AdsRePay Review { Scam Or Legit Extra Income Site?}

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AdsRePay Review

Hi! Welcome To Our AdsRePay Review

I guess you’ve somehow stumbled upon AdsRePay that claims it can help you make extra income online by completing activities on their website.

And you can’t help but wonder if this is a legit site worth your time and effort, or will it turn out to be another scam or data harvesting site in disguise?

I want to first commend you for taking the time to research this system, it is the best way to avoid scams online.

And in this AdsRePay Review, we will walk you through what AdsRePay is all about, how it works and if you can truly benefit from it.


Product At A Glance

Name: AdsRePaye


Price: free

Rates: 3.0/5.0

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What Is AdsRePay About

AdsRePay is an online reward and cashback site.

They reward you for completing various activities on their site and you can also get cashback.

AdsRePay allows up to 3 user accounts in one household, provided the account is owned by 3 different individuals.

This is something very rare/unseen with other survey/GTP websites.

How Does AdsRePay Work

AdsRePay work in four easy steps once you have created your account with them.

Create Account

You just need to fill in your basic details like your name, address, age, email and password, etc.

Once done, you will be sent am email with an activation link

Click on this link to fully activate your account.

Once you have access to your member area, follow these 4 steps to start earning rewards:

1. Click On Any Offerwall

Offerwalls are the section you see with the different activities you can complete to earn a reward.

2. Choose & Complete Task

Once you have chosen the offer wall you are interested in, you get access to different offers/tasks to be completed

Just go through and select anyone you are interested in and complete it.

3. Earn Points For Completing Tasks

For every task you successfully complete, the amount will be deposited in your AdsRePay account

4. Redeem Points For PayPal Or Amazon

AdsRePay is a point-based system and will award rewards in points until the moment of cashing out, where you will choose either Gift cards or PayPal.

The more task/ activities you complete, the more points you will earn until such time you reach the minimum threshold, then you can request for withdrawal.

100 points equal $1.

Payment threshold is $1.

Rewards can take up to 3 days to be processed.

But have in mind that you will be charged an additional 25 points for withdrawing $1 in order to cover the PayPal fees.

To avoid being charged, you will need to accumulate at least 500 points to withdraw $5.

The rewards available to you will depend on your location.

AdsRePay Review

Ways To Make Money With AdsRePay


You can always complete surveys to earn rewards, just pick anyone that interests you, follow the instructions and complete the survey

The amount to be earned and how long it will take to complete the survey will be stated.

Games & Apps

You can get to install new apps and also play games to earn rewards.

You need to follow the exact instructions given to earn rewards.

For example, some offers will not just ask you to install an app or game, it might require you to play such game to a certain level before you can be rewarded.

Watch Videos

If you love watching entertaining videos, you will enjoy this section

All you need is to select each video you like and play to watch.

Remember to always follow the full instructions given to earn rewards.

For example, some videos may require you to do some actions after watching it. They may ask you to rate it, like it, comment on it review it, etc.

Free trials

You may be offered the chance to try out some products/services for free to earn rewards.

Just have in mind that most of these trial offers will require your credit cards details, as they intend to charge you for automatic renewal once your trial period is over and you do not cancel.


You can perform some activities other websites ad directed to earn money. You may be required to surf through a website, click on some articles, etc, in order to earn your reward


There are minor tasks to be performed in order to earn rewards.

You can complete as much as you want, depending on what is available to your country.

Promo Codes

These are little phrases that you can obtain at intervals to earn instant free points.

You can find them on their Facebook page, twitter or email newsletter.

The codes are continuously added throughout the month.

Referral Scheme

This income of the most lucrative way to earn rewards with AdsRePay.

Once, you become a member, you will have a unique link assigned to you.

You will use this link to invite friends, family or people to join AdsRePay.

You will be entitled to 5% of their earnings and 2% of their referrals earnings for life.

Note that you won’t receive any rewards for inactive referrals, but those that are active and completes activities to earn rewards.

AdsRePay Review


It is absolutely free to join AdsRePay, all you need is to create your account with them.

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  • Free to sign up
  • Legit website
  • Earn extra income
  • Lots of different ways to earn
  • PayPal available
  • Instant access to earning opportunities
  • A minimum threshold of just $1


  • Points-based system
  • Might take a little while to accumulate points
  • Extra charge for $1 withdrawal

Most offers are available to only new members, so you if have completed an offer somewhere else before, you won’t be able to complete it again to earn rewards.

In Conclusion

Is AdsRePay a Scam? No, it is not.

You will get to earn some little bucks completing activities on this site. The amount you can make will depend on how much time you have to invest.

Just have in mind that money made here can never be enough to earn a living or replace your regular job.

So if you are just looking to earn just some extra coins, you can go ahead and give AdsRePay a try.

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Name: AdsRePaye


Price: free

Rates: 3.0/5.0

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AdsRePay Review

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joe mcdowell · July 21, 2020 at 3:11 pm

adsrepay is the bomb. I get paid 5.00 at least 3-4 times per week by them. Ive almost made 400.00 in like 3 months. Site has the best adm. always around on twitter and offers us great bonuses everyday.

    admin · July 24, 2020 at 10:39 am

    That’s nice to know Joe, thanks for sharing your experience with us. It will help others to make a better decision to give it a try or not. As long as they understand it is not a money-making machine but a good and legit way to grab a few bucks.

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