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easy cash club review

Hi! Welcome To Our Easy Cash Club Review

Here comes a System that claims you will be able to make over three hundred dollars every single day with absolutely no work!

Sounds Fabulous right?

But I believe, even with all that excitement you are still skeptical about this System and would like to find out if Easy Cash Club is a scam out to rip you off or if it is the real deal

First off, I want to commend you for taking your time to research this product, as it is the best way to avoid scams online

In this detailed Easy Cash Club Review, we will expose everything you need to know, to help you decide if this System is a scam or if it will be worth your money and time



Name: Easy Cash Club

Owner: Steve

Website: easycash.club

Price: $37

Rated: 2.0/5.0

easy cash club review


From the sales video, the owner who goes by the name Steve starts out by letting you know he understands what you are going through, and the frustration of trying hard to make money

He claims he knows how most people find it difficult to make money even after buying products after products that promises they will make money but never works

He claims he was once in this position and goes ahead to tell you his sobby story

About how difficult life used to be for him

How he struggled to keep up with his job and argued a lot with his boss and eventually had to quit and get a smaller job

easy cash club review

How he couldn’t make enough money as a programmer to take care of his financial needs

But when  his grand mother died, it eventually hit him! That life was too short, that you have to be determined to do everything you want, to enjoy life before it was too late

He started researching on how to make money online to live the kind of life he had always wanted and most especially to gain financial freedom

easy cash club review

He claims that one day while at a MacDonald getting cheese burger, it hit him that even though MacDonald wasn’t the best in his field, that he made the most money and this is because he had a System, a System that he created to make everything he made be the same and this System has helped MacDonald generate millions every year

And this led him to research on what he can do to be able to make same amount of money

In the cause of this research he stumbled upon a YouTube video and while viewing the ad, he got thinking on how these people make money using their videos

But knowing that this was also hard work, he went ahead to figure out how to make this easier so that you won’t have to do so.much work but still make thousands every day

And as a programmer that he is, these thoughts led him to create this software to help you take care of all the hard work and generate you hundreds to thousands of income on a daily basis

This software which he calls Easy Cash Club

easy cash club review

He claims this same software has changed his life, from having nothing to being able to afford an apartment to owning a Yatch, and one of those super cars, and eventually becoming an absolute Millionaire in no time

And as the good Samaritan that he is, he wants you to also have this software for free so you can also start to generate income online almost instantly without any hard work

easy cash club review

I know this sounds really amazing and looks like a life changing offer not to be resisted

but then, does this mean Steve really has your interest at heart?

Does this mean Steve just wants you to have his Software for free and also gain your financial freedom to live the lifestyle you truly desire?

Can Steve Software help you achieve all this?

If you are like me, these are the questions that will be going through my mind at this point and ones I did love the answers to

So Let’s find the answers together as you continue reading..


Steve claims his Software works in a very simple way

By taking advantage of free traffic on YouTube

He claims that given the fact that YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine, and generates thousands and thousands of views every day (which by the way is the true)

His Software works by creating you these YouTube videos and monetizing them by using ads and affiliate links so that when people click on it, you make money

all you have to do is

1. Select the AI voice you want to narrate your video

2. You select the text you want the AI voice to speak during the video

3. then you the next button on the software

4. Select images to be uploaded

5. Select the position for these image uploads

6. Click the next button on the Software and download the videos

then finally you open an account with Youtube, and signup for google adSense

So in essence, what this Software does for you is convert written Text and Audio files into YouTube video and upload them for you so you won’t have to do anything at all

easy cash club review

Except keep logging into your account once in a while to watch your money grow

This makes everything look so real and easily achievable, but before jumping into purchasing this Product, here is something you need to understand about this method

Why This System Won’t Work As Steve Claims

Making money with monetizing YouTube video is definitely a great way to make money online, and one that is really trending at this moment but it is not as easy as Steve carves it out to be

For the following reasons

Done for you System: this may seem a really good way for you to make money because you won’t have to bother with writing and creating videos as this software will do everything for you, and this would have been a great idea if these YouTube videos were created uniquely for you

But that is not going to be the case here, just like you, there are hundreds of others that will like to buy into this software and by the time you and a handful of others end up uploading the same videos over and over again, you will be sure to face the issue of your video never ranking and may even get banned or your videos put down by YouTube

Which means without ranking, or with videos put down, then there will be nobody to watch these videos let alone consider buying anything from you

Here is something I got on the net that throws a light to this

easy cash club review

Time Factor: monetizing YouTube video to start making money definitely does not happen overnight

I know Steve has given you an instance of how lots of people even young kids are able to generate thousands using this method

But you need to understand that none of these people started generating money immediately they started their channel

It took them time and hard work to get to where they are. For those using affiliate marketing, They had to first of all rank their videos (except if it goes viral)

Then they grow their audience, gain their trust, before thinking of making any money from them and this is something that takes time and effort

So even if the software takes care of the effort aspect for you, does that mean you can now automatically monetize these videos and begin to make money immediately?

