Clout OG Review – Shocking Truth About Clout OG Revealed!

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Clout OG Review

Hi! Welcome To Our Clout OG Review

I stumbled upon Clout OG while browsing through the internet to discover new ways to make money that we can share with you guys.

And since it claims it can help you earn up to $500 per day starting today, we decided to have a dive in to discover what it is all about and if it can deliver all that it claims, in this Clout OG Review.

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this program, it is the best way to avoid scams online and discover legit ways to make money.

And be rest assured that you will have all your questions answered as we walk you through everything you need to know about this program and how it works to help you make an informed decision.

This review covers the following in details…

>>>What Is Clout OG

>>>How does Clout OG Work

>>>The Truth Behind Clout OG

>>>How Clout OG Really Works


>>>Pros & Cons

>>>Your Best Option To Make Good Money Online.


Product At A Glance

Name: Clout OG

Owner: unknown


Price: free

Rated: 0.3/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Clout OG

Clout OG claims to be the number one influencer network in the world connecting influencers to advertisers and will help you make up to $500 today.

Clout OG claims it became so popular in under ten years of existence because they caused an uproar on all social media as their referrals are being paid to share their links.

The strange thing is that there is no proof of this in any of the social media platforms

For a program that claims to be the number one influencer in social media, you will at least expect to see some solid activities on their social media pages which is not the case with Clout OG.

Clout OG Review

I became suspicious because Clout OG is beginning to sound like all other social media influencer networks that we’ve reviewed over the year that unfortunately didn’t deliver what they claimed.

But for the benefit of the doubt, we decided to dig further and what we discovered will blow your mind I promise, so stick to the end.

How Does Clout OG Work

Clout OG claims to provide you with different activities that you can complete on their website to make money.

But they are more particular about sharing your link to recruit more members for them in exchange for $10 to $15 or is it $20?

It is all confusing since they are not even sure how much they want to pay you as their homepage says one thing ($10 to $15) while the main offer page says something different. ($20)

On a good day, you will need to sign up and create an account with them to have access to all they have to offer.

You will fill in their sign up form with your email, chose a username and create a password, then agree to their terms and submit

You will instantly gain entrance to your member area where you have access to different activities to complete in exchange for money.

Clout OG Review

You will have access to activities like…

Referring people as we mentioned earlier, you will also get $2 if people just click in your link but don’t register

Creating and uploading a YouTube video to earn $50

Making an Instagram post about Clout OG to earn $10

Make a Facebook post about Clout OG to earn $10

You can also tweet about Clout OG and how good they are to earn $10

The funny thing is that they claim you can submit new posts every 48 hours, which means they are claiming that you can make instant $80 every two days just posting on social media. I wish!

Now they also provide you with offers on their offer wall that you can complete to earn more money.

The strange thing about these offers is the exaggerated amount you will make for completing them.

Even though Clout OG claims to be the number one influencer network, it is no different from your regular GTP ( Get Paid To) websites that pay people for carrying out activities on their website.

These websites make money from the advertisers whose offer they promote to people like you and me so that when we carry out these offers, the advertisers will pay them and they, in turn, will pay us.

But if there is one thing I am very much sure about, it is that no advertiser will pay you as much as $35 for completing one single offer let alone up to $50

This will make you wonder where exactly Clout OG generates these amount they claim they will pay us for completing these offers.

For example, take a look at one of their offers below, a Lifepoint surveys site that you will need to sign up with to earn $35.

Clout OG Review

They claim they will pay you $35 just to sign up to a survey website. Really?

Now I want you to take a look at this same offer on another GTP website and see how much they claim to pay you.

Clout OG Review

You can see the staggering difference right?

Clout OG claims to pay $35 while this other site called OhMyDosh by the way, claims to pay just £1.70, which is about $2.11

The difference between these sites is that one is legit and will surely pay while the other is just bogus with plans of exploiting you and I believe you already know which one it is

But if not let’s keep going and you will see everything unravelled here…

The Shocking Truth About Clout OG

Going through this website, we have come to discover a lot of inconsistencies that finally lead us to the truth behind clout OG and how it really works which we will share with below.

False Years Of Existence

I want to start with this because I believe knowing the truth behind a business and the people who run it will give you a better perspective as to what the business is about and it’s intentions for you.

Looking through the “about us” page of Clout OG you will discover they not only claim to be the number one influencer network in less than ten years but that they have been existing since 2015

But a quick look through Whois domain register you will discover the stunning truth that this domain was just created on the 5th of January 2020, which means it is barely 4 months old! ha!

