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How To Make Full Time Income From Home

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Updated June 2020

As I walk you through how I set out on my journey to earn a full-time income from home.

I remember when I first set out on this journey, in my bid to discover legitimate ways to make money from home whilst doing what I love the most, which happens to be ” taking care of my home and kids”.

It has not been an easy journey I must confess. Knowing that the best ways to make money from home are most certainly through the online world, hence my journey started, but being a very cautious person when it comes to money, I tried to go the easy way to avoid ever falling victim of the online scam.

So I settled for Surveys, Competitions, Cashback, Trials, and even Review of products but all these provided me with little or close to nothing which didn’t give me the fulfilment I wanted.

Since my aim was to start making money from the comfort of my home to meet our financial needs by supporting my husband who is already working.

Don’t get me wrong, the above-mentioned ways are definitely good ways to make money but that is if you are just out to make “by the side money ( a few bucks)

So my search continued until I stumbled upon a post made by a member of Wealthy Affiliate in one of the review site for a product I was checking out.

Hence, my journey into the affiliate marketing world and to fulfil my dream of earning from home started.

I must confess that though I found the piece of write up very interesting, the only reason I went ahead to take a peek, was because it is free to join!

Yea! Basically that alone.

So heads up here, if you are looking to try a product/ service offering training on how to succeed with an online business or affiliate marketing, make sure it is free to join as this will give you the opportunity to find out exactly what it has to offer.

If it doesn’t look promising don’t bother wasting your time on such nor should you even think of going ahead to make any payment.

As I discovered later that most of those training will lure you in with a very low entry fee, only to bombard you with upsells.

And if you are unable to pay for these upsells that means you will be stranded along the way and may no longer be able to continue with building your business.

” better safe than sorry”. right?

How I Got Hooked In Wealthy Affiliate

Well, once I signed up the first thing I received was a warm welcome from the owners and obviously from the guy through whose review I signed up.

I instantly felt at home and decided to explore the platform. Oh! Dear! There are so many lessons to learn, with a wealth of knowledge oozing from every corner of the platform.

This was very overwhelming, I had to take a break for a couple of days to get my head around things before heading back and followed the advice I was given by my mentor.

He said, to focus only on the basic training first and gradually take in the other lessons, as this gives your brain the ability to accommodate everything gradually.

What Wealthy Affiliate Is All About

I discovered that Wealthy Affiliate is simply an online training program and community, where the owners hold you by the hand and walk you through step by step guide on how to start and grow an online business mainly through affiliate marketing.

With the support of over 1,00,000 million community members.

This ensures that you are never lost at any time, as you will always have someone responding to whatever problem you may come across as you build out your business.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to make money in  4 simple steps through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing simply put is a way of promoting/recommending other peoples product, so that when someone buys that product through you, you will earn a commission from that retailer.

This step involves…

Choosing A Niche

A niche is considered your area of interest or something you are passionate about. They help you explore this aspect to discover what you love doing the most and would be comfortable talking to people about but I guess in this case you will have to do the talking through writing, which brings us to the next step

Building A Website.

Next, you will be taught how to build a website and how to write about this passion you have to help people solve their problems.

Owning a website is very important as it will serve as your online shop where people will come to check you out, it is really amazing as owning this website ensures your access to the world.

You won’t be limited to a specific number of people as the whole world will be able to reach your site at any given time of the day.

Attracting Visitors

Next, you will be taught how to attract/get visitors or people to your site.

There are many ways to get people(visitors) to your site, you can go through ads, social media marketing, email marketing, organic search. etc.

And what Wealthy Affiliate focuses on is mainly organic search, as with this method you do not need to pay a dime to get people to your site, all it takes is for your articles to appear in first pages of the search engines which is known as ranking.

Once you can rank your articles in search engines using a method known as SEO, and keyword research, then visitors will always find their way to your site.