Ofcourse not!

you will still need to get ranking, gain audience and gain their trust and hopefully expect them to start buying things you recommend through your affiliate link in order to start making any money

Rules to follow: before you can even think of monetizing your YouTube videos, you must have at least up to a thousand subscribers, and you don’t definitely get a thousand subscribers in a jiffy no matter how hot your niche is

So I wonder how it’s then possible for you to be able to generate hundreds upon just starting up

Which also makes me wonder how all these people who gave testimonies of making thousands within one to two weeks’ were able to achieve that

Because if they really know what it takes, they won’t make such outrageous claims

Which makes this system a little untrustworthy

Other Problem With This System (Red Flags)
Limited slot: Steve claims his system has limited slots and if you don’t take advantage of this now, you may never gain access again

But I need you to understand there is nothing like a limited time slot. This is just a tactic used by most scammy or low quality System to get you to instantly purchase their products without first knowing what exactly it’s all about

So don’t get fooled by this, come back again in a few weeks’ and you will still see same limited slots available

Hyped income Claims: Steve claims he is able to generate up to $5,000 or more every single day using this Software and ensures you that even as a newbie with no internet skill that you can achieve up to thousands of dollars a day too upon starting up
easy cash club review

Unrealistic Claims

But I want to make this clear to you, there is no way you are going to start making even tens to hundreds of dollars in a few days or even weeks’ of just starting to use this System, and I believe I already made the reason why clear enough

Upsells (hidden Costs): I bet you don’t know that once you buy into this System, you will be faced with multiple upsells, and these upsells are intended to help you get more value to help you grow your business. And these upsells will cost you nothing less than $221, plus $17/month reoccurring

Which means without buying into them you may have little to no value for your initial investment

easy cash club review

So except you are ready to buy into all these upsells, you might as well save your money.


It will cost you $37 or $17( downsell) to gain access into this System and after that comes the upsells


  • Legit method of business
  • 60 days money back guarantee


  • Not a trustworthy System
  • Hyped income claims
  • Fake testimonies
  • Upsells

easy cash club review


Is Easy Cash Club a Scam? No, we don’t think it is a scam, it’s business method is an ideal one that you can definitely use to generate income, but when done right. We just don’t appreciate the fact that he tries to sugar coat things just to get you to buy into his System.

But if you are the type that wants to engage in making YouTube videos but without having to create the video yourself, and you have enough money to invest in all the upsells involved in Easy Cash Club, you can as well give it a try

And if you don’t like what you get, remember you can always get a refund within 60 days of purchase

Having in mind you won’t be making anything close to what Steve suggests for a start




Name: Easy Cash Club
Owner: Steve
Website: easycash.club
Price: $37 + (Upells & downsell)
Rated: 2.0/5.0


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easy cash club review


That is it for today. Hope you found this Review Post helpful? Kindly share to help others

What’s your take on Easy Cash Club? Or do you have any questions, leave them in the comment box below, and we will gladly get back to you soonest.


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francis · January 31, 2019 at 5:03 am

It’s a good thing you mentioned the pros and cons of easy cash club.  I’m very skeptical when it claims that you can easily make $379 a day, which is too good to be true.  You pointed out that all you have to do is to write great compelling articles and the software will convert it and upload it to you tube.  I understand that even if it helps you to upload to you tube it does not mean that you will make money straight away, the creator did not mention that you have do a lot of seo work and promotion and successfully find a good niche to begin with.  And the upsells trap, no way i will get conned.Thank you for your honest review. 

zuchii · January 31, 2019 at 5:31 am

To begin with, the name Easy cash club contradicts my understanding of how money can be made online, there is no free money online, the hard work Must be done. the idea of making videos easily with a tool sounds great, However, the implementation is quite fraudulent and deceitful, obtainable realities were not put into consideration.The fake testimonies paints the picture of it being a scam.

    admin · February 3, 2019 at 3:19 am

    I agree with you Zuchii, they make these things seem so easy and effortless and that is why people get sucked into them. Making youtube videos is definitely a good way to make money, but you don’t just wake up one morning, upload a video and then start raking in cash. It still takes time and hard work to achieve that.

    Nothing good comes easy in this Life, making money online is no different. With that in mind, finding the right training and support is the best way to find success online.

    That is why we never get tired if recommending WEALTHY AFFILIATE  to people who are serious to make money online because it’s a tried and true community that really works.

    This platform has seared hundreds of successful internet marketers who are making hundreds to thousands of dollars monthly.

    Most of these people started with zero knowledge of how making money online works, but today they are not just successful but have built a sustainable business for themselves.

    So it’s worth putting in the effort and reaping the fruits of success in the long run. 

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