What does this tell you?

How did we suddenly go from 2015 to 2020?

Hhhmmm… Clout OG is definitely filled with so much exaggeration.

If they can blatantly lie about their existence, their very core foundation then seriously I don’t see any other thing they say here holding any waters.

The only reason I believe they will do this is just to build credibility to make people think they have been existing for a long time and can be trusted which is the very opposite.

Clout OG Review

False Identity

As if lying about their existence isn’t enough here is another red flag that will have your brows raised.

Check out their payment Schedule Policy that was changed from instant cash out to NET30 pay, to help reduce fraudulent activities by their users, this was supposedly created on the 6th of July 2019 which is very funny because if I recollect well enough this site wasn’t created until early this year.

But here is the bummer… Take a look at the name used, it says Click4Kash right?

Now I am confused because I thought we are dealing with Clout OG here, or is it now Click 4 Kash?

Talk about fraudulent activities.

Clout OG Review

By the way, this Click4Cash is another one of the influencer networks that turned out to be a total scam, you can click on it to learn more.

Fake Testimonials

Read what their users have to say, typical Clout OG saga!

Alissa claims to have been using it for over a year and has had an amazing experience. Imagine that?

A site that wasn’t even in existence a year ago, how come Allisa is already making money from it as far back as that?

Well, I guess only the so-called Allisa can answer that.

Simon claims it is a great way to make money as it has helped him buy his first car, a Mustang! Really? In 4 months?

And Felicia joined 4 months ago and it has been a wonderful experience.

All these are what they use to deceive people onto signing up and then take advantage of them.

Clout OG Review

Fake Payment Proof

The image below shows where they claim to have paid out over $158,670,000 to their 730,000 members so far, which is really far-fetched given that they have been existing for just 4 months now.

I am not even sure that Legit Sites like Swagbucks and Prizerebel that have been in existence for years now and offering this same service can boast of paying out this much, but if they do, then I believe it is well worth it because they have been in it for several years now and can boast of paying that much genuinely.

Clout OG Review

How Clout OG Really Works

The truth is that Clout OG is a fraudulent and data harvesting scheme that has no intention of paying you a dime for all the work you do.

Why else do you think they are offering such an exaggerated amount of money to users because they know they won’t be paying you any time soon

They just use it as a tactic to lure you in, with a further promise of $25 sign up bonus, so that you won’t waste any time in signing up and completing activities for them.

But the truth is that for every offer that you complete with the hope of getting paid, you only give them your data in exchange for nothing as you won’t be paid.

They, in turn, will sell your data to their third-party partners who will start sending you unsolicited marketing emails or even bombarding you with calls

All this can be very annoying because it is an invasion of one’s privacy, but at this stage, there is nothing you can do because even when you unsubscribe from their emails it doesn’t stop them sending more and there is nothing you can do about the calls either.

Another thing that can be detrimental is if your details end up in the hands of hackers who will try to hack your account or even those who will try to steal your identity.

So not only will you not get paid for all your effort spent on Clout OG, but they will also use you to lure more people onto their scheme when you share your link and people join because of you.

Which means you will have a lot of people disappointed in you for bringing them into the system while Clout OG will reap the fruit of your labour.

So seriously sites like Clout OG have absolutely nothing to offer you except using you to achieve their greedy needs.

So you are better of without them.


It is free to join Clout OG but at your own risk


  • There is nothing positive about this site


  • Fraudulent
  • Data harvesting schem3
  • False identity
  • Fake payment proof
  • False testimonies.

In Conclusion

Is Clout OG a scam? Absolutely!

Clout OG is nothing but a scam like every other influencer networks that we have reviewed over the year, and I can assure you that it has absolutely nothing good to offer you.

In your best interest and safety do not input your details in this website.




Your Best Option To Make Good Money Online

I want to you to understand that sites like Clout OG that promise quick money, never deliver, instead they end up taking advantage of you.

But the good news is that there are legit programs that can truly help you achieve your financial dream, and the best one we recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate will take you by the hand and walk you through the steps you need to start and succeed online through Affiliate Marketing.

They do not promise people riches or instant cash but will guide you in the right direction and provide you with the necessary support you need to succeed as long as you are willing to put in the effort.


Clout OG Review

Well, there you have it, hope you found this Clout OG review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or have had an experience with Clout OG that you would like to share with us, please drop them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you soonest.



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