American Consumer Opinion Surveys – Scam Or Legit?

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American Consumer Opinion Surveys

Welcome To Our American Consumer Opinion Review

Hi guys! Today we want to take a look at American Consumer Opinions Surveys, which is simply referred to as (ACOP).

We recently discovered this survey panel that claims it can help you make money from home and we want to take a deeper look at it to discover if it is a scam that is only out to rip you off or a legit survey panel that can help you make some money as it claims.

But first I want to commend you for taking the time to research this panel, it is the best way to avoid scams online and discover legitimate ways to make money online.

And in this detailed review, as we said earlier, we will walk you through everything you need to know about ACOP, how it works and if you can make money from it, to help you make an informed decision.

We will cover the following aspects

>>>What Is ACOP

>>>How Does ACOP Work

>>>How Can You Make Money On ACOP

>>>ACOP Compliant


>>>Pros & Cons

>>>Our Final Thoughts


Product At A Glance

Name: American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

Owner: Decision Analyst Inc.


Price: free

Rated: 2.0/5.0

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What Is ACOP

ACOP is an American survey panel that allows you to give your opinion and feedback in surveys and research projects in exchange for rewards.

These opinions and feedback are used by market research companies to improve their products and services.

You may be asked to give your opinion on varieties of topics such as

  • Evaluating new advertising for retailers
  • Your opinion on the current economic situation
  • Your opinion on different products and possibly how they are used
  • To give your feedback (review) on a new fuel additive product for an automotive company
  • To taste a new snack food for a food manufacturer, etc.
  • For every one of these surveys you participate in successfully, ACO will reward you in return.

ACOP is owned and operated by Decision Analyst Inc, a global marketing Research and Analytical consulting firm headquartered in the Dallas-Forth area in the United States.

How Does ACOP Work

ACOP works by allowing you to participate in surveys and research projects on their website in exchange for rewards.

But before you can get started, you will need to first signup and create an account.

Sign up Process

To get started you will need to fill in your email address and choose a password, then you complete the captcha and submit.

You will then receive an email with a link from ACOP to confirm your membership

Make sure to click through that link to have your account up and running

You can also signup using your Facebook, Google or Apple account.

Once done, you will be able to browse through your member area to check out surveys that you can participate in to earn rewards.

Or you can also choose to wait for email invites from ACOP, then follow the link in the email to the surveys page and complete it in exchange for rewards.

You can also opt in to receive survey invites through a notification on your mobile phone.

Be aware that messages you will receive come at your standard rate, and other charges may apply as stated in ACOP terms and conditions.

Note also that you can always pause your account whenever you want to stop receiving survey emails from ACOP but don’t want to cancel your membership.

For example, you may want to travel or have something very important you want to do that will not permit you to complete surveys for some time.

And in order not to get your email account flooded with survey invites, that will be a good reason to put your account on pause until you are ready to become active again.

You can always put your account on hold simply by login into your My Account page

Go to login and enter your email address and password

Then choose the Pause Account option located on the front page.

You can also resume your account by following the same steps.

American Consumer Opinion Surveys

How To Make Money On ACOP

Completing Screeners

Screeners according to ACOP are short surveys that contain fewer than 20 questions.

These questions may be about your work, your job responsibilities, etc and these questions are what they will use to determine if you qualify for a particular survey.

Have in kind that every typical survey comes with a screening question, so before you get started with a survey, you will have to spend some extra minutes completing the screening questions first.

Usually, most survey panels don’t pay you for screening questions, so if you spend 5 to 10 minutes or more completing them but do not qualify for the survey, then all that time is wasted effort on your part.

But it is good to know that ACOP is quite different, as they reward you for those screening questions.

For each one you complete, you may receive an entry into a drawing for gift codes, gift cards, or other prizes.

While some of the screeners may reward you with 5 to 50 points depending on the length of that screener.

Taking Surveys

By giving your opinions and feedback, sharing your experiences on products and services to help companies improve their products you will be awarded points by ACOP.

You will receive 50 to 5,000 points depending on o the length of the survey.

The longer a survey is, the higher the points you will earn.

Referral Scheme

ACOP allows you to invite friends and families to register with them but unfortunately, you do not get paid for doing this.

But if you have a wider audience that you can reach out to, you may consider signing up with their affiliate program instead.


ACOP is a points-based system as such they reward you with points.

These points can be accumulated until you reach the minimum threshold for withdrawal when you can request to be paid.

The minimum threshold is 1,000 points.

Where 100 points equal to $1.

1,000 points equals $10.

You can request for payment through PayPal, Hyperwallet or donation to a Charity.

If you are in the U.S. or Canada you can request to be paid through cheque.

You can also decide to use your points to be entered into sweepstakes. (U.S. Only)

Note that payment to PayPal and Hyperwallet may attach fees to funds transferred to your personal account.

For more on this, you can check out ACOP’s FAQ page under PayPal /Hyperwallet.

You should expect to receive your payment between 8 to 12 weeks after making a request.

ACOP Complaints

Below we will share with you a few of the complaints from existing users of ACOP, although some of these complaints are very common with most survey panels.

Taking too long to receive payment

This is very disheartening because I can’t imagine spending weeks to accumulate points to get to the payment threshold.

And when I finally do, and request for payment, I would have to wait for another 8 to 12 weeks or even more as Stated by these complaints in order to receive it.

I mean that is like spending almost half a year to receive $10!

Being screened out in the middle or towards the end of a survey.

This can be annoying given that you spent a few minutes on screening questions that qualified you for that survey.

And you also do not get paid for all that time you spent to the point of being butted out of the survey. All wasted time effort.

No adequate support from ACOP support team.

American Consumer Opinion Surveys

Source: SurveyPolice


You can signup with ACOP for free as long as you are 14 years or older.


Free to join

Earn a few bucks

Different payment options

Cash payment available


Low-income potential

Takes too long to get paid

Easy screening out of surveys

Not too many surveys available depending on your region

In Conclusion

Is American Consumer Opinion Surveys a scam? No, ACOP is not a scam but a legit panel that rewards you for completing surveys.

The only major concerns we have here is the time it takes to deliver rewards.

Frankly, I don’t see the reason why you should spend weeks to try to accumulate points and when you finally do, then you have to wait for another 3 months or more to lay hands on that reward.

We believe waiting over 3 months just to get $10 paid into your account isn’t worth it when you have other panels that are doing better than this.

If you are so into surveys, You can check out our favourites and most recommended surveys for the United Kingdom if you are in Europe

And also check out our Top 10 Surveys for people in the United States and beyond.

Most of these surveys are tried and tested and are sure to deliver on time.

Some have a very low withdrawal threshold, as low as $1, while some you can cash out instantly.

With sites like this, we don’t see why you should spend months just to get paid By ACOP.

But at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make, and we hope we have provided you with enough information to do so.




Final Thoughts

Can you make a few bucks with surveys? Sure!

Can it serve as a source of income? Definitely not!

If you are checking out this page because you want to make money to make ends meet, to support your family or even make a living, then it is clear you can not achieve this by taking surveys.

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Wealthy Affiliate is a system that can help you start making $100s to $1,000s per month online consistently through affiliate marketing.

They will teach you how to start and run an affiliate website to start generating income up to the above-mentioned amount.

The good thing is that you can signup for free, which will allow you to check out what the program is all about and how it can help you to achieve success.

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That is it for today. Hope you found this ACOP review helpful?

Kindly shares to help others.

If you have any questions or experience with ACOP that you want to share with us, please drop them in the comment section below and we will get back to you soonest.


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