This will happen on a daily basis, different people popping in and out to read different articles on your site.

full time income from home

One of our post (article) ranked on the first page of two different search engines

For example, as we are ranked in the first page in these two search engines, anyone searching for these keywords will have access to our sites on the first page and can possibly find the solution they need here by following our recommendation.

which means if we had made a recommendation and they followed it and purchased what we recommended, we would earn commissions.

And as long as these posts remain on the first pages and people continue to visit it and follow our recommendations, that means more commissions that we can make through this one post.

Imagine when you now have hundreds of these type of posts ranking on first pages and the income potential this could mean for you.


Once you have people visiting your site daily, then you can have them making purchases as we talked about earlier, and once they make a purchase, you get paid a commission.

The good thing about this is that as long as people keep visiting your site through a ranked keyword (article) and get to click through your link to buy something, the more money this single article will keep generating for you, this then becomes a passive income source.

which means with no further effort added on this one article, it will keep generating you income over and over again.

All these will be covered in the two categories of lessons in Wealthy Affiliate, alongside hundreds of tutorials and weekly webinars.

The 2 categories of lessons are

Entrepreneur certification

This comprises 50 Lessons in 5 phases which means 10 lessons for each phase. With the first  10 lessons, you are thought the basics of establishing your business from zero knowledge to becoming a master in your niche.

You are taught how to turn your Passion into a Thriving Online Business simply by helping people following the method I stated above.

>>>You Can Get Started With These 10 Lessons For Free<<<


This contains 70 Lessons in 7 phases which means 10 lessons for each phase and this is meant for those who choose to be an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate or if you are still undecided on what your niche is.

You have a choice to follow this course and figure out what you want eventually and if you feel you are okay here, then you follow through the course to the end as an affiliate to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

>>>You can get started with the first 10 lessons of Bootcamp for free<<<

To fully understand this process and how it works, I encourage you to simply take a look at Our Free Step By Step Guide on how to make money Online


How Wealthy Affiliate Has Helped Me

Discovering My Passion

Signing up with zero knowledge about what affiliate marketing is, to knowing what my niche/ interest is, as this is the basis or the first step I needed to work out, before progressing into building my business online.

So Wealthy affiliate helped me figure out what I am most passionate about and comfortable to write great articles on, to help people.

How To Build A Website

I learned how to build my website all by my self, using the Siterubix Platform and this was done in just about 30 seconds! Yes, 30 seconds! How amazing is that!

And if I wasn’t ready to buy my own domain I got 2 free subdomain, as long as I wanted, as a free member.

But as a premium member, I got 25 free subdomains and the chance to host my own 25 domain sites for free.

As at June 2020 at the time of this update, Wealthy Affiliate now offers just one free subdomain website to free members and the chance to host up to 10 of your own websites as a premium member.

The building or owning a website, I was taught is the foundation of ones’ online business, so for me to thrive online as an affiliate marketer, I will need a website.

In this website I get to write a lot of content, I mean quality content that will be helpful to the people who read them.

I Also got taught on how to use Search engine optimization and keywords to be able to get ranked by the search engines, because, ranking means more traffic to my site and loads of traffic means the generation of revenue.

you can actually get to build your own free website now! Try it and see!

Domain Hosting

well not only did I get to build my websites, as a premium member if I was able to host my own domain for free.

I started out with a free subdomain and when I eventually decided it was time to get my domain, I bought it and it’s been hosted by Wealthy Affiliate ever since.



Site support

They have this 24/7/365 days a year support system. Nothing gives your mind peace as much as knowing that when you need that support especially technical, that you will get it instantly, as fast as just a couple of minutes.

Given that I am no computer geek nor do I have any technical knowledge when it comes to the internet, this was a great relieve, knowing I can always count on this Support team whenever I needed help.

so you can rest assured they’ve got your back (speaking from experience)

Site comment & feedback

This is another amazing aspect of this platform, this enables members to help each other by visiting members sites and leaving quality comments and feedback.

It is a pay it forward system, you help someone, to get help in return. Very amazing and helpful. You can even get to make a couple of dollars by offering quality comment to others.

