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Hi! Welcome to our Explode My Payday Review

Yet another email to try out this new make money online product on ClickBank, that promises you can make over a thousand dollars a day just as a beginner.

I bet you came across this product and are wondering, will Explode My Payday scam me or is it that Legit System that can finally work for me?

I can assure you that offers like these, made by this System are very mouth watering, especially when you are told everything or almost everything is done for you and on autopilot so you won’t have to do anything other than a few clicks of your mouse, right in the comfort of your home.

I mean, who doesn’t like more comfort and less work to make money?

Because I do! And I bet you do too. lol.

That’s why products like this can easily prey on our weakness, and exploit us to make more money for themselves.

But like they say, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, we decided to dive in and read the whole book chapter by chapter to find out what Explode My Payday is really all about.

Below is our detailed findings of all you need to know about this System to help you decide if it will really explode your payday or just totally rip you off.



Name: Explode My Payday

Owner: Meaghan Harper

Website: explodemypayday.com

Price: $47 + (Downsells & Upsells)


Explode my payday scam


According to Meaghan, her System uses the same business model used by 92% of the internet marketing gurus, and powerful outlets like Facebook, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Her System works by giving you the ability to manipulate and flow all the online traffic to your gateway and produces transactions that you can make lots of money from.

And the good thing is, it requires zero skills and is completely automated, as her team has already done the grunt work for you

She claims all you have to do is plug in your laptop or mobile phone and Explode My Payday will take care of the rest for you

Her System will direct 96% of all traffics to your links that are embedded in the site that she already created for you

And this way you get to make tonnes of money with very little effort.

She claims she wants to expand her business, to let her System get into the hands of thousands, and to do this, she needs to expand her team to include 45 more people she would like to pay to achieve her goal. That is where you come in where you come in.

You happen to be one of the very few that has been chosen to benefit from her benevolence!

Now, at this point I did be wondering why in the world will this Meaghan do this for me?

Is this truly the case or is Meaghan up to something here?

Let’s find out, shall we?


First you fill out a form with your name and email address

Next is to watch the orientation video where she pitches her product to you.

She goes ahead to create you an account that makes you from $0.00 to $240 and then $625 few minutes into watching the video. (All this is just to get you excited, that there is something good here)

You are then required to make the pay $47 to gain access to her member area to receive this payment generated by your supposed account, and have access to her Software that will now go ahead to generate you thousands every day in the said account with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Easy peasy right!

I must say, she knows her stuff and anyone not familiar with how the internet really works will surely fall prey to this.

But here is how this System truly works

Meaghan is not interested in making you a millionaire, nor does she have your best interest at heart. All she wants is to make as much money as she can from you before you realise what hit you!

The model she uses in her System is something called Affiliate Marketing, which by the way is a genuine business model.

Affiliate Marketing is a way of promoting other peoples products online, so that when someone buys any of these products through you, you get paid a commission.

So in this case, what you will do is to promote Meaghan’s System and as many other crappy ones she will make you buy into, to other people.

The fact is, whether you make a dime along the way or not, For every dollar you invest in her System, Meaghan gets richer.

In essence, if you buy into this System, it makes her $47 dollars richer and for every other upsells you buy into she still gets more money!

So tell me how that helps you?

Because I can assure you this System will not work for you, and here is why..

1. Meaghan will be providing you with an “already done for you System”, just as every one else who buys into her System. The problem with this is that search engines do not like this kind of Systems with duplicate contents, which means your Site will never rank/ appear on first pages of these search engines, and without this, you can be sure you won’t be having any traffics to that site. And with no traffic, you definitely won’t be making any money.

Don’t get carried away by her assurance that her Software will direct 96% of traffic to your site, as that is impossible. Even if she uses paid method to gain traffic for you, there is no way she can obtain as much as that percentage and no guarantee any of them will be willing to buy anything from you.

And have in mind that when it comes to using paid traffic, you will still need to cough out more money to achieve that.

2. Meaghan claims you only have to pay her $47 just for the servers hosting your site, and this is just for legal reasons, to make sure the site is registered as yours. But here is the thing, this site is nothing but a subdomain site, as a result it can not be yours. Let’s say it’s more of a rented apartment, where the Owner can decide to kick you out at any time.

That means if Meaghan decides to shut her system down at any point, there goes your investment and hard-earned money.

3. Paid traffic will be the only way you can most likely get traffic to this site, aside the fact that you will have to invest a lot of money to see any progress with this, if you don’t really understand what you are doing, all that money will be lost.


You will need to invest $47 to gain access to Meaghan’s System, but if you refresh the page, it can possibly come down to $17, and then comes the upsells

Explode my payday scam

Explode My Payday Scam Alert (Red Flags)
Fake Owner: the woman portrayed on the sales video of this System as the Owner, turns out to be a stock image from Shutter Stock. I don’t know about you, but I believe that a System which can not be honest and proud about it’s ownership, is one to highly stay away from as it can not be trusted.
Fake Testimonials: these people who give testimonies on how they went ahead to generate thousands of dollars everyday through using this System, are nothing but paid actors. They simply get paid to act out the script given to them. You can always find them on sites like Fiverr.com
Fake income claims: the income claims are over hyped, no one goes into this business as a beginner and starts making a thousand dollars instantly. It doesn’t work that way and I know that for sure because it’s the same business model we use.

