Can You Make Money By Taking Surveys On Opinio Quest?

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Opinio Quest

Hi! Welcome To Our OpinioQuest Review

I understand the fact that we are living in a very unprecedented times and with everyone on lockdown, there is a need to discover ways to make money online to make ends meet.

Which is why we decided to take a good look at a website that claims it can help its members make money from home by completing surveys and minor tasks.

But is Opinio Quest legit, and can it help you earn some extra income, or is it just another scam website just out waste your time and effort?

I want to first commend you for taking this time to research this website, it is the best way to avoid scams online and discover legitimate ways to make money.

And be rest assured that in its review we have revealed everything you need to know about OpinioQuest surveys and how it works to help you make an informed decision.

This review covers the following in details…

>>>What Is OpinioQuest

>>>How Does OpinioQuest Work

>>>How Can You Make Money On OpinioQuest

>>>OpinioQuest Complaint


>>>Pros & Cons.


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Product At A Glance

Name: OpinioQuest

Owner: Elicit Research LLC


Price: free

Rated: 1.0/5.0

What is OpinioQuest

OpinioQuest is a survey panel that rewards its members for sharing their opinion and feedback by taking online surveys on their website to help improve the products and services of big brands.

It is operated by Elicit Research LLC who sells research services on a variety of topics for other research organisations and commercial undertaking. OpinioQuest boasts of having paid out over $3,561,021 in rewards to its members.

How Does OpinioQuest Work

OpinioQuest work by rewarding its members for giving their feedback and opinion to companies who need them to improve their products and service.

To get started with Opinio you will need to first register and create your account.

Signing Up

You will need to first confirm if your country of resident is their lists of countries they are open to, if so you select the country, then you fill in your demography like your age, address, ethnicity, employment status, household income, educational qualification, etc.

You will then submit the form. If your account is processed successfully, you will gain direct access to your member area.

Opinio Quest

Completing Activities

Once you have access to your member area, you will see all the available surveys that you can choose which ones you would like to complete.

Some surveys are directly from Opinio surveys while others are from their third party research partner Cint.

For each activity, you complete the amount stated will be deposited in your account until you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold when you can request for payment.


Unfortunately at this point, OpinioQuest does not do a cash payment via Paypal or any other cash payment system.

They only reward you with Gift cards and these gifts are available to you depending on your region.

One thing I find weird is that there is no mention of the exact amount you have to reach to be able to request for withdrawal and I am guessing maybe its because the value on the Gift cards vary with their different respective countries.

Although we were able to gather from some members that the minimum amount they reached before being able to make request was 1,000 points which equals $10.

How Can You Make Money On OpinioQuest

Sign Up Bonus

The first money you will make with Opinio Quest is the bonus you will get when you successfully sign up and activate your account.

You will be rewarded with 100 points once this is done.


This is the main way to make money on this site, as it covers the majority of their offers.

You just need to select whichever one that you are interested in, fill in the demographic question and if you qualify you can then take the survey.

Surveys will always display how much you will make both in points and its equivalent in cash and how long to complete it.

On average a survey may be said to take 10 to 15 minutes and can probably pay about $1 or less.

But the problem is that you will have to answer pre-screening questions before knowing if you qualify for each survey or not and the time taken to complete these questions are not included in the survey time.

Sometimes you can take more than the time it stated that you will complete a survey just to go through a pre-qualifying question and may not even qualify for the said survey at the end of the day, which is what makes taking surveys very frustrating.

But on the good side, OpinioQuest will award you 2 points when you get screened out.

I know it may not sound as much but it is still better than those that don’t offer you compensation points at all.

Opinio Quest

Referral Scheme

You can also get to invite people to join OpinioQuest to earn more points. In as much as this is a good way to make money, your chances of success with it at OpinioQuest is very limited because you can only invite people by adding their name and email on Opinio before sending the request.

Which means you don’t get the chance to spread the word far and near and as much as possible, as your only chance of inviting people is limited to email.

So you can only send out invites to people who you have their email address, which will be most likely people who are close to you.

OpinioQuest Complaint

There isn’t much complaint about this survey site on the net, but the ones we did come across are the most worrying type of them all which involves not getting paid.

When I come across survey sites where not just one or just two users complain about not getting paid over a long period, I become sceptical of such website.

After all, the main reason you decided to sign up with them and spend your time and effort is to get rewarded, so if at the end of the day you don’t get that reward then its all a waste of your time and definitely not worth it.


It is free to sign up with Opinio Quest, all you need is create and activate your account


  • Lots of available surveys
  • Available in different countries
  • Lots of gift cards to choose from.


  • No cash payment
  • Not Qualifying for surveys
  • Getting screened out of surveys
  • Very low-income potential

In Conclusion

Is a scam? At this point I choose to say that the legitimacy of this survey site is questionable for the following reasons:

All the surveys they suggested to me to try out as I am a match turned out not being a match as I didn’t qualify for any of them.

The last one I attempted before giving up took about several minutes of my time before telling me the quota has been reached, and this is after collecting valuable informations from me.

Usually, I no longer waste my time on taking regular surveys since I had this experience that I shared here some time ago, but for the benefit of our readers, we do try to engage in them to know how trustworthy they are.

And after spending a couple of hours on this site researching and trying out surveys with no success, I have my doubts about it.

Secondly, there is not even a single testimony from any user that has been able to make withdrawals of their earning even though there are many who testified to being able to complete surveys to reach the minimum threshold.

Everyone we came across their testimony claimed to be owed their due as their requested payment haven’t been honoured.

Opinio Quest


Now, this is strictly my opinion with this site, having reviewed countless of survey websites and participated in quite a lot of them in the past, I can say this is one of those you will want to give a pass.

in this time and age when the future is unknown and one can make do with as much money as one can come across, I don’t think taking chances with your precious time and effort with this site is worth it.

You don’t even get paid in Cash! I mean…

There are more reliable regular survey sites you can engage in if you are so into surveys, sites like Swagbucks, Prizerebel, Offernation, Timebucks, etc. Or you can even try out these hassle-free ones.

But then this is my opinion and I hope this review is enough to help you make yours.


Not Recommended


A Better Way To Make Money Online

Like I said earlier, due to the situation we are facing in the world right now, a lot of people are turning to the internet to find a way to support their families

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I do want to believe that this stay at home period have provided that time opportunity for anyone serious about earning some good income online.

All you have to do is take this golden opportunity and put it into something worthwhile for you and your family.

The best part of all this is that you can sign up with this website for free, which will allow you to check things out and see how everything works out to benefit you.

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Opinio Quest

Well, there you have it. Hope you found this review helpful?

Kindly share to help others.

If you have any questions or your experience with Opinio Quest you would like to share with us, leave them in the comment section below and we will gladly get back to you.



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