping done through their links.

Price Pal: this is another good reward site, but mainly has to do with cashback, all you have to do is do your shopping through their link, after which they confirm from the retailer and then pay you some money back. This is a great way to get your money back, as you get to buy what you need and still get paid for doing so.

OhMyDosh: same as the first mentioned, a very fun-loving site that pays you for taking offers, answering surveys, taking trials and competitions.


Do you know that if you are the type that have time at hand and can relate well with people, that you can become a virtual assistance?

You can provide business services to people within your area of expertise, be it administrative, technical, Secretariat or creative, right from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to have any special educational background to get into this, and you get to choose your own time, just make sure you have a computer with Internet connection and probably a phone.

All you have to do is register with virtual assistant sites that can help connect you with clients that need your services. Or you can choose to promote your self on social media and forum like Linkedin.




Do you own any antiquities, or have a very creative mind! Because if you do, Etsy is a very good market place you must be. If you know how to make hand crafted things, or that are out of the ordinary, for example if you are good at crafting things out of wood, you can do so and get to sell them on Etsy as long as there is demand for such items, you just need to be very creative about it so that it will be unique on it’s own and something that catches the eye, and then you will see people pick interest.

Or is it knitting you are good at, you can knit incredible things that will make your product stand out and see yourself building your own brand in matter of time. By the time you get to sign up and see others too, you will get more inspirations to grow your own piece, you can definitely utilize this platform to make pretty good money, you just need to sign up with them, get your own online shop all for free, except for the little money you have to pay for enlisting your products, which is actually less than $1 and get started.

And then I think you have to pay some percentage for the sales you make and that’s it. If you also have vintage products, you can enlist them too for sale, I think the platform also offers you some tutorials that will help you in getting started. This is really a good way to start earning money and grow your business.

6. eBAY

you can also do a bit of buying and selling on eBay, as it offers a great market place for such. You will want to start out small and then expand gradually. It will be in your best interest to first of all buy something of little value, by that I mean something not too expensive so that you can give a feed back and be able to request one in return, if you can do this and get about 5 to 20 feedback then you arr good to roll, as this is a very important criterion, as no one wants to buy from someone they know nothing about. You can always learn to buy and resell products or source your products locally to sell.

There is no end to what you can actually achieve through this means. Just remember to test the waters before dipping in, by that I mean start out slow and then expand. The most trending items on eBay include video games, bicycles, cds, dvds, collectibles.etc. these are just among the trending ones but there is no limit to what you can buy and sell, just know what you feel comfortable with, do your research and get going.

7. Data Entry

Most work from home data entry jobs do not require any basic skills or special educational level to carry them out, they include tasks like typing out documents in different formats, copying and pasting data information, checking that data is correct and up to date, etc. So the tasks varies.

As long as you have a laptop or PC with internet connection, and a good typing skill can be an added advantage and then you are good to go, though most times the pay isn’t much but being that it is something that takes little time to complete tasks, you can get to engage in as much as possible that you can, and by completing different sets of task daily, you will see your money add up.

8. Fiverr

This is another way to go, here you can literary do anything you want, as long as there are people willing to pay for your services, you register with them and enlist your services with your own price tag. You may start out small in the beginning as you will need to get ratings to gain more trust from clients for more engagements.




Another great opportunity to consider, is renting out free space, like a spare room or any unused accommodation if you have one. Company like airbnb offers opportunity for individuals to enlist their free spaces to be used by their clients and they pay reasonably well, depending on the location, size and other basic features available with the space.

If you do have one, this is something worth trying out. You register with them and enlist your space, when a client with interest comes along, they do the necessary arrangements and set everything in motion, you get to decide how and when you choose to lease.


Now that amazon has included Australia in the list of countries that can access it’s mechanical Turk market place, you can now use this great opportunity to make money online, this just allows you to do micro jobs that computers are not able to accomplish, something like identifying images and or reviewing them to select which image, best soothes a product. Just little easy to perform tasks, and they have a lot of task offers available that you can choose the ones you would like to complete and get paid for each one.


One other way to make money online can be through tutoring, if you are good at English and want to impact your knowledge, or some other training skills you possess and will love to pass across, you can register with sites like echoaches for free and have them match you with students or people that are interested in what you have to offer. And you can start tutoring and making money.

With this site, I am meant to understand that you can even do your own video tutorials and enlist them on your profile so that when someone clicks and downloads or buy it, you get paid, the good thing about this adding of training is that it gets to generate passive income for you! It makes money at any time of the day without any further commitment from you.



How good are you with blogging or writing stories, if you have a passion for something like this then you can actually turn it into an e book, just take a bit of time and hard work and you can write from about 20 to 25 or more pages of ebook with quality content that will be useful to people, for example, if you like blogging about fashion or fitness, you can write a guide on how to be fashionable in different ways, times and for different categories of people, keep it simple but very interesting and people will be interested in buying your e book, if you are the type that loves fantasy or fictions, you can always write and publish short stories too. It will cost you not too much money as you can always use amazon free kindle direct publishing platform. If you can succeed with this, you have your self another means of generating passive income in form of royalties and this will be for life.


If you are good with web development/graphics designing, content / article writing, then you can register with site like, that can provide you with the platform to market your skills to others and connect with clients looking for what you have to offer. You start by earning little until you gain trust and then the more client you get, you can then increase your price and choose which clients to deal with.




