Can You Make Money With LEO Leger Opinion Or Is It A Scam?

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LEO Leger Opinion

Hi! Welcome To Our Leger Opinion Review

We are in such dire and uncertain times that has caused the world to be on lockdown and our financial income sources threatened.

And this has become the time for millions of people to head towards the internet to seek for options on how to even earn as much income as they possibly can.

Thank God for the internet right?

But then as much as the internet provides us with great opportunities, so it also harbours different scam programs seeking innocent people to devour.

Which is why we want to take a very good look at LEO Leger Opinion today to make sure it is a good way for you to earn some good money and not just another scam out there only out to rip you off.

At this point, every hard work and effort we put into a program should yield us good dividend else we shouldn’t be wasting our time on it.

So I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this survey panel, it is the best way to avoid scams and discover legitimate ways to make money online

And be rest assured that we will have all your questions about Leger Opinion answered as we walk you through everything you need to know about this survey panel and how it works to help you make an informed decision.

We will cover the following…

>>>What Is Leger Opinion

>>>How Does Ledger Opinion Work

>>>How Can You Make Money On Leger Opinion

>>>Leger Opinion Complaint


>>>Pros & Cons

>>>A Better Way To Make $100s To $1,000/Month

Product At A Glance

Name: Leger Opinion

Owner: Leger Marketing Inc


Price: free

Rated: 3.0/5.0

Before we proceed, Let Us Show You A Legit Program That Can Help You Start Earning $100s To $1000s/Month Online.

What Is Leger Opinion

Leger Opinion claims to be the largest Canadian owned market research and an analytic company that pays its members for taking part in market research studies.

It is owned and operated by Leger Marketing Inc and was founded in 2004 and was known as LegerWeb back then. It boasts of over 600 employees across Canada and the United States, and over the years it has grown it’s member base to over 400,000.

And In 2019 it was rebranded to Leger Opinion also known as LEO.

How Does Ledger Opinion work

This survey panel works by providing its members with surveys and other activities to complete in exchange for rewards.

It follows these three simple steps;

Signing Up

You will need to sign up with your full name, email and create a password then agree to their terms and submit

They will send you an activation link through an email

Make sure to click through that link to fully activate your account and gain access to your member area.

You will also need to complete your profiling questions once inside your member area, this will ensure that you receive surveys regularly and ones that match your interest.

Complete Activities

Once you have access to your account, you can then select from the available surveys the ones you want complete, or you can wait to receive invites through email or push notification.

You can complete these surveys on their website or using their mobile app by installing the app on your phone.


Leger Opinion is a point-based system, which means they reward members in points which can then be converted into cash or gift cards.

The minimum payment threshold and time to receive each one varies as there are different types of payment methods available.

They are as follows

Pay Pal – $20 – 10 working days

AirMiles – 20 – 5 working days

Aeroplane – 250 – 5 working days

Cheques – – 30 days

Visa – $20 – 25 days

Gift Cards – $20 – 15 working day

Donation to Plant 10 tree with 1 – $10

LEO Leger Opinion

Note that to receive reward inform of Aeroplan rewards miles, you will need to be registered with the Aeroplan program and if you do, then you won’t be able to redeem rewards via other methods on the site.

This means that once you use the Aeroplan program, you won’t be able to receive rewards through any.other means on the site.

Also, note that your first payment will be made in the form of a cheque, this helps them verify your identity for security reasons.

LEO Leger Opinion

How You Can Make Money On Leger Opinion


The most way that you can earn substantially here is by taking as many surveys as possible that you qualify for.

Each survey will display how much you will earn and how long it will take to complete it.

It is up to you to decide which ones you want to.complete.

Please note that each survey has a screening/qualifying questions that you will need to answer first to determine if you qualify for the survey or not.

This can be very frustrating most times because these screening questions can take up quite a lot of your time and you may end up still not qualifying for any survey.

Which means your time invested will be a total waste as you don’t get paid for those time.

But for each one you successfully complete, the amount will be deposited in your Leger Opinion account.

Referral Scheme

You also have the opportunity to invite people to join Leger Opinion to earn more money.

Once someone signs up through you and completed their account setup, their profile and successfully completes at least one survey, you will be rewarded with a thousand points and gain one entry into the monthly contest.

Promo Codes

You can also grab a few points if you are fortunate to get hold of their promo codes. These codes can be found on their social media over some time.


You also have the opportunity to earn through their monthly contest if you are fortunate to come out as the winner.

Each survey you complete or get screened out of provides you with the opportunity to be automatically entered into this monthly draw. You will also need to have at least successfully completed one survey within a given month.

LEO Leger Opinion

The LEO App

Leger Opinion has a mobile app that makes it possible for members to complete surveys on the go, all you need is to download it on your iPhone or Android phone.

With the app, they can send you push notification when surveys are available. This is great because it informs you instantly when a survey comes up, this can help you to lock to a survey on time to take part before the quota is achieved

Leger Opinion Complaint

It is good to know that we didn’t come across any serious complaint by users of Leger Opinion. Most of the complaints were more on receiving lesser surveys to complete since the rebranding.

Just one user that we came across who claimed to be suddenly locked out of his account but not sure what happened.

These type of complaints are what you can experience with regular survey panels.

For example, you can receive over 10 surveys in a day or week and at the end of undergoing the screening questions you will see yourself qualifying for just 0ne or two of them.

I know this can be frustrating most times because when you add up all the time you spent taking the screening questions alone, you will be surprised at how many hours may be wasted.

But once you are familiar with all this and are comfortable with or enjoy taking surveys then you can always engage in the best ones.


It is free to register with Leger Opinion, but you must be 18 years or over, or 14 with parental consent.

Leger Opinion is open to only residents of Canada and the United States.


  • Legit website
  • Earn a few bucks
  • Different payment method available including Pay Pal
  • Mobile app to take surveys on the go


  • Fewer surveys available on the mobile app
  • Open to only residents of Us and Canada
  • More oportiniti3e available for Canadians
  • Some surveys don’t work in the app
  • High payment threshold
  • You can easily get screened out of surveys or not qualify for most.

In Conclusion

Is LEO Leger Opinion a scam? No, it is not.

You will get paid for competing activities on this site.

But like I said earlier, you won’t get rich doing this, you may probably see yourself earning about $20, more or less depending on how much time you have to invest.

You can even venture into GTP sites like Swagbucks, Prizerebel, Offernation, etc. That will provide you with other activities other than surveys to help you earn more.



A Better Alternative

Because of how stressful taking surveys can be and how little can be earned, it is not usually one of the things we encourage our readers to waste time on especially if you are looking for a good way to earn some extra income to support you and probably your family.

We rather encourage you to take a bold step now with what the world is undergoing and start an online business. Something you can build from anywhere in the world even right from the comfort of your bedroom.

This way you will be able to establish a solid financial income source with little or no more worry about what effect this pandemic may have on your finances.

We recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone who is really ready to achieve this goal.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform and community that will take you by the hand and walk you through every step you need to succeed, as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and effort.

The best part is that you can get started with them for free, no credit card details required.

This will allow you to see how everything works and how they can help you earn good income online.

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LEO Leger Opinion

Well, there you have it, hope you found this review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or experience you would like to share with us, leave them in the comment sec5ion below and we will get back to you soonest.



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