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Hi there! If you are here today, then we bet it’s because you have a lot of questions concerning instagc, and will like to find answers to them.  So if you have been asking yourself questions like, does instagc work, can I make money using it, does it pay, or is it just another scam website that will only waste my time? Then be rest assured that you are in the right place and will have all your questions answered below in this well detailed instagc review, as we will be revealing everything you need to know, and even how you can make money using this site.


Name: instagc

Owner: Andrew Day


Price: free



This is a points based system/website that will pay you in points for partaking in activities featured on their website, which are usually your normal day to day activities.       Such as watching videos, downloading apps and playing games, listening to music, taking surveys, taking trial offers, searching the web and shopping online.

Once you have access to your member area after activating your account, make sure to click on your user name at the top, to complete your profile details, as this can become an issue when ready to cashout if not fully completed. At that time, you will be required to present proof of ownership of account, in form of your passport, driver license and may be utility bills. So to avoid all these, just fill out your profile from the go.

Does instagc work?ways to make money on this site


Firstly you signup with your email details and receive a mail to activate, once you activate the mail, you can have access to your member area where you can now take part in activities to earn money.

You must note, instagc is partnered with other sites offering different offers, so upon logging in, you can choose which of them you want to complete activities from.

For every activity completed you earn a specific points which is added to your account. Once you accumulate enough points for cashout, you can request for payment.

Payments can be obtained in different ways, instant gift cards, ranging from amazon, google play, Nintendo eShop, curry Pc world, geeky world, Debenham, iTunes, Mark and Spencer and lots of other choices to select from. You can also get paid through Paypal, eCheck, direct deposit, Cryptocurrencies or receive payment through electronic Mastercard, or a physical one with a charge of £3 to be deducted from your account, for those in the UK. Before you can request money for Paypal, you must first obtain a $50 worth payment from giftcards and other payment method. 100points equals $1 while 160points equals £1.


Taking surveys: taking surveys are always the best ways to make money on gpt sites, as they are one of the highest paying offers. It is sometimes stressful due to the rate of disqualification that comes with it, but once you are able to complete a few, you will well be on your way to cashing out.    For every survey you do not qualify for, you get a bonus of one point  for you, for a maximum of 5 surveys a day. That is, for every other one you do not qualify after the first 5, you do not get anymore bonus points.

Does instagc work?-ways to make money on this site

Completing tasks: this is a good way to watch your points add up really fast. They are easy to perform as you will just be given a series of instructions that you are required to complete. To partake in tasks, you will have to set up an account with their offer partner known as figure eight tasks, once you do this, you will then set up your dash board which helps to keep track of all your activities under figure eight tasks.

Note: that there are different tasks available at different levels, the higher up you get, the more paying offers will be available to you. Some offers are also dependent on your location.

Search the web: just like you do your normal searches, but this time you will have to use instagc’s search engine. In order to earn points, you must make sure your searches are genuine, as random searches can lead to a ban

Does instagc work?-ways to make money on this site

Trial offers: just as the name goes, these are offers that requires you to try out some goods or services. Some of these offers will require you to pay some money before trying them out.  Don’t forget to always cancel your subscription to avoid being charged.
Watching videos: there are videos from instagc and also from partner sites, that you can watch to earn more points. We always recommend this as last option as it takes too long to generate enough amount for withdrawal. For every 20 videos you successfully watch you earn 1point. Sometimes you may receive a weekly bonus for videos watched.

You are even encouraged to use multiple devices to watch each playlist at the same time, helps you make more money faster, but make sure you do not watch the same playlist on the different device the same time. You can also choose to watch videos from their partner sites.

Tip: avoid watching the same videos several times to avoid being banned.

Visiting websites: you can be asked to visit other website to earn points, just make sure to spend some time at each visit, to enable your points to register.

Does instagc work?-ways to make money from this site

Referral scheme: this is also one of the best ways to earn points quickly, for every one that registers through you and complete their profile,you get 10 points and 10% of all they earn.

Does instagc work?- ways to make money on this site


Joining instagc is free of charge, all it requires is for you to fillup a signup process, activate your email and you are ready to go.



  • Free to join
  • Lots of ways to earn money
  • Low withdrawal threshold
  • Lots of ways to cash out
  • You can start accumulating points immediately.
  • Open to all countries
  • Payment through Paypal


  • Takes too long to accumulate points
  • Before you can cash out through Paypal for the first time, you must first accumulate upto $50 through other payments method.
  • You can be easily screened out from surveys.


So does instagc work? And can you make money on it? The answer is YES! Following the ways listed above, you will be able to accumulate points and redeem them for giftcards or cash rewards.

We must not fail to say, that this is a means of making extra income, this can definitely not replace a 9 to 5 job. So if you are just looking for a little extra, this is perfect for you. If you want something more than this, check out our no#1 recommendation here, to learn more about the community that can help you get started with your own online business through a process called affiliate marketing.


Name: instagc
Owner: Andrew Day
Price: free
Rated: 3.5/5.0
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Does instagc work?-ways to make money on this site

That’s it for today! Hope you found this post helpful, if so, please kindly share with others. If you’ve had any experience about instagc, do share with us  in the comment box below. Your questions are also very much welcomed.








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