Do you know you can actually create for yourself an avenue to continue earning income online just by helping people? There are billions of people out there that are searching the internet daily for solutions to their problems and those that even need search for the best recommendation for products they want to buy. This is where you come in, if you can help these people find solution to their problems and even be able to make sound recommendation to them, then this is definitely for you. Here is how it works, in this four steps;

  • First, Since you will be helping people find solutions to their problems, and there are tonnes of people with different kind of problems, you will have to choose from a particular set of people to deal with, as you won’t be able to find solutions to every body’s problem. So it is in your best interest to focus on something you are passionate about or familiar and comfortable with, which is also known as a niche, as this will make it easier for you to help people in the same category or niche.   For example, lets say you love playing video games and through time you have gained a vast knowledge about them, you can write everything you know about them ranging from the types to the functions, maintenance, how they work and also     recommend the best ones for these people and were they can get to buy them. Etc.    Since this is     something you are passionate about, it will be easier for you to write tonnes of quality article also known as content on it, so that people who need help with anything concerning video games can always come to read your articles/contents to find the answers to what they need.


  • Secondly, in order to be able to do the above stated, you will need a website. This website is where you will be able to write and publish your contents, don’t worry, gone are the days you need to know loads of programming jagones or HTML codes to build a website, it’s a lot easier now and you can even build one for your self now by clicking here!     Using the amazing siterubix platform in wealthy affiliate. This website will be the medium between you and the people, you get to focus on writing quality posts that will be very useful to this people when ever they visit your site, as this will make them want to come back to    learn more things. And for this to happen your site needs to be found in the first pages of the search engines google,    bing and yahoo and this is known as ranking. For more on this ranking read my jaaxy keyword research tool here.


  • The third step is the generation of traffic to your site, this is simply known as the number of people that visit your site on a daily basis, once you have ranked in the first pages of the search engines,    this numbers can be limitless and they can come in and out of your site at any given time, all from around the world. The more people visit your site, the more your chances of making money.



  • The final step is the revenue stage. The best part of it all, were the money starts rolling in, guess you will love this part the most, because I So to get to this stage, you will need to monetize your site by either letting companies advertise their products on your site so that when people click to view this advert, you get paid by those companies.


  • Secondly, as you get to write all this quality posts, you can begin to recommend products from companies dealing in this same category/niche, so that when this people visit your site and get the solutions they are looking for, they can also decide to buy from your recommendation, and once they click through your site to buy that product, the company pays you a commission. For example, with the video game above, if someone is looking to buy the best one available in the market, and searches for information concerning it on the internet, and lands on your site, when he reads through what you have to offer and sees your recommendation,    if he clicks through to buy that, the company pays you commission for that. So if you recommend a product that gives 20% commission at the price of $100, that means for every one bought through your site, you make $20.    Think of when 10 people or more click through your site to buy this in just one day, that equals $200 a day! And that won’t be the end, it just continues growing like that on a daily basis, the more people visit your site and buy products and services that you recommend, the more money you get to make. So that even when you are sleeping or on vacation for a while, your site still goes ahead to generate more money for you. This above process is what is known as affiliate marketing.


So that’s it for now, hope you find one of this interesting and helpful enough to get you started.


NOTE: if you are interested in this process of affiliate marketing, you need a platform where you can learn everything you need to know about how to get started from scratch and build your own business. I will recommend Wealthy Affiliate for you. There are lots of online scams out there that will promise to help but end up taking your money but not helping you at all. That is why I always choose to recommend the one I use, that helped me get this far.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is free, and not just that, you will be entitled to the first ten lessons on how to get started and build your own business for free.

You will get all the community support you need available with loads of tutorials from other members to support you at all times.

Give you access to two free websites to start up with and feel your way through as you build your business.

They will host your two free websites for free and provide you with a writing platform that can always help you with your grammar, sentence structures, and spellings. You can always give it a try and if it’s not what you want, then you go ahead and try something else.


That’s it for today, hope you can come back and share your experience with me, and let me know if you discover something that can be helpful to someone else too. Don’t forget to also ask your questions in the comment box below if you have any.


Thanks for your time









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Humphrey · May 23, 2018 at 9:26 pm

This a very detailed and comprehensive ways to
Make money truly, I am actually considering writing an ebook on Why organic products are the best for our kids and how much it can benefit them. Do you think that to be a very good category to go with?

    admin · May 24, 2018 at 3:19 pm

    Sure thing! Loads of people will love to read that,anything to keep our kids healthy should be very much accepted. Go for it! And goodluck.

Melissa · May 25, 2018 at 7:01 pm

This is a great article. There really are true and legitimate ways to earn money online. Unfortunately, the industry has been clouded with so many unethical programs. It is great that you were able to comprise a list of actual legitimate methods.

    admin · May 26, 2018 at 4:43 am

    Thankyou Mellisa, it was my pleasure to do so.

Igor · May 26, 2018 at 1:54 pm

Hi Queen.
Great content. I really enjoyed reading it. You mentioned some valuable programs and useful tips on how to start making money online.

There are literally thousands of programs out there to choose from, What I have learned so far, although many people are heading to new stuff, what is fine as well, the most important part of starting a new online making money business is to choose established, reliable business with proven past and success.

A lot of scams is offered for the “quick money earning systems” and then, afterward, the companies are gone with the money in the pocket but no future for the customers, which are left behind.

Great choices of businesses!

Thanks for sharing,
keep up the good work.

    admin · May 26, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    Hi Igor, that is so true, lots of people get scamed because they believe in make money quick, which never truly works. Starting with something tried and tested is the sure way to go.
    I will keep bringing people the legitimates ways i come across that are tried and true.

Roshan Aryal · August 10, 2019 at 8:24 am

Hey There
Your idea is really helpful for making money in australia
Thanks for helping us
I just joined one network free and start making money online
Anyone can join if you want it’s free

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