I used this to make quite a reasonable sum of money when I got started. You can earn enough to cover your monthly bills if you are still struggling to make money but want to continue building out your business.

Site content

On this platform I get to write all my contents before posting to my site, with it I have no worries about structures, grammatical errors or just spellings as this amazing platform does all the check for me and make sure everything falls in order before I can publish.

It also runs checks and alerts you when you have duplicate content.

Keyword Tool

With this amazing tool, I get to research for my topics and gain more list of keywords to use for my content. Saves me time on tonnes and tonnes of research.

Weekly webinar

Every week we get to attend a webinar focusing on one different topic each week, after each course, one has the ability to ask questions and get clarification.

Live Chat

The live chat forum is very interesting too. When I get bored or less busy, I can always pop in here to chat up people with same interest or just get to know more people.

Community support

I have never seen or interacted with people that are so selfless as those in Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Everyone is willing to help out at every possible time, so when I get stuck on something all I need to do is ask, and within minutes someone is there to help. Some even offer training that I also benefited from and is still benefiting from.


My Achievement

>>>I have gained a massive knowledge on how to turn my passion into income, and still learning new things every day.

>>>Built this website and still running it from the comfort of my home for the past two years.

I won’t say we have achieved our financial freedom yet, but every day brings us closer to achieving that dream. And you too can do the same.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of this business is that once you have established that solid foundation, you can take a few weeks or month off work and still see money pouring into your bank account.

It just takes that hard work, consistency, dedication and optimism for the first couple of months or even a year or more to get to this point and everything will fall into place.

Just like an offline business, this is not a “get-rich-quick ” scheme, to be truly successful as an affiliate marketer, it takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and commitment with a lot of dedication to see positive results.

And having the right training program, the platform with all the support you will need by your side makes the journey easier to scale through.

Given the nature of our world today, we can see everything is gearing toward the online platform and this will be a great opportunity for you to take the bull by the horn and start up something for yourself.

Heck, even 9 to 5 businesses are no longer assured, as a huge number of them are struggling to remain afloat.

Some have and others may still have to cut down on staffs to get a grip and save their companies, which means more and more layoffs.

But with your own online business, none of these will be a worry for you.

If I can do this, starting with absolutely no knowledge of how to make money online, then you can also do it!

>>>You Can Get Started Here and Now!<<<

Full Time Income From Home

That is it for today. Hope you found my journey on how to make a full-time income from home inspiring enough to give it a try.

Please kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience you wud like to share with us on starting your own online business, drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.



Humphrey · April 16, 2018 at 8:28 pm

I also will love the idea of making money from home so I can quit my present job which is sometimes too demanding but not too much pay. Do I have to invest anything along the way if I join WealthyAffiliate . Hope it’s not one of these up sell programs. I can see the domain hosting comparison, looks pretty better than the others.

    admin · April 16, 2018 at 10:48 pm

    Domain hosting is excellent, dont think you can get it better anywhere else. And the most amazing thing is thete are no upsells. You can join and remain a free member for as long as you want with 2 free subdomain sites. Or become premium for $49/month. And that is all it takes.

frank · April 17, 2018 at 3:35 pm

Hhmmm.. this sounds very interesting, i am always very skeptical about everything online because of the numerous scam every were. You don’t really know who to trust. If i may also ask, like how much time does one need to put into this to succeed, reason is cos i am always very busy and will like to know just in case i want to give it a try.

    admin · April 18, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Hello Frank,i dont blame you for being skeptical as there are truly numerous online scams and one needs to be very careful. Thats why i am here, to help you see the best ways to succeed and avoid scams. To your question, you can always succeed if you truly put in your best effort in that little time you have but it might take you longer time to achieve your goal. You will do well to give it a try. Its free so if it is not what you want,you can always leave.you dont have to commit anything.

Iyke · June 10, 2018 at 3:35 am

A nice piece, quite encouraging and motivating.

    admin · June 12, 2018 at 9:47 am

    Thank you, it is just to motivate you to know you can also get started and succeed.

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