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Of recent, we have come to realise that most of these GPT(get paid to”)sites are legit, and that you can use them, but what matters nowadays is to find out if they are worth the time and energy you invest in them. So today, we will walk you through this grabpoints review, we are going to find out the ways you can make money on this website and if it is worth your time at all.


This is a mobile based app and a point based system, that pays people for completing online activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing game, downloading apps and completing offers.



Sign up: Before you start using this app, you will first of all signup with your Facebook account, or fill in your basic details like your name, age, sex and address, with your email address, then you will be sent a link to click on to fully activate your account.
Completing activities: Once fully signed in, you can now do any of the available online activities to earn points. For every one you complete, your grabpoint account will be credited with the amount stated, until you reach the amount set out for payment, then you can either choose to be paid in cash or through gift cards.
Payment: there are 3 main ways to get paid, either by choosing from numerous giftcards available or cash through PayPal or Skrill. Since it is a point based system, the least point for payout is 3000points which equals $3. The giftcards available includes those from amazon, iTunes, PlayStation, google play, those for games like xbox1, cash royale, steam and even for bitcoin. To obtain most of this giftcards you will be aiming for points from 5000-15000($5-$15) or more. However, an amazon gift certificate for UK goes for 3300 points for £2. But as of today when this post was put up, the points has been brought down to 2800.
  • Note: as of this day, grabpoints not only reduced the points needed to cash out on some giftcards, they also increased the points to be awarded in some of the activities.


Ways to make money on this site, starting with the best

Offers: we will start with these offers, as they tend to have the highest payment potential, especially the paid offers. For example, the casino’s and match betting sites offers way more points than any other, given that you have to deposit at least £10 to obtain free bets to play, and then get about 28000-30000points where 1000 points equals $1. So this means $28-$30 or roughly £21-£22.50. Then you take out your initial £10 then you have an extra £11-£12.50. Not too bad if you ask if you are someone into match betting, this will be a very good place to start.


Trial offers: For these offers, you may or may not have to make some payment, but they definitely require your credit card details, as they will be charging you following the end of the trial period. So if you decide to go for this trial offers make sure to cancel at the right time to avoid being charged unexpectedly. Secondly always read terms and conditions before signing up as some will require you to complete the offer period to the last day or you won’t get paid. You can choose to complete offers directly from grabpoints or choose from the offer walls, which is from their partner sites.


Downloading apps: this is another good way to make money, if you are the type that loves trying out new apps. Some apps will pay up to 7000 points and more depending on what it has to offer, while others as little as 460 points. For example; the final fantasy xv game pays up to over 7000 points but for you to obtain that point you do not just download this app, you must play the game to the 10th level. Who knows, how long that will take. But if you are one that enjoys video games, you might as well enjoy what you love doing and get paid for it.


Surveys: there are different kinds of surveys available from different partner like peanut lab, opinion surveys, life sample router, samplicious, sayso rewards and a host of others. This is so far the second best way to make money here, you can earn up to a 1000 points and more from successfully filling a survey, and with just a few of these you can be on your way to cashing out. The downside remains, that it is always difficult to succeed in taking most of them. And you need to have a lot of time and patience to pull through these one.

The Tap research surveys seems to be a little better as they offer less time-consuming surveys with higher points, but of all the ones we tried out, say about 5 to 6 or 7 of them, it’s either not a match or survey closed, but we ended up with 30 free points. At least it wasn’t a total waste of time.


Pollfish is another of the survey that guarantees 1 to 3min surveys, but when we tried it out, at first it kept coming up with no available survey, but when it finally did, the least it had then was 8minutes survey, which we didn’t qualify for. So it’s better to start with tap research surveys.GRABPOINTS REVIEW-IS THIS SITE WORTH YOUR TIME?

Tasks: Grabpoints task offers seems a bit different from others, as they require you to post a review of other GPT sites you have used, with proof of payment you received from such sites. For doing this you will get 100 points awarded to you. You are allowed to complete these tasks as many times as possible. There are also minor tasks that can be completed but with very low points, these are very view and highest offer we came in contact with was just 60points. Most times you don’t even see any minor offers.


Videos: left to me, I will say don’t bother with the videos, the points earned are the lowest of them all. For every 3videos you watch successfully with the adverts included, you only get 7points, it just isn’t worth the time. But if you must watch, we suggest you do so when you are busy away from your phone, just let the video play away while you invest your time in something more meaningful, at the same time accumulate points. That’s the best option here.
Sharing: when you share your link on social media, like Facebook, twitter and google+, you earn between 100 – 500points. We don’t know what exactly determines the specific amount to be earned.
Promo codes: this is an added bonus to receive points. We get pop ups to answer trivia for promo codes, once completed, we get a code which we redeem for 15 points. And sometimes you get promo for 7points free.


It is free to join grabpoints. You just signup with your basic details like your name, age address, and email address. A confirmation email will be sent to you, you then click on it to activate your account and you are ready to go. Or you simply sign up with your Facebook or google+ account.


Grabpoint has a refferal scheme that allows you to earn more points when someone joins through you, using your unique refferal link. The points awarded depends on the region the person is from, but you can only get awarded this point when and if the person earns points up to 1000. There are 3 types of categories:

1. Tier 1countries 250points-(US,CA,GB)

2. Tier 2countries 150points(DE, NL, SE, DK,NO,CH,FR,IE,NZ,JP,SG,ES,AE,AT,AU)

3.Tier 3countries 25points( this includes every other countries).


  • Free to join
  • Easy to navigate around
  • Numerous ways to make money
  • Lots of surveys to fill
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • Lots of bonus points.


  • Low source of income
  • Cannot serve as full time income
  • Screening out in too many surveys.
  • If you are not active for a period, your accumulated points will be taken away. Oops! Makes some people say they are scam, it’s just part of their policy.


With grabpoints you can definitely make some amount of money to maybe give yourself a little treat or two, and that is as far as it goes. If you are just looking for such little extra income then grabpoints is worth your time. You can also checkout these related posts:

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But if you are looking to make enough money online to serve as supplement for your income or you want to make full time income and free your self of the hassles of commuting to work daily, grabpoints is definitely not worth your time. Instead we encourage you to build your own money generating website by turning your passion into a thriving business!

  • Note: this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, it takes handwork, dedication and perseverance. You must be willing to put your all in it and with time, you reap the fruits of your labour.

Now if you think this is for you, go ahead and read our review on our #1 recommendation here. A great community that can help you get started and teach you all you will need to know in running a successful business online. Don’t worry.. It will cost you absolutely nothing to get started, just signup, fill in your profile and get started with 20 free lessons and 2 free subdomain website at your disposal. I hope you take this opportunity and get that fulfillment you have been looking for.


Name: grabpoints
Owner: unknown
Price: free
Rated: 2.5/5.0.



That is it for today. Any comments or suggestions kindly drop them in the comment box below. Your questions are very much welcomed too.

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I am new to blogging and online marketing. I will definitely follow the steps you provided on my blog/website.

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    i definitely will Mallesh. That is why we are here, so if you ever need any help along the way, dont hesitate to ask. Success on your blog.

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