She even claims to create an account for you that goes ahead to generate you over six hundred dollars within minutes of watching her video. Well we know that is not possible, since this is a prerecorded video, so it creates this same account for as many people who watches the video

Automated Software/ Money loopholes: I will just say this, there is no such thing as automated Software that will help you generate thousands of dollars each day nor is there anything like a money loophole being exploited. For your best interest, stay away from such products.
Low entrance few: scammy Systems are always very good at this, they entice you with very minimal one time fee, only for you to buy in, and then hit you with the numerous upsells. This System is no different from the others like Daily Cash Siphon, Viral Cash App, as it also has multiple one clix upsell, which means more money to be spent by you to gain anything useful
Email Spam: before you can gain access to this System sales page, it will require your name and email address. What they do is to bombard you with emails of other low quality or scam products. This can be really annoying and can easily fill your mail box with junk emails.
Fake Scarcity: once you start watching the video, Meaghan claims the System will be put down on the midnight of that very day, and then urges you to act fast as not to lose out.

But trust me, this is one of their gimmicks to get you to act on impulse and not find out more about the product before buying it. Here is proof from another website of the video supposedly going down on the midnight of that day, and yet the System is still up on the day of this review, and still claim it will be shut down same day. I can assure you it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, until she makes as much money as possible or until her System is fully exposed on what it’s really about.

Explode my payday scam


  1. The only good thing about this product is that you can get a 60 days money back guarantee.


  1. Fake Owner
  2. Fake testimonials
  3. Fake income claims
  4. Upsells
  • Misleading Sales Pitch


Is Explode My Payday Scam?

YES! As far as we are concerned, this product is an absolute scam, because it gives you no real value for your money. We highly do not recommend it for the reasons stated above.

It is our duty to bring you this detailed review to help you make an informed decision, but what you decide at the end is up to you.




Name: Explode My Payday
Owner: Meaghan Harper
Website: explodemypayday.com
Price: $47 + (Downsells & Upsells)
Rated: 0.3/5.0


I can assure you that you can get to make up to a thousand dollars and more online, but definitely not the way Meaghan portrays it.

Like I said earlier, Affiliate Marketing is a very good and genuine business model, I know this because it’s the same business model we use. But to be successful with it, you need to do things the right way.

You will first of all understand that;

it isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme

You will need to put in effort and work hard at it in the beginning

You need to exercise patience, as it is something that takes time to grow and yield bountiful results.

Once you have this in place and are fully ready, it’s time to learn how this business truly works and get the right training to succeed. Here is our free step by step guide to making money online that can help you achieve Success online and fulfill your dreams. It is the very same steps we took to get where we are today. And I will personally help you and support you along the way.

So stop wasting your time on these get-rich-quick products because you can never succeed with them. Take that bold step and get started today. Get our free guide and follow every step to Succeed.

explode my payday scam

That is it for today. Hope you found this Review post helpful, if so kindly share to help others.

What’s your thought on Explode My Payday?

Had any experiences or questions?

Go ahead and drop them in the comment box and we will surely get back to you.


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Emmanuel Buysse · December 13, 2018 at 9:36 am

Great info and good post. 

Yet another bad thing you have discovered and reviewed, yet another program you have saved a lot of desperate people for joining it, and losing money, and wasting their time.

I really support these kind of reviews, to stop and prevent these scammy things to go viral, it is really unbelievable they still exist. 

Anyway, thanks for sharing it. 

f1shbiscuits · December 13, 2018 at 9:41 am

I find the rating a-bit hilarious ,but then thanks for the great detail review and insight .I would able to save my time trying another scam that would ultimately waste my time .Do you know of any other sites that might help me make decent money online?as in a legit website that you have encountered

    admin · January 6, 2019 at 3:29 pm


    Thanks for stopping by, am really glad this Review was of great help to you. There are sure ways to make money online, but we always recommend the best we know, so far. It’s the same business model we and hundreds of others who make money online use too. It is not a grt rich quick scheme, but one that requires much hard work, time and dedication. You really need to be committed to find success using this model and I want to believe how much you desire success will guarantee how successful you can become. This Our GUIDE on how to make money online could be of great help. You can even get started for free with the same training platform that has helped us achieve success so far.

Dhayours · January 31, 2019 at 5:20 am

I’ve noticed that most of the scams online have very catchy titles. This is to attract as much people to them and generate more commissions. It’s just disheartening. One just has to be extremely careful when surfing the net for money making websites and programs. Scams everywhere. Thanks for your review. 

    admin · February 3, 2019 at 3:52 am

    Thanks for your contribution.

Henry · January 31, 2019 at 5:24 am

Hi! Thank you for reviewing Explode my Payday. This seems to be another classical scam. As I have been researching for legit sites to earn money online I have also started to learn what are the signs that read scam.

I don’t like fake testimonial, fake owner, fake income claims. I hate to see so many scams springing up daily. And the reason for this is that people continue to fall. One thing I have noted, and it could be coincidence, is that these scams usually have as a monthly fee $47 USD, or $37 USD, or numbers that include 7. Have you noted that? Is it coincidence?

    admin · February 3, 2019 at 3:44 am

    Haahaa.. Henry, you are onto something here

    it’s true what you just said. They always come with the no 7. Hopefully that is a coincidence, otherwise, we may have to find out what it is with the number 7.lol.

    Thanks for pointing that out. Please do well to stay away from such products.

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