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I want to always present you with legitimate ways you can make money from the comfort of your home, so this day, I bring you this 20cogs Review with a well detailed information on what 20cogs site is all about and how and if it can truly benefit you.

I will be walking you through what this site is, how it works, it’s Merits and definitely its demerits, a bit of tips and advice and then my final verdict and the overview.

So Let’s get started!



This is a website/platform that is operated by Submission Technology, that enables you to register and earn money by completing.

COMPETITION: you sign in to this sites by filling in your details for a chance to win prizes

OFFERRS: you get to subscribe to free and paid offers for trial periods

GAMING: subscribing to game platforms’ and online casinos, some of this you still have to deposit some amount to participate.

SURVEYS.you sign in to survey platforms’ and complete each one to be successful.

Since there are 20 of these offers to be completed before cashing out, hence it’s name: 20Cogs!


Whenever you complete an offer, 20cogs get paid by the advertiser of that offer and they in turn gives you a percentage of that money they receive. There are few steps you need to follow in order to be successful and receive this money from 20cogs.

Registration: joining 20cogs is free, firstly you have to sign up by filling in your personal details, with your email address and password as this is what you will use for your future logins. Or you easily sign up with your Facebook account.

Taking Offers: after signing up, you will immediately be shown a 3step tutorial that will walk you through how the system works.

You are then taken to the offer page where you have to choose an offer to complete, each offer has about 3 alternatives so that if you don’t like the first offer you can choose an alternative one to complete.

When you have chosen the one to complete, you click the “choose to offer button” which takes you to the offer page where you fill out the offer. If it’s a trial offer, you have to send email to 20cogs containing a Confirmed subscription email from the advertisers including your 20cogs email address and then return to 20cogs platform to continue your offers.

Once you have finished one offer, it’s cog changes color to amber(this can take Up to 24hours to change) which means the cog has been tracked by the advertisers.

When it changes to green, that means the advertisers has confirmed the offer was taken fully.

example of an offer below


Cashing out: There are 20 of these cogs you have to complete the offers, for you to be able to cash out your earnings. Once you have completed them and all the cogs turn green then you will be able to claim your money.

However, in some of these offers you have to deposit some certain amount of money to validate them and those that are subscription offers, even though they have free trials you will still have to include your credit or debit card details to take them.

You might want to check all the 20cog offers first before deciding if you want to continue with them So that you don’t get stock half-way through and might have to forfeit any Money you already put into it.

To do this, just click accept offer, on any of the offers on each of the cog as this allows you to move on to the next cog. So you can open all and know what you are in for before committing to it.




it also has a refferal scheme that allows you to introduce friends and families and earn 5% in return from each of their earnings and £20 when they complete all their offers. Helps to boost your income if you are able to introduce a lot of people who take the offers.


Will you like to give it a try? Be my Refferal and join here for free


20cogs support system is really very effective as they tend to resolve any problem or issues as soon as possible. All you have to do is raise a ticket for whatever problem you are having and they will pick it up immediately to resolve it.



  • Signing up is free
  • Legitimate way to earn money
  • Can be done at your own convenience
  • Alternative offers to be taken
  • Free offers to benefit from.



  • Low income source.
  • Takes time to complete offers.
  • Must complete all 20 offers before you can cash out.
  • Takes a long time for offers to be approved.
  • You have to spend money in some offers to earn back a little more.
  • Submitting your financial details for subscriptions.you can easily forget and get billed after the trial period has expired.
  • Most offers are only open to new members so if you have completed an offer or registered for it somewhere else before, you can not take it again.


My Advice

Given that a lot of the offers, you have to subscribe to, to take the free trials, and some demand you complete the offer till the last date, you might want to make sure to have everyone of them written down somewhere or set an alarm to remind you to cancel them on the date before they are automatically renewed.

Take your time to read each offers terms and conditions before you take them, to avoid getting your self in a situation you did not plan

You might want to try to avoid offers that demand your financial details, as you don’t really know who you are entrusting it with and it might be easily misused. Except if you are comfortable doing so.

You should try to take screenshots and save emails of all completed offers, so that if you encounter any problem with any of the cogs not changing as at when due, so that you can always contact the helpdesk to resolve it..




given that 20cogs is definitely a good and legitimate way to make money, I can say it is absolutely worth it for those who are just looking to make money by the side. Just to have an extra change at hand. And for those who have a lot of time at hand and are ready to put in some money along the process.




Name: 20cogs

Owners: submission technology

Website: 20cogs.Co.UK

Rated: 3.0/5.0


If you are looking to earn steady income from home or make money on the move or even quit your job to make your own money and be your own boss, then this is definitely not for you. You can check out my  #1. Recommendation here!

If you have any question and or contributions to make, please drop them in the comment box below. Your experiences are also welcomed.




Humphrey · April 16, 2018 at 8:33 pm

I am currently registered with 20cogs and trying out the offers but haven’t. Completed it yet as I don’t like the present offers I have available. Don’t want to pay for anyone

    admin · April 16, 2018 at 10:45 pm

    Hello Humphfey, That’s ok, as you know, there are lots of offers that you can always choose from. There are about three different oned in each offer. Thats why i always advice that you should probably check the whole 20 offers before starting out, because if you get stuck along the way, the ones already done will be a waste of time. Just try and consider one of the offers so you can move on, else you forfeit all.

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