How To Create A Free WordPress Website {With Video Guide}

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How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Hi! Welcome To Our Today’ Topic “How To Create A Free WordPress Website”

As the days go by, lots of people are trying to create an online presence for their business, simply because the internet has created the avenue for businesses to gain exposure to the world.

Which means no matter what you are involved in or where you are, you have the opportunity to reach the world through owning a website.

This way, you will never be limited to only a specific set of people.

Imagine what this means to your business.

As the greater your audience, the better your chances of generating consistent income online.

So if you are a new business owner or one that has been existing but doesn’t know how to get started online, this guide is definitely for you.

Today we will walk you through how to create a free WordPress website, using this amazing site builder known as SiteRubix, so you can get started and take the step in exposing your business to the world.

Using this amazing Site builder, you don’t need to worry yourself about HTML codes or any programming jargon, as all this will be taken care of by SiteRubix.

All you need is the name you want to give your website and the tittle.

If you are already familiar with building a website, click here to create a free WordPress website, but if not, then follow this simple step by step guide to creating yours in just 30 seconds.

Simple Step By Step Guide


How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Click to watch the video!



When you set out to create a website, you must already have in mind what you want to use it for right?

If not you need to think about that, as this will influence the name you give your website, you will want to name it after something similar to the purpose it will serve.

For example, I want to create an online presence where I want to reach out to people on the importance of using organic products for babies.

My website name should reflect such, so I go for something like “baby Organic Blossom”

I hope you get my drift now?

Though some people do prefer to use their names to represent their product.

But it is all up to you, you just need to go with what you think reflects the image of your brand the more.

So once you have your name set, you will need a tittle to go with this.

In most cases, while just starting, you can choose your title to be the same as your website and change it later if you decide you no longer want that.

But your website name cannot be changed except you choose to create another one.

How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Note: when we talk about website name, we are also referring to your domain name, so where ever you see website name or domain name, kindly be aware they are the same thing. We might say domain is where your website is found.

Choose Domain

This is where the domain we mentioned earlier comes in. When using the SiteRubix site builder, you have an option to select from three different types of a domain to build your website.

On a free domain

Free to register domain, known as subdomains, as you do not own the webspace they are built upon.

On Domain, I Own

You can choose to build your website on a domain that you already own. your very own webspace.

Register A Domain

Or You can buy your domain as you build your website. This will cost you about $10 to $15/year.

But since we are building a free website, you should select the first one, on a free domain.

Then you input your chosen name

make sure to use small letters and the names should be put together.

If you are lost on name ideas, you can use the free searches this awesome keyword tool provides to check out available names.

If you are not familiar with a keyword tool, check out this post.


How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Website Title

Here you will select the title you want for your website. In most cases, your website domain may also serve as the title for your website, or you can choose to go for something else.

It is totally up to you to decide what you want.

But here, we are sticking to the same name as our domain which is Baby Organic Blossom

When writing your title, it is better to capitalize the first letters, we believe it helps give it more presence. And you will have to keep the words separated.

i.e. Baby Organic Blossom ( feels great)

and: baby organic blossom ( looks so tiny)

or: BABY ORGANIC BLOSSOM (seems too loud)

which one would you prefer?

Go for it!

How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Choose Theme

This is the way your website will appear, your website outlook or design. You can browse through the available themes that are for free and pick the one you like then click on it to activate.


How To Create A Free WordPress Website


When you are through with the above, you will want to check and recheck everything to make sure it is exactly as you want it especially the spellings in the domain name, because you won’t be able to undo it once you create your site.

So once you confirm everything is set, go ahead and click on the green button that says “click here to build this site!”

How To Create A Free WordPress Website


Once you do, you will have to hold on for literary less than a minute and voila! All done!


How To Create A Free WordPress Website


You are now a proud owner of a website. Congratulations!

How To Create A Free WordPress Website

Since your website is a free one, and it’s hosted under SiteRubix, your website name will appear like ours above “”

Next thing is to click on the button that says login now, as in the diagram and this will take you into your WordPress admin area where you can choose to customize your site or go ahead and log in to your site.

Now that you know how to create a free website, go ahead and give it a try!



Note: there is a page and post pre-written on your website, these are sample pages, you will do well to delete them before starting any other thing on your site.

You will also need to delete the ” this is another WordPress site”, once you login to your site and put your own tittle instead.

The awesome thing about SiteRubix website builder owned by Wealthy Affiliate is that it comes with a lot of added features for free.

Features that you would normally have to pay for on some other web hosting platforms, features like:

Site Plus+

This site plus controls 3 different aspects:

Site Speed

This helps to make sure your site optimizes the fastest loading speed.

Site SSL

This is very important in running a website, as search engines do favour websites with encrypted connections.

This Site SSL helps to keep your visitors’ data safe.

If you own a website and don’t have an SSL active, this will make your site vulnerable and people will not want to input their data, which means less income for you.

Site Protection.

It helps to keep your website safe from spam comments.

With this in place, you won’t need to install any additional plugin that slows websites down.

Page Speed

This is another great feature offered at Wealthy Affiliate, this helps you keep an eye on how your pages are performing.

With page speed, you will be able to identify which of your pages are not loading fast and discover what the problem is and how to fix this.

Site Health

This monitors the health of your website to ensure you have the best chances of indexing, rankings and acquiring traffic through Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.

Site Comment

This is a website engagement platform that creates an avenue for you to spark discussion and see engagement within your website.

Site feedback

It provides you with an avenue to get feedback from people within the Wealthy Affiliate community and learn what people think about your site design, content and overall direction.

Site Support

This is the website technical support system, available to you 24/7, whenever you need it…

Site Security

This helps to keep your site safe from attacks such as hacking, malware, bot-net attack, etc.

You also have the most important plugins installed for you and ready to use. Plugins like:

>>>WordPress Classic Editor

>>>Kraken Image Optimizer

>>>And most importantly All In One Seo Pack used for optimizing your website for search engine ranking.

Basic Features In The Admin Area


this is the WordPress and theme area, also where you find all the available features to use on your site, here you get to choose to customize your site if you want to, and if there is an update on WordPress or your theme, you can update it here too


when there is an update for WordPress or your theme or any of the plugins that you have installed, they will all appear here, then you can go ahead and make the necessary updates.

All in one SEO

this is a great plugin that has already been pre-installed for you when you create your website using siteRubix, fully known as search engine optimization, which helps give your site more chances at ranking in search engines.


This is where you can edit your already published posts if you want to make amendments or add something new, and or you want to write new ones. You can also get to add them into categories or include tags.


section for uploading media files or choose to edit existing ones, these are video or audio recorded files and pictures.


This section is for you to edit and view already added pages or add new ones.


This is where you receive, edit and respond to comments from your blogs before publishing them on your site.


just as the name goes, they are plugins you install and activate on your WordPress member area to have an added feature on your website.

Kraken Image Optimizer

just like the name, it is used to reduce the size of an image to a more SEO friendly size.


How To Create A Free WordPress Website


Well, there you have it. I hope you found this how to create a free WordPress website guide useful and easy to follow?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or contributions you want to share with us, drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.



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