Can You Make Money With Paidsurveydepot Or Is It A Scam?

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Hi! Welcome To Our Paid Survey Depot Review

Many survey sites have promised to help us earn extra income by completing surveys and probably other simple tasks on their websites but alas most of them always turn out to be a waste of time.

Today we want to take a closer look one of such survey sites called Paidsurveydepot.

We want to discover if Paid Survey Depot is a scam that will only waste your time and effort or if indeed it can help you make some extra income.

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this survey panel, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legitimate ways to make money online.

Be rest assured that you will have all your questions about Paid Survey Depot answered in this thorough review.

This review covers the following in full…

>>>What Is Paid Surveys Depot

>>>How Does Paid Survey Depot Work

>>>How To Make Money With Paid Survey Depot


>>>Pros & Cons


Product At A Glance

Name: Paid Survey Depot

Owner: unknown


Price: free

Rated: 0.5/5.0

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What Is Paid Survey Depot

Paid Survey Depot from their homepage claim to be a survey site that will connect you to research brands to take surveys (give your opinion and feedback) and get rewarded.

At first glance, you will think that it is like every other survey panel that serves as a link between brands and the people whose opinion they seek to improve their product and services.

But this is not the case as Paid survey Depot is nothing close to what it claims to be and I will explain better as we walk through this review together

How Does Paid Survey Depot Work

Paid Survey Depot is a site that is supposed to connect you with brands/companies who need your opinion to better their goods and services in exchange for rewards.

On a good day, you will usually signup with your basic details, confirm your email and gain access to your member area where you can now have access to different surveys or surveys companies to complete their surveys and make money.

But here is how the process works with Paid Survey Depot


They only need your name and email to do this, which is pretty easy, but the problem starts when you click the submit button.

Rather than ask you to check your email to follow the link and activate your account like they claimed, they start to display different offers for you to sign up with.


Once I saw the first offer like the one below, I thought oh this is a great offer where I get to make up to $450/week taking surveys.

Let’s accept it and see what happens, so I clicked on the offer but my internet security won’t allow me to go to the site as it displays it as a risky site.


I decided to override this and proceed just to find out exactly what was beneath the warning for the sake of writing this review (which by the way is a stupid thing to do as I could have exposed my system to malware/viruses)

And the image below is where paid Surveys Depot redirected me to, as you can see this is one of the very spammy websites one needs to stay away from.


These sites that promises you can win products, cash and all sorts of things ones you hand them over your details. you definitely don’t want to put in your details in sites like this.

So I went back to continue with my registration, and yet another good-looking offer came up which I tried again but ended up with the another untrustworthy site.


Then I decided to go with the “no thanks” options but the more I selected this, the more offers they present me and this lasted for a couple of minutes with up to 10 or more offers.

The annoying part of it all was that once it reaches the end of its progress bar, everything starts over again so I thought there was no way of getting into the site unless I signed up with one of the offers.

On the other hand, I decided to check my email and realised the already sent me a link, I followed the link and activated my account with hopes of now gaining access to my member area but met the greatest shock of all.

I was taken back to that same home page with those same offers!

It was clear that Paid Surveys Depot had no survey offers to present you like regular survey sites (Swagbucks, Prizerebel, Offernation, Windswarms and the likes of them).

They will only keep luring you to signup with untrustworthy websites with high paying survey headlines.

At the end of the day, you can either choose to join one or more offers as they also do have one or two valid offers but the bottom line is they do not have real surveys to pass across to you to make money.

How Can You Make Money With Paid Surveys Depot

Unfortunately, there is no way to make money from this survey panel directly as all they do is redirect you to different offers on the internet with the hope you will signup with them.

I want to believe they are just affiliated with those companies, which means when you sign up with any of them, they will give Paid Survey Depot a commission for bringing you in.

The worse part in this whole scenario is that once you signup with any of these sites, Paid Survey Depot no longer have any business with you, they can’t guarantee you will even make any money with those sites.


Guys, please stay away from this site, after a while they started sending me stupid offers like this one below which shows that they are truly not worth it and confirms my fear of having your email bombarded with spams.

You do not want to open links that come with these type of emails because you don’t know what lies behind them.




Don’t get tempted by the huge amount the offer promises as this is just a way to lure you into opening that link and possibly gain them more of your details or getting access to your system.

You can also see below that they included ” Purchase Required” which means at some point you will be required to make a purchase to qualify for that $100, with no assurance that you will even get the money.

Like… seriously… for your good and safety just stay away from this site, don’t even bother giving it a try for whatever reason.

Thankfully I registered with my second email that I reserve for sites like this, so their spam won’t be a bother and I will be unsubscribing from their service but doubt it will make them stop.


It is free to join Paid Survey Depot, all you need is to give them your name and email.


  • There is nothing positive about this site, even the free signup will end up getting you into trouble like spamming and probable malware and virus on your device.


  • Not transparent at all
  • You won’t be making any money using this site
  • Access to your data
  • Only available to those in the Us and who are over 18 years.

In Conclusion

Is Paidsurveydepot a scam? hmm… I don’t want to call them an outright scam since it is free to get started and anyone that likes to gamble may find competition offers appealing.

But what matters most is your information that you will be divulging to such sites, you may end up being spammed silly through emails and phone calls which can be very annoying.

But the most troubling one is ending up on one of those unsafe sites which can end up leading you to download malware or virus on your system and possibly giving access to hackers without you even knowing it.

So to me, it is not worth it at all, there are no great deals or offers coming from Paid Surveys Depot. I didn’t see anything they have to do with completing surveys genuinely, which is why I will advise you to stay away from this site.

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Well, there you have it. Hope you found this review helpful?

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